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The Ultimate List Of Tiny House TV Shows

The Ultimate List Of Tiny House TV Shows

tiny house tv shows guide


I remember when the first tiny house TV shows came out. Those of us in the tiny house community were so excited, and we all planned to watch. But then, when it came time for the first show to air, we realized none of us had TVs or cable anymore!

So needless to say, it took me a while to catch up on tiny house TV shows when they finally came on streaming. I get asked about them often. Of course, after watching a few, I’ve realized not all tiny house TV shows are the same. Some make me roll my eyes a bit because they don’t quite capture the dichotomy around tiny living. Living in a tiny house is challenging, especially if you’re building your tiny home yourself. But on the flip side, the tiny life is all about simplicity and ease. It can be hard to capture an honest balance in a 30-minute program.

Some shows focus on a polished “Instagram” version of the tiny life, while others don’t quite capture the true mental and emotional benefits of a downsized lifestyle. But some tiny house TV shows really nail it. Here is my ultimate guide to the tiny house TV shows that get it right.

Terrific Tiny Homes

terrific tiny homes
Terrific Tiny Homes is a quick watch that will have you exploring the most exotic tiny homes across the globe. These tiny homes are a unique look into tiny living, from a jungle bungalow to rustic lodges and family dwellings.

With only three episodes at 20 minutes each, you can binge the whole season in an hour. Andy Barnett narrates this series, which looks at tiny homes in Hawaii, double-decker cabins, and even family-friendly tiny homes.

explore the terrific tiny homes show

Tiny House, Big Living

tiny house big living
Tiny House, Big Living has been a go-to tiny house TV show for many people. This HTGV staple, which has eight full seasons, takes viewers through the tiny living motions. From the nitty-gritty DIY aspects of building your own tiny home to the process of downsizing and preparing to live tiny, Tiny House, Big Living shows it all.

The appeal of this tiny house TV show comes from the transparency we see from the homeowners featured. These homeowners are making big decisions that lead to the tiny life—choosing to DIY their own tiny home, purging a lifetime of things for more freedom, and learning big lessons along the way. It’s a great show to explore what decisions go into choosing tiny living.

explore the tiny houses big living tv show

Tiny House Hunters

tiny house hunters
Who doesn’t love a good house hunting TV show? House Hunters has been a staple show on HGTV for quite some time, and the tiny house version is just as popular. In a familiar format, home buyers look at three different properties, then decide whether they’re truly ready to take the plunge into tiny living.

As with all versions of House Hunters, the thrill from this tiny house TV show comes from seeing the variety of properties, budgets, and lifestyles featured throughout the four seasons. While Tiny House Hunters doesn’t go too far into the motivations homeowners have for going tiny, it’s a great look at tiny living options in different parts of the country.

explore tiny house hunters tv show

Tiny Luxury

tiny luxury
This tiny house TV show follows a married couple—Tyson and Michelle Speiss—and their family, owners of one tiny home building companies. In each episode of Tiny Luxury, we see the crew build a tiny house from start to finish.

The most remarkable thing about these tiny homes? Aside from the fact that they’re luxury, endlessly customizable tiny houses, they’re all built ready to hit the road, so the homeowners can live wherever they want in these THOWs. Tiny Luxury is an uplifting look at a family business focused on changing lives.

explore tiny luxury tv show

Tiny Paradise

tiny paradise
Tiny Paradise is yet another tiny house HGTV show with a unique look at tiny living. On Tiny Paradise, couples build their dream tiny homes in dream locations—from mountains to deserts, tropical islands, and lakeside cabins.

Tiny Paradise is a great indulgent tiny house TV show to binge on. It will give you lots of tiny house design inspiration too. Who doesn’t love to see gorgeous tiny homes built in some of the most scenic locations? It’s fun to watch all these tiny homes and tiny homeowners in all their luxury work on their dream homes.

explore tiny paradise tv show

Container Homes

container homes
Shipping container homes are not your average tiny homes! These innovative dwellings are a unique way to live tiny, and building one is not for the faint of heart. Container Homes—an HGTV show—showcases builders creating a variety of shipping container homes, from affordable tiny homes to complexes made from more than a dozen shipping containers.

