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When you live tiny or small, having the right layout is everything. Proper planning often means researching and exploring options, while keeping an open mind. Tiny house planning also includes choosing floor plans and deciding the layout of bedrooms, lofts, kitchens, and bathrooms. This is your dream home, after all.

Choosing the right tiny house floor plans for the dream you envision is one of the first big steps. This is an exciting time — I’ve always loved the planning process!

Before you start planning your tiny home, consider what life you’re trying to manifest as you sort through various examples and guidelines, then follow that with a floor plan that supports it. Don’t forget that while you’ll find many great tiny home plans out there, you can design your own tiny house layout, too.

I’ve compiled a few posts to help guide you, whether you’re using an existing tiny home layout or making your own plan.

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Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Floor Plans
Tiny house floor plans can be customized to fit their dwellers’ needs, family size, or lifestyle. Whether you’d prefer one-story or two, or you’re looking to build a tiny home with multiple bedrooms, there’s a tiny house floor plan to fit the bill and get you started.

One-Story Tiny House Plans

One-story tiny house floor plans featuring a ground-floor bedroom are perfect if you’re close to retirement, concerned about mobility, or would rather not climb down from a loft in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. No matter the reason, if you prefer a one-story tiny home, you can find house plans that work for you.

Do you still want a loft, even if it’s not your bedroom? You’ll love these plans for one-story tiny homes that allow for that. Get started creating a home where your loft is a guest bedroom or storage space.

one story tiny house plans
tiny home floorplans
Creative one-story house plans often feature tall ceilings. This makes your space feel open and airy. A shed roof or transom windows make any single-floor tiny house feel huge.

In addition to floor plans, there are also some tiny living hacks that can open up more room to live — things like combining your couch and bed or opting for storage furniture.

Two-Bedroom Tiny House Plans

Give your family or guests privacy by adding a second bedroom to your tiny home without feeling boxed in. Tiny house plans can feature open layouts and tricks like stairs with built-in storage. Don’t sacrifice space when downsizing — just think more strategically!

My favorite two-bedroom tiny house plans feature multiple lofts, bunk beds, and storage space without crowding your home. It’s certainly possible to build a tiny home to fit your needs, even for larger families, using creative and adaptable house plans.

Two-Bedroom Tiny House Plans
2 bedroom tiny house floorplans
Do you want two bedrooms side by side? I recommend adding a shelf, a wall, or curtains between two mattresses.

Think about your spaces in different ways and eliminate things you may not need (like a dishwasher) to free up room for other things, functions, or that second bedroom you actually do need.

Three-Bedroom Tiny House Plans

Some couples and families build tiny houses on large trailers using three-bedroom tiny house plans. Early on in the tiny life movement, there was a focus on smaller tiny homes for single people or couples, which kept a lot of people out of the loop. Thankfully, I’ve found that’s just not the case anymore.

It’s a good idea to build tiny houses with three bedrooms if you have a larger family or entertain guests frequently. Some even build tiny houses with three bedrooms to accommodate more indoor activity space. Whatever the case, these could be the tiny house floor plans for you!

Three-Bedroom Tiny House Plans
Three Bedroom Tiny House layout
It’s all about being intentional. Do you have children? Is it important to create a space where they can play and another for you to work? Thinking this out and planning ahead is essential when creating the home of your dreams.

Three-bedroom tiny house plans also free your mind to think about rooms differently. For example, the living room sectional can double as a dining nook with the TV on a wall to open up your space.

Four-Bedroom Tiny House Plans

A four-bedroom tiny house may sound like it’s stretching the definition of “tiny living.” However, I’ve noticed that as the tiny house movement grows, so do the families who want to keep living small. It just proves that there’s a tiny house for everyone! Adding bunk or trundle beds, creating homework nooks, and adding bookshelves or cubbies are all possibilities with a four-bedroom tiny home layout.

Remember, tiny living isn’t necessarily about downsizing, but rather about making the most of what space you do have.

Four-Bedroom Tiny House Plans
four bed tiny house layouts
Proper planning and listening to your instincts will take this from dream to reality.

A four-bedroom tiny home doesn’t have to put a damper on your nomadic lifestyle, either. They’re actually pretty easily transported when put on wheels! You can customize four-bedroom tiny house plans to make them mobile or accommodate other lifestyle choices.

Unique Tiny House Layout

Unique Tiny House Layouts

I’ve always loved creating unique tiny house layouts to make the most of small spaces. Customizing the way a tiny house is laid out can create better flow and improve the overall function and enjoyment of a one-of-a-kind tiny home.

Gooseneck Tiny Home Floor Plans

Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, but some of my favorite tiny house plans are those for gooseneck tiny homes. A gooseneck tiny home is simply a tiny house built on a gooseneck trailer, which is a trailer attached to a ball in the center of a pickup truck bed. It allows you to use the space over the neck of the trailer. Most people choose to build their bedroom over that hitch, with a few extra steps.

