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From what I hear, House Hunters is a cult favorite on HGTV. So when they came up with a tiny house spinoff, people LOVED it. Sometimes the budgets on Tiny House Hunters are a little over the top (if you really want to know the costs of a tiny house, check out my cost breakdown here). However, I do like the variety on this show and the creative approach to tiny living.

Here’s what you should know about HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters.

The Story Behind Tiny House Hunters

tiny house huntersHouse Hunters is one of HGTV’s longest-running programs and has seen many different variations throughout the staggering 23 years it’s been on the air. Tiny House Hunters, which aired in 2014, is a fan-favorite rendition that gives viewers a taste of the tiny life all across the country.

The familiar formula is not to be messed with—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? In this tiny house TV show, prospective home buyers look at three different tiny houses, weigh the pros and cons, and pick one to be their new home. Tiny House Hunters is a great look at tiny house real estate in many different locations and lets viewers get a taste of some of the primary wants, needs, and practicalities of converting to tiny house living.

Fans of Tiny House Hunters love to watch along as home buyers list off their must-have tiny house amenities, dream locations, and their sometimes comical budgets in the search to find their dream home. You can see just about everything on this show, from a family of 6 going tiny to the quest for the perfect mini man cave, a tiny houseboat, or traveling musicians looking to take their home on the road.

While Tiny House Hunters is a real estate show with very little DIY tiny house building, it’s a great look at all the different tiny house living options in many locations across the country.

What Network Is Tiny House Hunters On?

HGTV networkAs I mentioned above, Tiny House Hunters was a staple of HGTV for five years. HGTV is a hub for home renovation and home real estate TV shows, including House Hunters International, House Hunters Renovations, and Lake House Hunters—to name a few.

Is Tiny House Hunters Still Filming?

No—the final season of Tiny House Hunters aired in 2017. With four seasons, you can binge your way through 85 episodes, which average about 20 minutes apiece.

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Is Tiny House Hunters Cancelled?

While Tiny House Hunters was never officially cancelled, it is unlikely we’ll see new episodes. The show is still listed on HGTV’s website, but it’s likely that’s due to the affiliation with House Hunters. Keep an eye on the HGTV TV schedule to see if Tiny House reruns are airing any time soon.

Who Hosts Tiny House Hunters On HGTV?

Like many house hunting TV shows, Tiny House Hunters did not have a host or a consistent narrator throughout its four seasons. One of the appealing aspects of house hunting shows like this one is that the focus is entirely on the home buyers—viewers get a chance to know the buyers on their tiny house journey.

Is Tiny House Hunters Fake?

There’s a lot of debate about the “realness” of the budgets featured on Tiny House Hunters. Some of the tiny house owners seem to have limitless pockets that don’t correspond with their jobs. It’s also important to note that on any TV show, sponsors supply materials, labor, and other perks that you or I wouldn’t have for our tiny home. If you used your own tiny house hunter, you’d probably need to pay realtor fees and other costs that don’t seem to be an issue on Tiny House Hunters.

All that aside, Tiny House Hunters does show a nice overview of the real estate available to tiny home seekers. I like all the variety and the different sources of inspiration.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Hunters

Viewers meet a lot of interesting home buyers in the four seasons of Tiny House Hunters. While many viewers love to hate-watch this classic show, many are aching for updates on some of their favorite tiny home buyers. Here are a few noteworthy updates on some featured tiny home buyers.

Jordan Strang & Aubree Bernier-Clarke: Finding a Tiny Fixer-Upper

tiny house fixer upperSeason three of Tiny House Hunters brought us a Los Angeles couple searching for a fixer-upper tiny home and some nice land for new adventures. But the tiny home—or lack thereof—the couple ended up dropping $155,000 on truly baffled viewers. The couple gave an interview to Slate in 2019, reflecting on their experience on Tiny House Hunters and giving fans a much-needed update on their wild decision to buy a burnt-out structure on trash-littered land.

Carson and Mel Dohmen: Going Tiny to Travel

Going Tiny to TravelCarson and Mel’s episode aired in season three of Tiny House Hunters. Carson is a writer and Mel is an entrepreneur. In their episode, they looked at tiny houses on wheels as their dream solution for downsizing and traveling. Since their episode, they started a blog documenting their journey—Local Color XC—and posted a life after Tiny House Hunters update. You can also find updates on their Instagram, @localcolorxc.

Where To Watch Tiny House Hunters

All four seasons of Tiny House Hunters are streaming on Discovery+.

discovery plus

Check out these clips from Tiny House Hunters on YouTube!

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  1. Love to live tiny. I’ve lived in a 23′ motor home for 6 months while traveling in 48 States. Loved it.

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