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Shipping container homes are some of the most unique tiny houses out there. I’ve always liked the look of them, and I have a few friends who have gone the shipping container route. One thing I know is that they can be challenging to work on (the all-metal walls require welding for any alterations), but there are some really architecturally impressive container homes out there. The HGTV Container Homes show highlights these unique and beautiful tiny houses.

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The Story Behind Container Homes

Have you ever seen a shipping container and thought, “huh, I wonder if I could live in that?” Well, the answer is YES, you can (provided you’re willing to put in the work and planning).

container homesContainer Homes is a mini-series of five episodes that showcase innovative homes made from shipping containers. When it comes to building a tiny home with shipping containers, the sky’s the limit. Thanks to the modular aspect of shipping containers, you have the blocks to make almost anything.

While not all shipping container homes are tiny homes, the possibilities for creating functional, long-lasting tiny homes are endless with these steel boxes. Some people make small offices, studios, or vacation homes, while others combine several units into larger houses or offices.

Container Homes features homeowners—couples, bachelors, newlyweds, and more—as they push the boundaries of traditional home design. While shipping containers can be an innovative way to live tiny, they aren’t a DIY job for the inexperienced. On this show, professional designers and builders team up with their clients to see what they can accomplish. Together they create masterpieces—luxury homes that range from tiny 2-container dwellings to 3-story homes with large kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and even rooftop hangouts.

Container Homes is a fun show to watch if you’re looking for tiny house inspiration or if you really enjoy creative architecture. It’s pretty impressive to see some of the designs that people have come up with.

What Network Is Container Homes On?

HGTVContainer Homes first aired on HGTV in 2016. There are only five episodes, each featuring two home buyer stories in different locations. However, there’s plenty of variety, from a modern container home complex to a quiet lakeside “cabin” getaway.

Is Container Homes Still Filming?

Unfortunately, Container Homes had a limited run and has not filmed any more episodes since its 2016 debut. This is because it was more of a mini-series than an ongoing show. However, HGTV has no shortage of home design and build shows.

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Is Container Homes Cancelled?

Container Homes is officially considered cancelled. This limited mini-series didn’t have a long life, but it was successful for the short period it aired.

Is Container Homes Fake?

Container Homes is more of a documentary-style mini-series rather than a reality show. They introduced us to various container homeowners and talked about why they went the shipping container home route. I like that it captures a lot of the thought and planning that goes into building container homes.

I don’t know that container homes are a realistic option for everyone. Many people who go the shipping container home route might not have the resources for this impressive architecture. But Container Homes on HGTV is a show that really highlights some interesting and inspirational shipping container houses.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Container Homes

Container Homes does not have a host, and the narrator is not credited. The focus of the show remains on the home buyers and their design partners. We don’t get to know the featured homeowners that well, and the show doesn’t provide any follow-up. Here’s a summary of a few of the homeowners featured on Container Homes and their unique creations.

Modern Country Container Homes (Container Homes Episode 1)

modern country container homesIn this episode, viewers meet Andy and Jackie Spoor, a Wisconsin couple that relocated to the countryside after ten years of living in a big city. Andy and Jackie worked with Mods International—a custom container home builder—to create their dream forever home, a modern 2-story home.

We also meet interior designer Patrice Rios, who has grand plans to make the perfect tiny office in the backyard of her parents’ home. For Patrice, a shipping container offers the ideal work from home solution, with the right amount of space, privacy, and room to work her interior design magic.

Patrice still works in design; after founding the company Sige & Honey, she specializes in Bathroom and Kitchen design at Troo Designs. She was featured in Austin Monthly.

Industrial Chic Container Home (Container Homes Episode 5)

We meet Miranda Piechowski, a young marketing and sales director living and working in Miami, Florida, on this episode of Container Homes. Miranda was inspired to build a combined work and home space with shipping containers when she found a shipping container bar and loved the look and efficiency. She enlists the help of a local builder to create a 2-story space with plenty of room for a gorgeous home office and efficient two bedrooms and living space.

sundog structures container homesThe second buyers featured in this Container Homes episode are Irina and Aaron Pomerantz, art collectors in Washington DC that need more space to display their ever-growing art collection. The couple works with an architectural firm to create a stunning art gallery built with a single shipping container, decked out with modern style and large windows. It’s a dream space that takes little room and unique design to the next level.

Aaron Pomerantz continues to work in real estate and showcase the work of local artists in his container gallery.

Where To Watch Container Homes

All five episodes of Container Homes are on Discovery+ and are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

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