What’s great about this tiny house TV show? The sheer variety of homes and the out-of-the-box thinking. Builders completely give up on traditional design when creating these homes, and it’s fun to watch and dream about what you could create with these steel boxes.

explore container homes tv show

Tiny House Hunting

tiny house hunting
Tiny House Hunting airs on FYI, an A&E Network affiliate. In this tiny house-hunting TV show, prospective homeowners are on the search for their dream tiny home. The tiny house movement offers financial freedom, a simple lifestyle, and a unique way of living on your own terms.

Tiny House Hunting is a similar format to another fan favorite, Tiny House Hunters. Narrated Tiny House Nation’s host John Weisbarth, this tiny house TV show is an excellent glimpse into tiny house real estate across the country. If you want to see what tiny living looks like in different locations, Tiny House Hunting is the show for you.

explore tiny house hunting tv show

Tiny House World

tiny house world
This FYI Network tiny house TV show is basically Tiny House Hunters goes international. The ever-popular house hunting format is seen in Tiny House World as well. House hunters look at three different properties, weigh the pros and cons, and decided which will be their new dream tiny home.

Tiny House World is a great way to get an inside look at international tiny living. Prospective homeowners look at tiny house properties all across the globe, from Paris to Australia, Ireland, and even Lisbon. Tiny House World is a quick and fun series to binge if you’re a fan of tiny homes and want a little taste of wanderlust.

explore tiny house world tv show

Tiny House Nation

tiny house nation
Tiny House Nation is one of the most popular tiny house TV shows available and is currently the only one on this list streaming on Netflix. Tiny House Nation follows hosts and renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they travel across the United States, helping singles, couples, and families construct their tiny dream homes.

What’s fun about Tiny House Nation is the variety—it’s not your typical design show. We get to see the tiny house planning, design, and construction process from start to finish and learn about the homeowners’ motivations for joining the tiny house movement. It’s a great all-around feel-good show with fun hosts, emotional reveals, and creative tiny homes!

explore tiny house nation tv show

Treehouse Masters

treehouse masters
If you’re looking for unique homes, Treehouse Masters is the perfect place to start. Not your typical tiny house TV show, Treehouse Masters follows Pete Nelson and his band of treehouse designers, builders, carpenters, and more on their adventures in building magnificent treehouses for adventurous folks.

From whimsical to straight-up gravity-defying and jaw-dropping masterpieces, Treehouse Masters has a whopping 11 seasons to binge. While not all of these treehouses are considered tiny, this show looks at a unique alternative way to live life your own way.

explore treehouse masters tv show

Alternative Dwellings

alternative dwellings
Alternative Dwellings is a documentary series that’s an entirely different take than other tiny house TV shows on this list, and that’s why I love it. Forrest Stevens started this YouTube series in 2016 with a tour of his own converted van, which took off with more than 40,000 views—thousands more than any of his other vlogs.

What followed was a series of over 100 episodes showing many ways to live tiny, from van life couples to houseboats, tiny houses, skoolies, and more. Alternative Dwellings is an intimate look at real-life people enjoying the freedom and adventure of their alternative lifestyles.

explore alternative dwellings tv show

While I don’t watch a ton of TV, I definitely think these shows are great choices for anyone who wants to get a feel for the tiny life (or those who want to get ideas for their own tiny house).

Your Turn!

  • What is your favorite tiny house TV show?
  • What do you think tiny house TV shows get right?

All About Tiny House Nation TV Show

All About Tiny House Nation TV Show

tiny house nation tv show


Tiny House Nation is one of the most popular tiny house TV shows out there. It’s probably the one I get asked about the most frequently. The show covers a wide range of tiny house styles and designs. They come up with some really inspiring builds.

If you’re looking for a good tiny house TV show to start with, I suggest Tiny House Nation should be high on the list. It gives a good overview of what it’s like to live the tiny life.

