tiny house guide to minnesota


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Minnesota: Yes

Tiny House Costs In Minnesota: $40,000 – $130,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Minneapolis, Duluth, St. Paul

Tiny House Builders In Minnesota

JB Home Improvers Monticello, Minnesota

JB Home Improvers


Since 1999, JB Home Improvers has provided remodeling services to homeowners throughout Monticello, Big Lake, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas in Minnesota. Now, the company also partners with customers to design and build their own tiny homes. You can browse their past projects or book a consultation on their website.

Dickinson Homes Nearby in Iron Mountain, Michigan

Dickinson Homes


Dickinson Homes ships its tiny home models to cities in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Throughout the process, Dickinson builders provide a preliminary meeting, site visit, design help, permit assistance, building of the home, and move-in assistance. From start to finish, a project manager works alongside you through the design process. Prefabricated models are not available because every project is custom designed. Clients can bring in a sketch of their own ideas, modify any design plan, or start from scratch.

Escape Traveler Nearby in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Escape Traveler


Located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Escape Traveler has been designing and building tiny houses for over 25 years. Their open designs have won many awards and can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S., as well as Hawaii.

The tiny houses at Escape Traveler include panoramic windows, full kitchens, large bathrooms, first floor bedrooms, washer/dryers, plenty of storage, full climate control, LED lighting, and off-grid options. They have nine prefabricated designs as well as a custom option!

Escape designs have been in use for years in one of the most brutal climates in America — northwestern Wisconsin. Temperatures reach the 90s in the summer and stay below zero in the winter for extended periods, but these tiny houses are built to withstand the contrasting weather. Contact Escape Traveler through the website to start building your tiny house.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Minnesota

Felling Trailers Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Felling Trailers


Located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, Felling Trailers has grown from a small shop opened in 1974 to two factories and office complexes that today cover over 325,000 square feet. They offer many options of hauling products including gooseneck trailers, deck over trailers, utility trailers, commercial trailers, and more.

M & G Trailers Ramsey, Minnesota

M & G Trailers


Based in Ramsey, Minnesota, M & G Trailers offers many kinds of hauling products for purchase. In their inventory you can find cargo, utility, dump, enclosed, snowmobile, and many other kinds of trailers. You can also pay for their repair services as well as buy individual parts and equipment.

Brinkman Trailers Delano, Minnesota

Brinkman Trailers


Located in Delano, Minnesota, Brinkman Trailers provides many trailer types, including utility, dump, equipment, gooseneck, landscape, and more. They also sell enclosed cargo trailers. You can discover more about their inventory on their website.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Minnesota

Tiny Houses For Sale In Minnesota

Minnesota is a gorgeous state to move to as a family, young married couple, or retiree. The state is most famous for its charming cities and quaint small towns, lakes and boating culture, and its abundance of annual festivals and fairs. If you’re considering moving to Minnesota, check out some of these tiny houses for sale.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Minnesota

Minnesota is an incredibly popular vacation spot primarily due to its festivals and lakes. Be sure to check out the Mall of America, Chain of Lakes Regional Park, and the Minnesota State Fair while in the area. If you’re looking to get a taste of the tiny life in Minnesota but don’t want to move into a tiny house full time, look into these tiny house rentals.

Tiny Houses Communities In Minnesota

Living in a tiny house community or tiny home village can change your life and allow you to connect with others who may have a likeminded way of thinking. It gives you access to shared resources, produces a heightened sense of accountability and companionship with others, and allows for personal growth. Check out these tiny house communities in Minnesota.

The Sanctuary Minnesota

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, The Sanctuary is a tiny house village located on top of 80 acres of wooded trails, privately owned by couple Bill and Brenda Campbell. Bill and Brenda created The Sanctuary after spending many years in the corporate world. They felt there was a simpler way of life and they wanted to lean into that vision.

The Sanctuary Minnesota Village consists of spaces for parking tiny houses. Residents share several common areas in which residents have access to shared amenities within the main house. Village spaces to park your tiny house are available to rent for $350–$450 a month with a minimum lease of six months. Contact Brenda and Bill through their website to set up an appointment to visit and learn more about life in The Sanctuary.

Zephyr Valley Community Co-op

Zephyr Valley Community Cooperative is an intentional living community located in Rushford, Minnesota. The community sits on 500 acres of land in the bluff country of southeast Minnesota. There are eight individual homes, one home under construction, a common house, two barns, and several outbuildings for residents to use communally.

The community has 80 acres of agricultural land that members use for farming, hay production, cattle pasture, and prairie seed gathering. The Zephyr co-op has two creeks, four ponds, including a lined swimming pond, pastures, goat prairie bluffs, and forest. Check out their website if you are interested in joining their community.

Tiny Living Social Groups Minnesota

There is a lot more that goes into tiny living than house size, like sustainability, off griding, homesteading, minimalism, and more. Check out some of these Minnesota groups that deal with what it truly means to join the tiny movement or comment other social groups and pages in the comments section below!

Minnesota Tiny House Lovers

The Minnesota Tiny House Lovers is a Facebook group for those in Minnesota who are interested in the tiny home movement. Anyone in Minnesota who is interested in tiny homes or minimalist living is encouraged to join the conversation.

Minnesota Homesteaders

Minnesota Homesteaders is a Facebook group created for homesteaders throughout Minnesota. Those in the group use the page to discuss things like finding land, raising chickens, living off grid, and more. Members of the page are welcome to share stories and wisdom.

Minnesota Gardeners

The Minnesota Gardening Facebook page was created as a space for gardeners in Mississippi to connect and bond over planting tips and crops. The page discusses gardening tips, tricks, and skills in Minnesota.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Minnesota

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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