Tiny House Interiors: Simple Stylish Design Ideas

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Building a tiny house is no easy feat, but once the construction is over you can begin the fun part: designing a space that’s unique and comfortable. Living the tiny life is all about doing more with less. Whether your personal style is simple, boho, or something else, the goal of creating a simple tiny house interior is to maximize space while minimizing clutter.

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A huge advantage of tiny homes is being able to build your dream home just as you’d like. With so many options to be had, it can be tough to determine what’s right for you. I’ve put together a few ideas for you here!

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When you’re just getting started, it can be overwhelming trying to plan out the perfect design. I’ve put together some tiny home interior design ideas to help guide you through the process. Check out these styles and layouts to see what options might work for you. Remember, your personal touch is what makes a tiny house a tiny home.

Tiny House Farmhouse Style

Tiny House Farmhouse Style For a tiny house style with a welcoming appeal, try a farmhouse design. Sliding barn doors allow for more room since they don’t need to open outwards, giving your layout plans more flexibility. White or light-colored wood for walls and cabinets can make your interior feel more spacious, and lots of shelf space maximizes storage potential.

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Tiny House Modern Style

Tiny House Modern StyleModern interior design ideas tend to work very well with tiny houses because they are already focused on space and minimalism. Sleek lines, open spaces, and lots of light are all modern design elements that make a small space feel bigger. Minimalism and tiny living often go hand-in-hand. When you move into a tiny house, decluttering your life is often a necessity.

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Tiny House Boho Style

Tiny House Boho StyleThe bohemian lifestyle is all about creativity and non-traditional living, so a boho interior for your tiny home is a great design choice. Loft beds are a popular option for this aesthetic and can maximize your storage and living space. If you like to incorporate plants into your bohemian décor, make sure you pay attention to the way you use natural light in your building plans.

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Tiny House Coastal Style

Tiny House Coastal StyleThis tiny house style is all about color choice. White and pastel walls with bright accents of yellow and blue can make home feel like a day at the beach. Luckily, coastal designs are an excellent color palette for small spaces because they brighten dark corners, making your house feel bigger on the inside. Windows will also make your home feel spacious as well as allow for a beachy breeze.

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Tiny House Cozy Style

Tiny House Cozy StyleWhile minimalism is often an approach to tiny living, it doesn’t have to be. You may be happier in a tiny house that makes you feel cozy. You can maximize space while still creating a homey aesthetic by designing cozy nooks around your home for reading and relaxing. Consider getting creative with your storage space. Under sitting areas, above cabinets, and tucked away in recessed nooks are all good places to organize your things.

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Tiny House Simple Style

Tiny House Simple StyleThe classic tiny house design keeps life uncomplicated. Simple tiny house interiors are to the point, and are best if you plan to take your show on the road. When you’re traveling with your tiny house, keep movement in mind when you’re deciding on your layout and style. Easy storage, anchored furniture, and a straightforward setup are all good traits to have in a mobile tiny home.

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Tiny House Rustic Style

Tiny House Rustic StyleIf you love the outdoors, a rustic style interior can create an inviting, cabin atmosphere in your home. Just keep in mind that dark wood can make a space feel smaller. Sliding doors, natural light, and efficient storage space can all help make your house feel organized and spacious while still achieving the aesthetic you want.

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Tiny House Rooms

Tiny House Lofts

Tiny House LoftsLofting your bed is a great way to open up space in your home for living and storage. It can also allow you to create a two-bedroom tiny house floor plan. Lofts work best when you keep them simple. You can add a nightstand or some knick-knacks to make it feel cozy, but too many things can make an otherwise relaxing space feel crowded.

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Tiny House Bathrooms

Tiny House BathroomsA common concern when designing a tiny house interior is the layout of your bathroom. You typically start and end your day here, so intentional bathroom design is key to the success and comfort of a tiny house. Bathrooms are often the smallest room in your house, but they serve a lot of functions so creative storage is a necessity.

Bathroom One – A small nook to house your shower, sink, and toilet can allow your bathroom to take up minimal space in your house. This design includes a mini bathtub set up along with the shower.

tiny house bathroom layout
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Bathroom Two – This design includes a closet for storage space so you have room for your linens and toiletries. A hanging shower caddy is a great way to store shampoo and other bottles without compromising space.

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Bathroom Three – A standing shower is easier to make room for than a full bathtub, and a creatively designed sink maximizes space usage while still fulfilling its purpose. Space across from the sink allows shelves for storing bathroom necessities.

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Bathroom Four – Another way to utilize bathroom space to its fullest potential is to include a washer and dryer. Combining your bathroom and laundry room makes this design a two-for-one space and also fits a full bathtub.

simple floorplan tiny house bathroom
simple tiny house bathroom floorplan

Bathroom Five – This classic design has storage under the sink and hooks to hang towels. For tiny house dwellers with minimal bathroom storage needs, this design mimics the layout of a traditional bathroom in a more compact space.

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Tiny House Kitchens

Tiny House KitchensWhen it comes to tiny home interior design, kitchens are another important consideration. If you like to cook, you may be reluctant to give up the luxury of a full kitchen. Luckily, with a creative layout, you can maximize the space in your kitchen so you can continue to cook your favorite meals and enjoy entertaining guests.

Kitchen One – Food storage is a concern for many tiny homeowners, especially if you like to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. A floor to ceiling refrigerator built into your wall can provide ample storage for meat and produce.

tiny house small kitchen floorplan
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Kitchen Two – Counter space is a necessity for food preparation, so you can minimize the number of appliances taking up room with a microwave nook set into the wall. An additional nook for your dishwasher can make clean up easy and fast.

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Kitchen Three – Creativity is key when it comes to designing the interior of tiny homes. A pullout table gives you space for dining but retracts into the counter when not in use.

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Kitchen Four – Tiny homes are typically an open floor plan, but you can separate rooms with intentional design, like a u-shaped counter that sections off the kitchen. With a sink and a stove built-in, this counter makes the most of the available space.

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Kitchen Five – Just because a house is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be multi-level. In this case, a raised kitchen makes room for the usual appliances while creating additional storage under the dais.

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Tiny House Living Rooms

Tiny House Living RoomsYour living room space is where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Your layout should be dependent on your personal needs. If it’s just you at home, you may only need a comfy chair and a reading lamp. If you prefer to spread out, or you live with others, you may want to design a larger living room space when you draw up your plans.

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Tiny House Dining Rooms

Tiny House Dining RoomsWe all need a place to enjoy our food, and if you like to entertain, you may want room for a few guests. Tiny house dining spaces may be extensions of your kitchen counter, or you may use foldout tables, dual-purpose spaces, or creative design elements to designate a dining room in your home.

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Tiny House Bedrooms

Tiny House BedroomsLofting your bed isn’t the only option for creating a space to get a quality night’s sleep. Murphy beds and futons can make a comfy bed at night and then conveniently tuck away during the day. If you have children or want to make space for overnight guests, bunks that fold into the wall may be a good option.

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There is no right way to design the perfect tiny house interior. These examples are only guidelines for you to use and add your own personalized flair. Whether you love the bright accents of a coastal design or the sleek minimalism of a modern interior, an optimized tiny home interior is about organization, efficiency, and creativity.

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Your Turn!

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