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Looking for quality tiny house builders is an important step if you want someone to build you a tiny house on wheels.  In this tiny house builders directory, I’ve tried to share the best of what’s out there.

While I’ve listed this tiny house directory by state, don’t forget that since tiny houses are mobile, you can have your home built almost anywhere and then driven to its final home.  Builders typically charge between $1-$2 per mile to deliver, so the cost can add up, but if you have your own tow vehicle, you can pick it up yourself and save.

This also means you can shop for the best builder, getting quotes for prices, learning from previous customers and meeting the builder face to face.

What To Look For From Tiny House Manufacturers


Choosing a builder or manufacturer for your tiny house is a big decision and not something you should take lightly.  In my time working in the tiny house world I’ve continually heard horror story after horror story of how things have gone wrong.  Don’t let your dream home turn into a nightmare.

If you want to buy a tiny house, you must do your homework and be skeptical at every turn, because I’ve seen my fair share of tiny house builders come and go.  In fact I’d say it’s the norm, not the exception.  Many people are wanting to cash in on the trend and not all are honest about it.  So here are a few steps to make your tiny house buying experience safer.

Ask For References

It’s really incredible how many people don’t do this, it’s one of the best ways to safeguard yourself from a bad builder.  A good custom tiny house builder is proud of their work and encourages you talk with their past customers.  I once had a builder who wanted to come to the Tiny House Conference and I notified he had some bad builds, so I asked him “can you send me some references?”

He hemmed and hawed, gave excuse after excuse.  Red flag!  Its an easy thing to do, call several of the past customers.  Ask how their house is today, how was it like working with the builder, where they communicative, how did they deal with problems that arrived, etc.  Don’t just make one phone call, make several.  Tiny Houses are expensive and you should leave this up to chance the best you can.

Get A Contract From Your Tiny House Builder

Time and time again I’ve seen this, people don’t get things in writing.  They jump right to the build and they don’t spend time getting everything down on paper.  This is the best time to find out where you and the builder are thinking differently.  You want to make sure you have a solid plan laid out and agree on how you’re going to resolve disagreements.  Read my post here about Making sure you always have a contract

Have A Payment Schedule Tied To Progress

When it comes to building a tiny house, you want to make sure you just don’t write a blank check.  Make sure you spread out the payments over time and then tie those payments to milestones.  If you have 4 payments along the way, you can check in on it and then they’re incentivized to keep moving on the project.  Being very clear on when they get paid and what they have to do in order for you to pay them will let you safeguard them running off from all your money.

Spend The Time & Money To Draw Tiny House Plans

The first step in every build should be the design stage.  You need to be very clear on what you want and get that on paper.  Having real plans drawn up by an architect is critical as it is an addendum to your contract which allows you to better specifically call out each detail of your house.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people not do this and get a house very different than they were expecting.  All because they didn’t work it out on paper.

Include A Detailed Material List

Here is one area that scammy builders get away with things.  Let’s say you want a window in a certain place, you want flooring of a certain color, or a light in the loft.  What are the details of those things?  I can buy a cheap window that looks awful for $60 or I can buy a fully custom window that costs $1,000; how have you documented which it should be?  You need a full material schedule for everything.

If you don’t take the time to do this a builder can charge you a high price for something saying it will be “high quality”, but then choose a budget option to meet the requirement.  What does high quality mean, what were you expecting?  Define each material and quantify the quality as best as you can.

Learn How To Build A Tiny House

You need to actually know how to build a tiny house, even if you aren’t going to build it yourself.  Why?  Because I’ve seen a lot of “professional builders” building houses incorrectly.  In some cases I’ve seen “tiny house builders” build them unsafely!

You need to know and you need to check their work at every step.  Take photos of the process and make sure to get the details.  Develop a paper trail for your own records and to have a way to make sure the work is being done properly.

