tiny house guide to massachusetts


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Massachusetts: YES*

Tiny House Costs In Massachusetts: $30,000 – $100,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: North Hampton, Auburn, Pembroke

Tiny House Builders In Massachusetts

B&B Tiny Houses North Adams, MA

b and b tiny homes


Created by owners Chris St. Cyr, Jason Koperniak, and Mitch Bresett, B&B Tiny Houses has many tiny house builds and designs for sale. The company consists of a team of 35 builders who began building together back in 2015. The team began in the construction field, then found their passion for tiny houses. Their set up allows you to choose from one of the six prefabricated models or partner with the company to create a custom build.

Brady-Built Tiny Houses Auburn, MA

brady built tiny homes

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Brady-Built Tiny Houses is a build and design company that creates tiny homes and park models year round. It currently offers two designs of tiny houses on wheels and one tiny house on foundation. Additionally, the company creates designs specifically for accessory dwelling units.

Backcountry Tiny Homes Hampstead, NH

backcountry tiny homes


Backcountry Tiny Homes is an entirely female-owned tiny house manufacturer in Hampstead, New Hampshire, located 40 miles north of Boston. Massachusetts. The build and design company has many available services for those who love tiny living.

It specializes in the design and construction of tiny houses on wheels, with five tiny house on wheel designs that are built to order. When you buy from Backcountry, you have the option of purchasing your house as a shell or turnkey model. The company also provides custom carpentry services and has an online shop for tiny house-specific items like small furniture and stairs.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Massachusetts

Wright Trailers Seekonk, MA

wright trailers


Wright Trailers offers customers all of the classic kinds of hauling products including tilt, enclosed cargo, equipment, dump, car hauler, utility, and truck bed trailers for all of your hauling needs.

Wright Trailers is unique in that it also offers frames for tiny houses on wheels! Visit the website to peruse a selection of gooseneck, masthead, deck over, and pan style tiny homes on wheels. You can also work with their staff to create a custom frame design.

Drinkwater Trailer Sales Pembroke, MA

drinkwater trailer sales


Drinkwater Trailer Sales offers a large range of trailers including enclosed, equipment, utility, and car and boat hauling trailers. Large flatbed trailers under the utility or equipment categories are likely the best for transporting a tiny house. You can also find trailer repair services from Drinkwater.

Tri-State Truck ‘N Trailer Northhampton, MA

tri-state truck n trailer


Tri-State Truck ‘N Trailer offers many options of trailers and other hauling products for customers. The company sells ATV, snow, car haulers, dump trailers, enclosed trailers, and equipment and utility trailers. Additionally, Tri-State sells individual trailer parts and offers repair services.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Massachusetts

Tiny Houses For Sale In Massachusetts

There are many reasons to settle in Massachusetts for the long haul. According to a survey by WalletHub, Massachusetts currently ranks the second best to live in in the continental U.S.!

Massachusetts is currently undergoing a huge economic boom in many different industries like tech, agriculture, and hospitality. The diversity of work in the state makes it a smart move for young professionals or families to live long term.

The state also offers high-quality schools at all levels, a higher proportion of safe neighborhoods than most other states, and one of the highest median incomes in the entire country. If you’re searching for a tiny home to live in in the Bay State long term, take a look at these local listings.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Massachusetts


There’s a lot to experience on a vacation in Massachusetts. One of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts is filled to the brim with historical landmarks and attractions that reveal the foundational stages of the country’s development. For the history buffs and generally curious, Massachusetts offers Boston’s Freedom Trail, Chesterfield Gorge, Monument Mountain, Walden Pond, and much more.

The state also boasts the gorgeous beaches of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard for a peaceful getaway with family and friends. Check out these tiny houses on Airbnb to book your next trip in Massachusetts.

Tiny Houses Communities In Massachusetts

There are many kinds of tiny house communities that allow you to find peace and recharge. Some tiny home villages are resorts where you can stay for weeks on your next family vacation, while others are permanent intentional living communities full of abundant benefits. Check out some of the tiny house communities in Massachusetts, as well as well as in neighboring states like New Hampshire and New York.

Village Hill Cohousing

Located in North Hampton, Massachusetts, Village Hill is an intentional living community for those who want to live simply with others. Established in 2019, the community is made up of 28 small, individual dwelling units near the downtown area of Northampton. The community is near many walking and bike paths and bus routes, which makes it a quality community for eco-minded members who want to live an off-grid lifestyle.

Members of Village Hill have access to shared facilities including a Common House, garden, large kitchen, and play areas. They share core values such as creating an ecologically sustainable neighborhood of beauty and peace while they we support one another. They also encourage healthy living and wellness, kindness and compassion, and personal growth.

Tuxbury Tiny House Village

Tuxbury Tiny House Village is located less than an hour north of Boston in South Hampton, New Hampshire. The village is perfect for your family’s next vacation, offering guests plenty of space to rest and recharge.

The tiny houses at the village range from 180 to 275 square feet and features of each house are listed online. A stay at Tuxbury Tiny House Village allows you to relax along the tranquil shores of Tuxbury Pond, lounge by the pool, or enjoy the area’s favorite vineyards and wineries, apple orchards, farms, and restaurants. Additionally, the village is located 30 minutes from Massachusetts’ Salisbury Beach, many museums, and several outlet malls. Check out the website to book your stay!

Think Big! A Tiny House Resort

Think Big! A Tiny House Resort is a family-run tiny house vacation rental resort located in the Catskill Mountain region, just a couple of hours north in South Cairo, New York — about an hour Southwest of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Think Big! has an in-ground heated pool open from May to October, with year-round hiking trails, a waterfall, kayaks, tubing, a floating raft, and animal to befriend including goats, bunnies, and ducks. The gardens abound with fresh, seasonal vegetables, and guests receive complimentary eggs from the chickens year-round.

Tiny Living Social Groups Massachusetts

Tiny living is about much more than the size of the house you live in. While taking up less space is a huge aspect of adopting the tiny life, the lifestyle is also a holistic experience. It encompasses things like gardening and growing your own food, the art of minimalism, mindfulness and intentional living, and much more. One way to get a taste of all of the elements of the simple life is to join a social group.

Check out these groups and workshops in Massachusetts. I also encourage you to look for your own social groups and comment your findings at the bottom of our page. Or, better yet, start your own group and tell us about it!

Tiny House People of Massachusetts

Tiny House People of Massachusetts is a Facebook group that those in the state of Massachusetts are welcome to join. The group invites anyone who is dreaming of living in a tiny house, currently building a tiny house, or have family or friends living in a tiny house and hope to learn more. The 2,500-member group is primarily located in Massachusetts, but there isn’t a locational limit on who can join.

South Shore Gardening Group

This Facebook group of over 13,000 members exists for anyone who has a passion for gardening in the state of Massachusetts. The social group is based in the South Shore area of Massachusetts and uses the page to share information and experiences related to gardening, plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, planting supplies, and landscaping in the area. You are welcome to share helpful gardening books, resources, tips for gardening beginners, and more!

Cambridge Mindfulness And Compassion Workshops

A huge aspect of the tiny life is living mindfully — making the effort to set intentions that will help you become your best self. The Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge, Massachusetts offers weekly in-person mindfulness sessions for those looking to live their life in a way that reflects these values. Examples of courses and workshops offered are Mindfulness and Self Compassion, Mindfulness and Living Well, Stress Reduction, and more. Check out the website to learn more and sign up.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Massachusetts

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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