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If you’re looking to dip a toe into the tiny house world, Terrific Tiny Homes is a nice tiny house TV show to help you begin. This show doesn’t take a long time to watch, and there are quite a few things about the tiny life that it gets right.

Here’s what you should know about Terrific Tiny Homes.

The Story Behind Terrific Tiny Homes

terrific tiny homesTerrific Tiny Homes is a quick-watch show that explores adventurous tiny homes of all sizes. From a dreamy tropical bungalow to a cozy lodge, these tiny dream homes are pretty extraordinary. Since this tiny house TV show only features three episodes, you can take in a lot of dream tiny houses with a low time commitment.

Terrific Tiny Homes does a great job of showcasing the variety of styles you can find when looking at tiny houses. The first episode looks at tiny homes of all different sizes, from 400 square feet (the average family room size in a typical house) to 112 square feet—no larger than your average laundry room—with enough amenities to feel like home.

The next two episodes feature double-decker tiny homes and family-sized tiny homes both located in exotic, off-the-beaten-path locations for totally free-range living. If you’ve been dreaming about tiny living, Terrific Tiny Homes is a great short series to inspire the biggest tiny living goals.

What Network Is Terrific Tiny Homes On?

HGTVTerrific Tiny Homes is one of HGTV’s many tiny real estate-focused shows. Terrific Tiny Homes focuses more on the unique locations and fun features of these tiny abodes rather than the building of the tiny house.

Is Terrific Tiny Homes Still Filming?

No, Terrific Tiny Homes had a short run of just 3 short 20-minute episodes that aired between 2019 and 2020.

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Is Terrific Tiny Homes Cancelled?

Terrific Tiny Homes is a relatively new show, having only premiered in 2019. There is currently no word on official cancellation status or if it will return for a second season (and if it will be as short as the first). Keep your eyes peeled for updates on season two of Terrific Tiny Homes!

Who Hosts Terrific Tiny Homes On HGTV?

andy barnettAndy Barnett narrates this tiny house TV show. Andy is a talented voice actor best known for his sketches on Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You can find a complete list of Andy’s credits on his IMDB page.

Is Terrific Tiny Homes Fake?

What’s really awesome about Terrific Tiny Homes is that it’s a short series that features tiny homes already built and owned by tiny house homeowners. It’s not a gimmicky show about the building or tiny house buying process, with scripted drama and twists and turns. It’s a very real, fun look at unique tiny homes and the benefits of tiny house living.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Terrific Tiny Homes

Because this show was only a very limited series with just three episodes, there’s very little information available on the homeowners featured and where they are now. This show is geared more towards those who love tiny homes’ unique bells and whistles rather than the homeowner’s stories behind joining the tiny house movement.

Where To Watch Terrific Tiny Homes

Terrific Tiny Homes is streaming on Discovery+ with a subscription,with a subscription or on HGTV with a cable provider login.

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