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Treehouse Masters isn’t your traditional tiny house TV show. It’s a little bit different but no less entertaining. The treehouses are fascinating, and ultimately, whether your tiny house is in a tree or built on land, you’re still living the tiny life.

I’d put this show in the inspirational category. Treehouse living probably isn’t for everyone, but many of the homes featured on this popular tiny house TV show are really cool. You’ll get some ideas for your own home, no matter the location.

The Story Behind Treehouse Masters

Treehouse MastersTreehouse Masters is packed with unique dwellings—some tiny and some that are straight-up gravity-defying. The treehouse master himself, Pete Nelson, and his team of designers, builders, and carpenters document their adventures building magnificent treehouses across the country.

Those who commission Pete to build his master treehouses want an unconventional adventure that’s high up and unique. From a recording studio to a Make-A-Wish treehouse, a homey cabin in the sky, and even a treehouse with a hot tub, Pete’s team has built just about everything you can imagine up in the trees.

Treehouse Masters is an incredibly entertaining show to watch. Pete is the main character, and his personality is as big as the trees he builds in. Watching Pete dream up a design, work with clients, and create masterpieces in the trees are just a few reasons why this long-running tiny house TV show is a fan favorite. With a whopping 11 seasons to binge, there’s no shortage of amazing creations to inspire.

Living tiny doesn’t always have mean downsizing to less-than-200-square-foot box on wheels. The tiny life is about living life simply, free from the confines of heavy stress and financial burden, and making every day an adventure. While building a giant treehouse like one of Pete’s creations isn’t realistic for most viewers, Treehouse Masters is a fun, lighthearted, and inspiring show to watch if you enjoy learning about tiny homes, nature, and incredible feats.

What Network Is Treehouse Masters On?

Treehouse Masters is an Animal Planet show, which is part of the Discovery Channel. The season aired in 2013 and features 100 episodes.

Is Treehouse Masters Still Filming?

Treehouse Masters is not filming any new episodes. The Animal Planet show had a great run, airing for five years. While there are no fresh episodes of this adventurous show to watch, there’s no shortage of incredible treehouses with over 100 episodes. After you get through 11 seasons, head to Animal Planet’s website to browse the cache of other shows hosted on the channel. HGTV Network has many DIY and lifestyle shows to choose from, and you can always find some impressive home building and DIY projects on the DIY Network.

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Is Treehouse Masters Cancelled?

Treehouse Masters had its fair share of controversies while on air for over five years. Issues like failing to obtain the correct building permits (maybe they should have read my post on Tiny House Building Codes), Pete’s general disdain of reality TV, and the soaring cost of lumber are a few roadblocks that came up throughout the show’s history. Pete announced in 2019 that the last-aired season would be the last, and as it stands now, Treehouse Masters is canceled.

Who Hosts Treehouse Masters On HGTV?

The “cast” of Treehouse Masters consists of Pete Nelson, his wife, twin sons, and the Nelson Treehouse crew. Throughout the seasons, we see crew members come and go, and some featured more than others. While the core crew of Nelson Treehouse remains (you can learn more about the whole Nelson Treehouse crew on their website), viewers had fan-favorites throughout the years. Here’s a little more about the most popular hosts of Treehouse Masters.

Treehouse Masters Hosts Pete Nelson and Family

pete nelsonPete Nelson, founder of Nelson Treehouse, and his wife and three kids are featured throughout Treehouse Master’s 11 seasons. Viewers love Pete’s enthusiastic attitude—always willing to take on some of the most challenging treehouse builds—and how well he gets along with his crew and clients.

Pete’s wife, Julie, oversees the operations at Treehouse Point, one of Nelson Treehouse’s three treehouse resort properties across the United States. Their daughter, Emily Nelson, acts as Nelson Treehouse’s chief of staff, overseeing operations for the family business. She and her husband recently welcomed their first child in January 2019.