The Story Behind Tiny House Nation

The Tiny House Movement has been sweeping the nation for years. With so many tiny house TV shows to pick from, Tiny House Nation is one of the most popular options for fans of tiny living. This fun and adventurous show follows hosts and renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin across the U.S. as they build dream tiny houses for singles, couples, and families. There are no limits to what John and Zack can do, so viewers get a whole lot of entertainment AND tiny house inspiration all in one!

tiny house nationTiny House Nation has a lot of variety for one show. From the planning stages before building the tiny house, to design, construction, and of course, emotional and exciting reveals, almost every aspect of tiny living is covered.

Zack Giffin—a tiny house builder and expert—takes the reigns on the construction of the clients’ dream tiny homes. From a 180 square foot tiny lighthouse to an on-the-road pop-up shop, or a new house for a firefighter, Zach is truly capable of making his client’s dreams come true.

While Zack builds, co-host John Wiesbarth takes the tiny house owners-to-be through the motions of downsizing for tiny living. Throughout Tiny House Nation’s five seasons, we see tiny house homeowners sift through trailers and storage units packed with things, trying to determine how they’re going to go from a full-sized home to less than 400 square feet once their new tiny home is complete. This aspect of the tiny house TV show offers a rare look into the realities of tiny living, showing that while downsizing to minimal belongings is a challenge, the new rewards of tiny living in their dream home are well worth the hard work.

Tiny House Nation has it all, from design and build inspiration to learning about a homeowner’s motivations for going tiny. It’s an all-around feel-good tiny house TV show with fun hosts, enthralling reveals, and really cool tiny homes.

What Network Is Tiny House Nation On?

Tiny House Nation aired on FYI Network, a network under the umbrella of A&E. This tiny house TV show aired in 2014 and has 90 episodes.

Is Tiny House Nation Still Filming?

The sixth season of Tiny House Nation was set to premiere in March of 2020, but production went on hold, sparking cancellation rumors. The popular show has faced its fair share of complications—from accusations of a stolen tiny house to shoddy work. There is currently no word from FYI on continued production or a new season.

If you enjoyed Tiny House Nation, check out these other tiny house TV shows

Is Tiny House Nation Cancelled?

The halted production of season six fueled cancellation rumors, but there has not been an official announcement from the Tiny House Nation team or FYI network on whether or not the show is actually canceled. Because of this, we can’t rule out a sixth season in the future!

Who Hosts Tiny House Nation?

Tiny House Nation has two hosts: John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. Their personalities, witty banter, and passions for tiny house living make them the perfect duo to host one of the most popular tiny house TV shows around.

Tiny House Nation Host John Weisbarth

John WeisbarthJohn Weisbarth is an Emmy Award-Winning TV personality. He’s lent his voice to other tiny house TV shows, including Tiny House World and Tiny House Hunting, both FYI Network shows. John brings the witty and affable energy to Tiny House Nation, carefully guiding homeowners through the process of downsizing and preparing to live tiny. John has an impressive catalog of work, including sports commentary, late-night spots, and more. You can keep up with John by following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tiny House Nation Host Zack Giffin

Zack GiffinZack Giffin, the lead tiny house builder on Tiny House Nation, is a self-proclaimed advocate for the tiny house movement. He has spent years working aside John, building dream-worthy tiny homes for newcomers to the tiny life. Zack’s extensive knowledge brings a unique skill and expertise to building tiny houses—a challenge that certainly not every carpenter can take on. As a board member and national spokesman for Operation Tiny Home, Zack is a fierce advocate for tiny living as an affordable solution to personal freedom and self-sufficiency. Keep up with Zack by following his social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Is Tiny House Nation Fake?

Like many other tiny house TV shows, Tiny House Nation is produced for TV. Viewers often see tiny houses built over what seems like an incredibly short time, and that’s certainly not realistic without a slew of tiny house builders and other behind-the-scenes magic-makers (Tiny House Nation credits hundreds according to IMBD). There are so many things that Tiny House Nation doesn’t show about the realities of going tiny.