Gooseneck trailer tiny homes often weigh more than standard tiny houses and require a more powerful vehicle to tow them.

gooseneck trailer tiny house plans
Gooseneck Tiny Home Floor Plans
But they also have the advantage of accommodating a larger family and can do more than a standard tiny home on wheels.

I can walk you through the process, step by step with tiny house floor plans that work for many different tastes. As long as you have an idea of what you want, and a trailer that will accommodate the square footage, customizing plans for a gooseneck tiny home is simple.

Tiny House Floor Plans for Families

Many families embrace tiny living and enjoy the move toward a “less is more” lifestyle as they create their tiny home plans. Customizing the perfect space for a family is all about having the right floor plans and careful preparation before you build. I’ve found lots of unique options that make small-space living work for the entire family.

The best tiny house floor plans for families are as unique as those who live in them. They look different depending on each family’s needs or preferences. Think about your own situation, family size, and goals when considering your family’s tiny home plans.

best tiny house ideas for families
Tiny House Floor Plans for Families
Don’t be consumed by rules around square footage. Focus on what works for your lifestyle. The tiny living movement thrives thanks to flexible housing solutions. There are no rigid rules or strict definitions.

I’ve found through firsthand experience that it’s possible to create your own guidelines for a tiny home layout your family will love.

Attached Tiny House Floor Plans

What’s better than one tiny house? Two tiny houses! Sometimes, even the most well-designed tiny home just isn’t enough for large families, someone who likes to host guests, or just a sudden life shift. For situations like this, it makes sense both financially and physically to look at attached tiny house floor plans and build a two-tiny-house setup.

The reason for needing two tiny homes should guide your planning process. One reason might be to give your kids their own separate areas. Often, children and teenagers benefit from some freedom to grow in a space that’s all their own.

Attached Tiny House Floor Plans
Connected Tiny House Floor Plans
Build a common living and dining space, and a play space outside, so you can share meals and memories.

Another popular reason to connect tiny homes might be to create a guest house. Visiting loved ones get their own space in a way that doesn’t disrupt yours. Give guests their own private rooms with a bathroom, kitchen, and living area so they feel totally at home, especially for longer visits.

Tiny House Floor Plans

Before you begin building, choosing the right tiny home floor plan for your needs is one of the biggest challenges. But you can do it and I’ll help you! I’ve sorted through professional tiny house plans from several of the most popular tiny house designers and put together a list of my favorite layouts.

I selected my favorite tiny house layouts based on two main criteria: the house must be on a trailer, and it must have been built at least once before.

Tiny House Floor Plans
Tiny Home Floor Plans
I also made sure to create a list of parameters to help you pick the tiny home plan that’s best for you by understanding different tiny house layouts and what they offer.

Keep in mind these are floor plans not building guides, but they give you extensive information on the steps you should probably take before you create your own tiny house floorplans and start building.

Tiny House Room Layouts

Tiny House Room Layouts

Once the big picture plans are in place, it’s important to have tiny house room layouts ready so the small details can be nailed down. From the kitchen to the bathroom, and every space in between, tiny house floor plans work best when created room by room.

Tiny House Kitchen Floor Plans

No matter where you live, kitchens are the heart of every home. It’s where so many things happen from making meals to breaking bread. We talk to our loved ones and entertain guests in our kitchens. Let’s go over everything you need to know including layouts, cooking surfaces, sinks, countertops, appliances, and more!

Work through your tiny house kitchen floor plans early on in the planning process. Choose one that’s functional and smart, with room to grow as your needs change through the years.

tiny house kitchen layout
Tiny House Kitchen Floor Plans
While you’re considering tiny house kitchen ideas, don’t forget how fun this can be. Explore your favorite aesthetics, styles and color schemes!

You don’t have to be an interior designer to appreciate a good-looking and functional kitchen. I put a lot of thought into my tiny house kitchen plans because that’s where I spend so much of my time.

Tiny House Bathroom Floor Plans

After you’ve given so much attention to the kitchen when designing your tiny home, don’t forget about the bathroom plans. There’s a lot that goes into a tiny house bathroom layout. Consider plumbing lines, storage space, ventilation, and more. And make it all look good in the process.

For your purposes, consider the function of a bathroom. Thoughtfully familiarizing yourself with your own needs allows you to prioritize what should be included. So, if you need plenty of space for hair, makeup, or other grooming tasks, allow yourself that space.

Tiny House Bathroom Floor Plans
Tiny Home Bathroom Layout Ideas
Personally, there’s not much I love more than a hot shower, so having a fairly spacious shower I could enjoy was top priority in my tiny house bathroom layout.

When thinking about your day, what do you routinely do in the bathroom and what activities are only once or twice a week?