Twin sons Henry and Charlie Nelson are key members of the traveling Treehouse Masters crew, working as talented carpenters and often featured on the night crew working hard to complete client projects. Henry has always been a fan-favorite on Treehouse Masters, while his twin brother happily stays behind the scenes as a crew carpenter.

Stay up-to-date with more Nelson Treehouse news by following them on Instagram.

What Happened to Tory Jones from Treehouse Masters?

tory jonesTory Jones was Treehouse Master’s fan-favorite interior designer from the show’s start in 2013 through season eight in 2017. She was known for her impeccable design skills, always connecting the dots between clients’ visions and personal style. Fans noticed her departure from Treehouse Masters in 2017—and many asked questions as to why she disappeared with no word from Pete or fellow crew.

Tory is a private person in her post-Treehouse Masters’ life, so we don’t know why she left the show. She has continued her work as a renowned interior designer and production designer, where her work has been featured in multiple museum collections and private collections.

What Happened to Daryl from Treehouse Masters?

Daryl McDonaldDaryl McDonald is still the loyal and fun head project manager at Nelson Treehouse. Daryl has worked on over 200 treehouse builds with Pete and shows no signs of stopping. Daryl is on many different episodes of Treehouse Master’s 11 seasons, so don’t expect to suddenly see him go missing while you’re binging the series! He isn’t very active on social media, but you can find him hanging out with his wife and dogs and enjoying outdoor sports when he isn’t building treehouses.

Want to learn more about the Treehouse Masters cast and crew?

Head over to Nelson Treehouse’s website to find fun and fact-filled staff features about some of Nelson Treehouse’s favorite crew members.

Is Treehouse Masters Fake?

Despite the hard-to-believe results Pete’s team delivers, Treehouse Masters isn’t fake. People really do spend (hundreds of) thousands of dollars to fulfill their childhood dreams of having a treehouse all of their own. When Pete was first approached to do the show in 2011, he said no—he hated the drama of reality TV and wanted nothing to do with it. So in many ways, this show is more authentic than most.

Pete’s personality carries the show (along with the crazy exciting treehouses he builds). Clients often say that working with Pete is exactly like it appears on the show—he’s fun, upbeat, and incredibly creative, always willing to go the extra mile to create a client’s dream treehouse. So, while most reality TV shows have some planted drama and fakeness to them, Treehouse Masters is real, fun, and pretty genuine.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Treehouse Masters

With over 100 episodes spanning seven years, Treehouse Masters has featured many stories of extraordinary, gravity-defying treehouses and happy clients. Just about every treehouse has left viewers in awe of the skill and talent it takes to build such structures! Here are some of the most popular treehouses and clients Treehouse Masters has seen.

Country-Style Speakeasy Treehouse

Brian KelleyDuring season three, Pete and the treehouse gang built a stunning treehouse retreat for Brian Kelley—one-half of the superstar country duo, Florida Georgia Line. Brian always wanted a treehouse growing up, so he and his wife set out to create the treehouse of their dreams. The final product included a complete recording studio, bedroom loft, and plenty of natural light and décor to inspire the creative process. Stay up to date on what the superstar duo is up to by following Florida Georgia Line and Brian Kelley on Instagram.

Solar-Powered Spirit House Retreat

Dana KlisaninSeason one, episode five of Treehouse Masters, featured Dana Klisanin, a psychologist and game designer known for her research and writing in the field of digital altruism. Dana turns to Pete to create an inspiring Spirit House for a uniquely creative space. This tiny treehouse—which featured gold leaf beams and a stained glass window—is entirely solar-powered. Dr. Klisanin continues her research and writing and is the Founder and CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media.

Want to learn more about the stunning structures built on Treehouse Masters?

By visiting the Nelson Treehouse blog, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most popular Treehouse Masters episodes.

Where To Watch Treehouse Masters

Wondering what streaming services have Treehouse Masters streaming? You can find all 11 seasons of Treehouse Masters on Discovery+ and Animal Planet Go (if you have a cable provider login).

discovery plus
animal planet go

Check out these clips from Treehouse Masters on YouTube!

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