When you’re dealing with limited square footage, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and Tiny House Nation depicts plenty of edge-of-disaster scenes, saved by the innovative thinking of Zack and John. So, here’s the thing about Tiny House Nation: while it’s a fun show that showcases gorgeous tiny houses, it’s really about the emotional journey that is going tiny, finding what you really in life, and learning how to live bigger with less. Therefore, while not the most realistic tiny house TV show, Tiny House Nation is a feel-good show that’s inspiring and exciting for those interested in tiny living.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Nation

Over the five years Tiny House Nation aired, John and Zack helped more than 90 singles, couples, and families realize their dream tiny home. With so many stars, it would be impossible to revisit them all. Here’s a look at some of the most highly rated episodes of Tiny House Nation and their stars.

Rochester, NY Studio Retreat (Tiny House Nation Season 1, Episode 3)

tim and shannonTim and Shannon wanted a tiny home that combined their favorite hobbies—his, brewing homemade beer and hers, exercising and dancing. In one of the earliest episodes of Tiny House Nation, Zack and John team up to give this couple everything they want in their dream home. In early 2019, Tim and Shannon shared some gorgeous pictures of their time home, as well as an update on life four years into their tiny life journey. They’ve recently sold their tiny house after welcoming their first son, Nico. You can see more on Shannon’s blog, Word of Mouth Traveler.

Two Turntables and a Tiny House (Tiny House Nation Season 5, Episode 6)

two turntables and a tiny house tony and loriIn this popular episode of Tiny House Nation, a couple is faced with the challenging task of downsizing when their home is sold from under them with little warning. With two young children, Tony and Lori realize that a tiny house is a smart solution to their housing troubles. With new twists and turns, Zack and John make room for a sentimental record collection and accommodate homeschooling room for both young boys. It’s a truly inspiring look at the innovation and customization that’s available in the tiny life. Even going tiny doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the most important material things in your life.

The Amplified Tiny House (Tiny House Nation Season 4, Episode 9)

ashaIn this episode of Tiny House Nation, Zack has a personal investment as he creates the perfect tiny house for his long-time friend Asha. Asha—a professional violinist—and her partner Ryan want to take their relationship to the next level—the tiny level. Both free spirits who love to travel, they wanted a tiny house that fostered their creativity and allowed them to grow together as a couple. Asha detailed the process of building her tiny house on her blog, sharing behind-the-scenes looks and decisions that went into making the perfect home.

Where To Watch Tiny House Nation

So, where is Tiny House Nation streaming? You can find two volumes—14 episodes total—of some of the most inspiring and popular Tiny House Nation episodes streaming on Netflix. You can find all five seasons streaming on PlutoTV, and you can purchase full seasons or episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

amazon prime video
pluto tv

Check out these clips from Tiny House Nation on YouTube!

Your Turn!

  • Which episode of Terrific Tiny Homes is your favorite?
  • What are your dream tiny home features?

All About Treehouse Masters TV Show

All About Treehouse Masters TV Show

treehouse masters tv show


Treehouse Masters isn’t your traditional tiny house TV show. It’s a little bit different but no less entertaining. The treehouses are fascinating, and ultimately, whether your tiny house is in a tree or built on land, you’re still living the tiny life.

I’d put this show in the inspirational category. Treehouse living probably isn’t for everyone, but many of the homes featured on this popular tiny house TV show are really cool. You’ll get some ideas for your own home, no matter the location.

The Story Behind Treehouse Masters

Treehouse MastersTreehouse Masters is packed with unique dwellings—some tiny and some that are straight-up gravity-defying. The treehouse master himself, Pete Nelson, and his team of designers, builders, and carpenters document their adventures building magnificent treehouses across the country.

Those who commission Pete to build his master treehouses want an unconventional adventure that’s high up and unique. From a recording studio to a Make-A-Wish treehouse, a homey cabin in the sky, and even a treehouse with a hot tub, Pete’s team has built just about everything you can imagine up in the trees.