I suggest writing down everything you do or store in there, in addition to what you like about your current space and what needs to be improved.

Tiny House Office Floor Plans

Living in a small space comes with its own set of charms and challenges, and so does throwing a work area into the floor plans. Don’t let that deter you. Many people, including me, live and work inside their tiny homes, and you can, too. I’ve learned how to get organized, comfortable, and connected in a limited space. With charm and style too!

Consider ways you stay productive and organize what you need for work in a small space.

Tiny House Office Floor Plans
Tiny House Office Layout Design
Because space in a tiny house is limited you don’t often see a dedicated tiny house office. If anything, you’ll see a desk or workplace set up on a countertop.

Or you may see a workspace tucked into a closet or a drop-leaf table on the wall. That can work, as long as you stay committed to the details in your tiny home office floor plans.

Tiny House Slide-Out Floor Plans

Slide-outs cleverly extend the living space in a tiny house. A slide-out in a tiny home is essentially a box with expanding walls for additional living space that collapses inside the tiny house for transport. This is common in RVs for couches, beds, and additional living space.

Think about why you might want a slide-out. In many cases, people want to have as much room as possible for their living space.

Tiny House Slide-Out Floor Plans
Tiny House Slide-Out Designs
Others hope to build their tiny house on smaller trailers for easier towing while still enjoying the benefits of a larger space when it’s stationary.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time weighing the pros and cons of building a tiny house slide-out system, finding the best diagrams, photos, and slide-out floor plans. These ideas will help you determine what might work best for your tiny home.

Floor Plans For Alternative Houses

Floor Plans For Alternative Houses

Alternative housing is a movement that’s quickly gaining momemtum. Detailed and creative alternative house floor plans can help even beginning builders sink their teeth into a new exciting project.

Barndominium Floor Plans

What is a barndominium? It’s a lot like how it sounds, a barn or metal shed that you convert into a living space. Sometimes called barndos, this affordable option comes in handy when you need a small house or a building built with agricultural intent.

You should also know that there’s nothing tiny about barndominiums. They’re usually quite large, by tiny living standards. But sometimes you need a unique building for a unique situation. This article delves into some reasons you might want a barndominium.

Barndominium Floor Plans
barndominium plans and layouts
Barndos work well as temporary or even permanent living structures. They’re an affordable alternative to tiny houses, and because they’re versatile, you can routinely adjust your barndominium floor plan and layout.

Learn how a barndo can be an affordable solution that’s cheap, fast, and easy to build — sometimes you can have it all in one place!

A-frame Floor Plans

One of the more nostalgic midcentury home layouts, A-frames conjure visions of classic mountain retreats and lakeside vacations. If you’re considering building an A-frame tiny house, explore these A-frame plans before you get started. These tiny house floor plans come from experienced sellers familiar with building requirements for tiny homes so you don’t miss important details.

Modern A-frame tiny houses are designed and built with full-time living in mind.

a-frame house floorplans
a-frame house layout design
Although many people still adore this architectural style as a cabin or vacation home, the shape appeals to those in the tiny house movement.

I put together the most comprehensive guide covering everything from materials and construction to pre-built kits and custom A-frame manufacturers. There’s even a set of free A-frame floor plans that’ll get you started.

Skoolie Floor Plans

A skoolie is a converted school bus that you live in! And coming up with the perfect skoolie floor plan for your bus conversion involves a lot of big decisions. Finding a great layout that makes the most of your limited space takes both planning and inspiration.

Skoolies bring out the free-spirited travelers in all of us. You can convert them beautifully whether you’re on a tight budget or intend to go all out. There are lots of ways to see where your vision takes you, and I’ve always been a fan of the carefree adventure that skoolies suggest.

skoolie floor plans
skoolie layouts and floorplans
Decisions range from bus size to bathroom location to knowing what to exclude. I did a lot of the work and dug up details on skoolie floor plans and inspiration, so you can be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Learn how to design your own skoolie floor plan and check out the photos of other custom school bus builds to inspire you along the way.

Yurt Floor Plans

Although they’re among the simplest alternative dwellings, you’ll need some solid yurt floor plans before you dig into creating this tiny space for yourself. More luxurious and versatile than a tent but cheaper and less permanent than a traditional structure, yurts might tempt you for a variety of reasons. Modern yurts mostly offer a way to set up a structure quickly.

If you need shelter while you’re building a tiny house or setting up a homestead, living in a yurt presents a nice, quick option.

yurt floorplans
yurt designs and layouts
Don’t worry, today’s yurts are no longer covered in wool. You can find yurts made out of strong tent fabric that withstand quite a bit of use and any kind of weather. If you’ve gone camping in national or state parks, you’ve probably seen permanent yurts. They’re also popular across Europe and parts of Asia.

See if any of these yurt floor plans or yurt manufacturers are right for you.

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