Minimalism and Internet: How To Minimize Your Internet Use

Minimalism can apply to so many aspects of your life, but minimizing your internet use can have one of the biggest impacts of all. When I applied minimalism to my internet use, I discovered so much more free time to work on what is really important to me.

It can be difficult to get off the internet sometimes, especially if you use it for work, or have an addiction to social media ( it’s estimated that 75% of millennials feel addicted to social media).  So, how do you quit using the internet so much? Here are five tips to cut down your internet usage:

minimalism internet

1. Install a Blocker

There are apps that you can install into Safari or Chrome to block sites of your choosing when you turn the app on. When I started to cut down on my internet use, I installed an app called Strict Workflow. Sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit are all blocked. This is really helpful if you work online and need some time to focus.

2. Put Your Phone Away

It’s polite to put your phone away when you’re spending time with a friend. If I’m out with a friend, I’ll leave my phone in my bag, or my pocket. To cut down on your internet use, do the same when you’re focused on a task on your own. If I’m reading a book, I’ll move my phone to somewhere I can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind.

3. Disable Notifications

minimalism internetMy life changed when I turned off all notifications on my phone. I no longer get any notifications – no Facebook notifications, no Instagram notifications, not even notifications of my incoming text messages. Because I’m no longer getting that distracting noise coming from my phone, I am more able to focus fully on what I’m doing at the moment. My friends know that if they really need to get ahold of me, they can call; otherwise, they know that I may not respond to messages for hours.

4. Try an Internet Fast

An internet fast is where you don’t go online for a certain amount of time. You can simply do a 15 minute internet fast at the same time every day, where you go for a walk or get a coffee with a coworker, or you can check out for longer periods of time. I try to schedule at least two weeks a year where I am not online. I’ll go camping in a remote area for a week (without my laptop) for some quality family time, then later in the year I’ll go to a yoga retreat (preferably in a remote area without wifi). This helps me rejuvenate my mind, and when I come back to the internet, I come back focused, determined, and ready to work.

minimalism internet

5. Cut Your Wifi

If you work in an office and would really like to cut down on internet use at home, consider going without wifi. This will save you money and make it a lot harder to spend your free time scrolling. When you aren’t capable of getting online, you’ll be able to find much more productive and fun things to do.

I hope these five steps to cutting down on your internet use help you to spend your precious free time more wisely. Minimizing my internet use has led to so much more happiness in my own life – I have more time to read, write, and do the things I love.

Your Turn!

  • Which tip will you try to cut down your internet use?
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