If you don’t live in the same location as your builder, require them to Skype or Face Time you with video each week of the process.  Then make the trip, no matter how far, to go see it in person after the framing has been done.  Ask for this up front.

Hire A Building Inspector

Yup, that’s right.  Hire someone to come in and assess the tiny house.  Do this at the end of framing and then right before delivery.  This lets you have a third party evaluation, plus it let’s the builder know that there is a certain quality expectation.

You want to know how to make a bad builder turn tail and run?  Tell him you’ll have a building inspector checking their work along the way.  A good builder will welcome the review, a bad one will make excuses or disappear.

Should I Get A RVIA Certified Tiny House


The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is a association of builders that make RV and those with the certification means they meet certain standards.  Many people ask about this because they think it’s required, but it actually isn’t.  Builders like it because it sounds impressive and they can charge a higher fee, it allows some to get financing and in some cases it let’s you find a parking spot more easily.

There is a catch.  If you get an RVIA certified tiny house you are then officially a RV, sounds good right?  Maybe not.  In my city it is illegal to even park an RV in any residential area and you’re not even allowed to “camp” or live in it, even for 24 hours.  People who try to live in a RV in my city will get a fine and this is a very common thing across all of the US.

So being defined as an RV actually hurts you in many places.  It often means that you have to be in a campground, which many places limit your maximum stay.  Once you’re designated an RV, it cannot be undone or changed.  In my opinion it limits you to much and for most people in the USA, its actually a deal breaker because your city won’t allow it under any circumstance.


Alabama Tiny Home Builders


Alaska Tiny House Builders


Arizona Tiny House Builders



Life in the desert isn’t all cacti and tumbleweeds. Arizona offers lots of wide-open spaces to park your tiny house and enjoy the quiet life. For those who prefer a quicker pace, enjoy the fantastic views in Sedona and all the modern life Scottsdale has to offer. Arizona offers plenty of enticing tiny house communities, and it’s easy to find an Arizona tiny house builder. Here’s what you need to know about tiny house living in Arizona.

Arkansas Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

California Tiny House Builders



California is vibrant, sunny, and beautiful. The low expenses and small ecological footprint of tiny house living are becoming ever more enticing. A vast state with diverse regions spanning from beachside communities to desert-dwelling to mountainside living, California offers everything a tiny house builder could want. New opportunities for tiny homes or THOW parking are cropping up in surprising places. To find out more about California tiny house builders, click here.

Colorado Tiny Home Builders



With magnificent mountain vistas and tons of outdoor activities, what tiny home dweller wouldn’t want to live in Colorado? Whether you want to live in a tiny house community, a rural setting, near the ski slopes, or a city, you’ll find plenty of Colorado tiny house builders and tiny house options in the Rockies. Click here to explore the best of the west.

Connecticut Tiny Home Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Delaware Tiny Home Builders



  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Washington DC Tiny House Builders


Florida Tiny House Builders



The Sunshine State is an excellent locale for tiny houses. While Florida is known for its beaches, theme parks, and year-round warm weather, the state also has flexible tiny house laws and regulations. Florida also offers some of the best places to build or park your tiny house, whether you’re on the beach or inland. Click here to learn more.

Georgia Tiny Home Builders



Georgia is a great state to consider living tiny in. It covers everything from the Blue Ridge mountains to the coastal region in the southeast portion of the state. Click here to learn more.

Hawaii Tiny Home Builders



The state of Hawaii is an ideal place to live tiny long term and boasts tons of trails and parks for a rich taste of nature. There are endless options to purchase your own piece of paradise in the Aloha state. Click here to learn more.

