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When you live tiny or small, having the right design is everything. Choosing the right floor plan for your tiny house is one of the first big steps. Don’t forget that while there are many great tiny home floorplans out there, you can design your own tiny house layouts too! Consider what life you’re trying to build, then follow that with a design that will support it. The tiny house design post below is a great post to check out if you’re using an existing plan or making your own plan.
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tiny house floorplansTiny House Floor Plans

one story tiny house floorplans

One Story Tiny House

A one story tiny house with a ground floor bedroom is the way to go if you’re thinking of retiring in your tiny home, have mobility concerns, or just would rather not have to climb down out of a loft in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And lofts are still great for a guest bedrrom, storage or for other purposes.

two bedroom tiny house layout

Two Bedroom Tiny House

You can give your family or guests the privacy without sacrificing the feeling of openness by adding a second bedroom to your tiny home. Design tricks like stairs with built-in storage, multiple lofts, and bunk beds add space without crowding your home.

three bedroom tiny house floorplans

Three Bedroom Tiny House

Young couples and families are designing and building their houses on larger trailers in search of a lifestyle shift. It’s now acceptable to build larger tiny houses with more bedrooms to accommodate a larger family, more frequent guests or simply the need for more indoor activity space.

four bedroom tiny house floorplans

Four Bedroom Tiny House

A four bedroom tiny house may sound like it’s stretching the definition of a “tiny house,” but just as the tiny house movement has grown, so have the families of those who want to keep living small. It just goes to prove there’s a tiny house for everyone, including their whole family!

unique tiny house designsUnique Tiny House Designs

tiny house gooseneck trailers

Gooseneck Tiny Homes

Gooseneck trailer tiny homes are often heavier that a standard tiny house, and they require a more powerful vehicle to tow them. But they have the advantage of being larger and more versatile than a standard tiny home on wheels.

Tiny House Plans for Families

Tiny House Plans for Families

Many families have embraced tiny house living successfully. They’ve learned that it’s all about having the right tiny home floor plans and doing some careful preparation before you build. There are a lot of options available to make small space living work for the whole family.

attached tiny house designs

Attached Tiny Houses

What’s better than one tiny house? Two tiny houses! Sometimes, even the most well-designed tiny home just doesn’t fit with our lifestyle or family size. For situations like this, it makes sense both financially and physically to build a two tiny house setup.

tiny home plans

Tiny House Plans

Choosing the right tiny house plan for your needs is one of the biggest challenges before you even start building. We’ve sorted through professional plans from several of the most popular tiny house designers and put together a list of our favorite designs.

tiny house roomsSpecific Room Designs

tiny house kitchens


From mansions to tiny houses, the kitchen is the heart of every home. So, how do you go about making the perfect heart for your home? We go over everything you need to know, including: design aesthetics, layouts, color schemes, cooking surfaces, sinks, countertops, appliances and more! If your house is going to have a kitchen, this is where you start!

tiny house bathrooms


Like the attention that’s paid to kitchen planning, there’s a lot that goes into a tiny house bathroom design. You also have to consider plumbing lines, storage space, ventilation and more. Plus, you have to make it all look good in the process. Learn how here.

tiny house home office ideas


As if a pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, working from home in a tiny house can provide it’s own set of difficulties. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We show you how to get organized, comfortable and connected in a limited space. And, do it all with a little bit of style while you’re working.

tiny house slideouts


Slide outs are a clever way of extending the living space in a tiny house. We go over the pros and cons and even show you the basics of what goes into building a tiny house slide out system with diagrams, photos and floorplans.

alternatives to tiny housesAlternative Houses

barndominium houses


There’s nothing tiny about barndominiums. But then, sometimes you need a different building to fit a different situation. Learn how a barndo can be an affordable solution that’s cheap and fast and easy to build—sometimes you can have it all in one place!

aframe tiny houses


Maybe the most nostalgic of mid-century home designs, A-frames conjure visions of classic mountain retreats and lakeside vacations. We’ve put together the most comprehensive guide covering everything from materials and construction to pre-built kits and custom Aframe manufacturers. There’s even a set of free floorplans.

skoolie bus designs


Skoolies bring out the dream of freespirited travel in all of us. They can be converted on the cheap or decked out to the nines, it all depends on your budget and wherever your vision takes you. Learn how to design your own skoolie floorplan and check out the photos of other custom schoolbus builds to inspire you on your way.

alternative house designs


Have you considered a yurt? More luxurious and versatile than a tent, but much cheaper and less permanent than a traditional building, a yurt can be an excellent solution for a variety of circumstances. See if any of our floorplans or links to manufacturers is right for you.