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Are Tiny Houses Legal In California: YES*

Tiny House Costs In California: $45,000 – $125,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Fresno, Ojai, Sacramento

Tiny House Builders In California

California Tiny House Fresno, CA

california tiny house

$22,000 – $115,000

Launched in 2014, California Tiny House is a family-owned and operated business. These California tiny house builders strive for lasting quality, innovation, and livability in all their projects. In addition to design and construction, they’re active in the world of education and legalization in the tiny home world.

Sierra Tiny Houses Sacramento, CA

Sierra TIny Houses

$67,000 to $110,000

Sierra Tiny Homes focus on affordable, artisan tiny homes for Northern California and Northern Nevada. This talented California tiny house builder offers multiple options of their tiny homes on wheels (THOWs) to provide you with a variety of solutions to meet your budget and lifestyle. In addition, they’re a dealer for Trailer Made Trailers to help you move your tiny house on the road.

Forever Tiny Homes Anderson, CA

Forever Tiny Homes

$37,000 to $95,000

Formerly known as Liberty Cabins, Forever Tiny Homes is an established California tiny house builder with a heavy following. They offer multiple sizes of RVIA Certified tiny homes and within all budgets to help you achieve your tiny dream. On the Forever Tiny Homes site, you’ll also find their custom tiny homes builder to help you create the tiny house of your dreams.

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses Thousand Palms, CA

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Homes

$47,000 to $90,000

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Homes provides quality California tiny homes at reasonable prices. The homes are peppered up and down the West Coast. After working in the tiny house industry for years and learning from their experiences, they saw an opportunity to create their own company and help tiny home lovers build places of their own. These cute tiny houses are perfect for beginning homeowners.

Pacifica Tiny Homes Pacifica, CA

Pacifica Tiny Homes

$47,000 to $85,000

Pacifica Tiny Homes is a popular California tiny home builder specializing in affordable tiny homes. Pacifica offers a “make yourself at home” process to help you dig into the designing with a wide variety of tiny house plans, colors, finishes, and materials. The tiny house design process is simple, and the homes capture the true California aesthetic.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In California

Tortoise Shell Home Cedarpines Park, CA

tortoise shell homes

$4,200 and up

Tortoise Shell Home is a no-frills, simple company to help you buy the perfect trailer for your California tiny home. You can create your own customized trailer model or buy a tiny house trailer from pre-created designs.

Tiny Smart House Albany, OR

tiny smart house

Contact for Prices

Tiny Smart House Trailers are custom for each client. This California tiny house trailer dealer creates trailers designed for strength and engineered to be lightweight and balanced.

Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailers Fairview, OR

iron eagle trailers

Custom $3,800 and up

Iron Eagle Tiny House Trailers have been placing thousands of tiny homes on their PAD Series trailers since 2006. The trailers are tested for strength and durability and have been developed to be the perfect tiny house foundation. Although the company is located in neighboring Oregon, they are an excellent resource for California tiny house trailer seekers.


Tiny Houses For Sale In California

Looking For Pre-Built Tiny Homes In California? Here Are Tiny Homes For Sale in CA

If you’re not quite ready to build your own tiny house in California, there are plenty of great tiny house listings along the west coast. You can find pre-built tiny homes for sale on Tiny House Listings, Zillow, and other realtor websites. Be sure to check the neighboring states of Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon, as you can often purchase a tiny house and move it to a new location. With so many living options in California, chances are you’ll find a great tiny house that’s perfect for living the laid-back tiny life.


Tiny Houses For Rent In California


Tiny Houses Communities In California

California has always been a place of great beauty, new beginnings, and a frontier lifestyle. It makes sense that California is a great place for tiny houses. With some of the most impressive landscapes in the world, California has it all—mountains, desert, beaches, and more. Year-round warm weather makes it an excellent climate for an outdoor-friendly, active lifestyle. California is perfect for homesteading, living on the road, or setting up a foundation and building a tiny house.

California tiny house communities are steadily growing. New places are cropping up that allow people to park their THOWs or build on a designated spot with access to community amenities like sewer, water, and even gardening. Here are a few of the best California Tiny House Communities to explore.

Delta Bay in Isleton

Located between Sacramento and San Francisco, Isleton’s Delta Bay Marina and Park Delta Bay offer waterfront life on 15 acres of stunning forested wetlands. With access to boating, fishing, and water activities, nearby wildlife habitats, and wine country, Delta Bay provides all the best of California life.

San Diego’s Tiny House Block

Tiny House Block is just outside of East San Diego, offering short or extended-stay tiny house rentals and communal living. This resort village is perfect for those who want to get away and try the tiny life for a short time or those who are looking into longer-term options.

Lemon Cove Village at Sequoia National Park

California is home to some of the most stunning National parks in the world (and the birthplace of the Sierra Club). Lemon Cove Village is a tiny house-friendly RV park, situated near Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Right in the Sierra Nevada mountains’ foothills, this tiny house community offers the best of the outdoors with rafting, boating, hiking, and plenty of access to the fantastic Californian outdoors.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes California

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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