Idaho Tiny Home Builders


Illinois Tiny Home Builders


Indiana Tiny Home Builders


Iowa Tiny Home Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Kansas Tiny Home Builders


  • None currently: consider nearby states

Kentucky Tiny Home Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Louisiana Tiny Home Builders


Maine Tiny House builders


Maryland Tiny House Builders


Massachusetts Tiny House Builders


Michigan Tiny House Builders



Minnesota Tiny House Builders


Mississippi Tiny House Builders


Missouri Tiny House Builders


Montana Tiny House Builders


Nebraska Tiny House Builders


Nevada Tiny House Builders


New Hampshire Tiny House Builders


New Jersey Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

New Mexico Tiny House Builders


New York Tiny House Builders



From majestic mountain ranges to the most exciting city in the world, New York is truly the state that has it all. Finding a location in the city for a tiny house might be a challenge, while Long Island and upstate have plenty of gorgeous places to choose from. In urban areas, the laws recently changed, and the new building codes may soon allow for backyard ADUs and exciting new possibilities as municipalities adopt the new standards defined.

North Carolina Tiny House Builders



Are you looking for a tiny-home-friendly state that has everything? Situated just south enough to have mild winters and just north enough to have four real seasons, NC offers the best of everything, from the Atlantic coastline to the Smoky Mountains. Whether you’re up for enjoying outdoor fun, exploring historical sites, or relaxing on the beach, North Carolina tiny house builders and buyers will feel right at home. Click here about the tiny life in NC.

North Dakota Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Ohio Tiny House Builders


Oklahoma Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Oregon Tiny House Builders



Oregon is famous for its legendary natural beauty, from the mountains to the ocean, deep forests, to picturesque lakes. Build your Oregon tiny home in quirky, laid-back Portland for the culture and coffee, or find a quiet spot way off the beaten path, surrounded by nature. Tiny homes are catching on, and laws are evolving, making Oregon a great choice. Here’s everything you need to know about Oregon tiny house builders.

Pennsylvania Tiny House Builders


Rhode Island Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

South Carolina Tiny House Builders



Experience all the grace and charm of the south in the Palmetto State, with a little less heat and humidity. SC features a beautiful coastline not far from the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. From quiet rural towns to trendy tiny house communities, South Carolina appeals to people who crave rural life or still prefer access to a lively cultural and foodie scene. Learn more about South Carolina tiny house builders here.

South Dakota Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Tennessee Tiny House Builders



Tennessee is world-famous for its rich musical heritage. Home to Graceland, Music City, the Grand Old Opry, and Dollywood, Tennessee has always been the heart of U.S. music. Even so, love of music is not the only reason people love to call Tennessee home. The state boasts stunning natural attractions with gorgeous lakes, rivers, and mountain waterfalls. So whether you want to immerse yourself in the lively music scene or enjoy a quiet rural retreat, Tennessee is a great state to park your tiny house.

Texas Tiny House Builders



The Lone Star State is famous for its independent attitude, and that extends to tiny house living. Texans are big on hospitality and long on southern charm. It’s a big state, enough to offer plenty of land to build your dream Texas tiny house. Urban cowboys might love Austin or San Antonio. If you want a country vibe, try settling in a place like Spur, where you can live a rural life in true Texas style. For more information about Texas tiny house builders, click here.

Utah Tiny House Builders


Vermont Tiny House Builders


Virginia Tiny House Builders



Whoever coined the iconic slogan “Virginia is for lovers” must have considered the lush green landscapes, the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, or the stunning mountain views. Perhaps they considered the romance of traveling in wine country or the elegant charm of the historic country towns. No matter what they were thinking, we can all agree that everything about it makes it the perfect place for a Virginia tiny house builder to settle down and enjoy the freedom of a tiny lifestyle.

Washington Tiny House Builders



Well known for the lush beauty of the Pacific coast, Washington State is an excellent location for a tiny house. The tiny house building laws are becoming more and more welcoming to both the lifestyle and the commitment to sustainability. Check out Seattle or Olympia for trendy neighborhoods and upscale energy. The Seattle area has a great job market for tech with surrounding options for the tiny life. Find out more about Washington tiny house builders here.

West Virginia Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

Wisconsin Tiny House Builders


Wyoming Tiny House Builders


  • None currently:  consider nearby states

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