Treehouse Masters is an incredibly entertaining show to watch. Pete is the main character, and his personality is as big as the trees he builds in. Watching Pete dream up a design, work with clients, and create masterpieces in the trees are just a few reasons why this long-running tiny house TV show is a fan favorite. With a whopping 11 seasons to binge, there’s no shortage of amazing creations to inspire.

Living tiny doesn’t always have mean downsizing to less-than-200-square-foot box on wheels. The tiny life is about living life simply, free from the confines of heavy stress and financial burden, and making every day an adventure. While building a giant treehouse like one of Pete’s creations isn’t realistic for most viewers, Treehouse Masters is a fun, lighthearted, and inspiring show to watch if you enjoy learning about tiny homes, nature, and incredible feats.

What Network Is Treehouse Masters On?

Treehouse Masters is an Animal Planet show, which is part of the Discovery Channel. The season aired in 2013 and features 100 episodes.

Is Treehouse Masters Still Filming?

Treehouse Masters is not filming any new episodes. The Animal Planet show had a great run, airing for five years. While there are no fresh episodes of this adventurous show to watch, there’s no shortage of incredible treehouses with over 100 episodes. After you get through 11 seasons, head to Animal Planet’s website to browse the cache of other shows hosted on the channel. HGTV Network has many DIY and lifestyle shows to choose from, and you can always find some impressive home building and DIY projects on the DIY Network.

If you loved Treehouse Masters, you might also like these popular tiny house TV shows:

Is Treehouse Masters Cancelled?

Treehouse Masters had its fair share of controversies while on air for over five years. Issues like failing to obtain the correct building permits (maybe they should have read my post on Tiny House Building Codes), Pete’s general disdain of reality TV, and the soaring cost of lumber are a few roadblocks that came up throughout the show’s history. Pete announced in 2019 that the last-aired season would be the last, and as it stands now, Treehouse Masters is canceled.

Who Hosts Treehouse Masters On HGTV?

The “cast” of Treehouse Masters consists of Pete Nelson, his wife, twin sons, and the Nelson Treehouse crew. Throughout the seasons, we see crew members come and go, and some featured more than others. While the core crew of Nelson Treehouse remains (you can learn more about the whole Nelson Treehouse crew on their website), viewers had fan-favorites throughout the years. Here’s a little more about the most popular hosts of Treehouse Masters.

Treehouse Masters Hosts Pete Nelson and Family

pete nelsonPete Nelson, founder of Nelson Treehouse, and his wife and three kids are featured throughout Treehouse Master’s 11 seasons. Viewers love Pete’s enthusiastic attitude—always willing to take on some of the most challenging treehouse builds—and how well he gets along with his crew and clients.

Pete’s wife, Julie, oversees the operations at Treehouse Point, one of Nelson Treehouse’s three treehouse resort properties across the United States. Their daughter, Emily Nelson, acts as Nelson Treehouse’s chief of staff, overseeing operations for the family business. She and her husband recently welcomed their first child in January 2019.

Twin sons Henry and Charlie Nelson are key members of the traveling Treehouse Masters crew, working as talented carpenters and often featured on the night crew working hard to complete client projects. Henry has always been a fan-favorite on Treehouse Masters, while his twin brother happily stays behind the scenes as a crew carpenter.

Stay up-to-date with more Nelson Treehouse news by following them on Instagram.

What Happened to Tory Jones from Treehouse Masters?

tory jonesTory Jones was Treehouse Master’s fan-favorite interior designer from the show’s start in 2013 through season eight in 2017. She was known for her impeccable design skills, always connecting the dots between clients’ visions and personal style. Fans noticed her departure from Treehouse Masters in 2017—and many asked questions as to why she disappeared with no word from Pete or fellow crew.

Tory is a private person in her post-Treehouse Masters’ life, so we don’t know why she left the show. She has continued her work as a renowned interior designer and production designer, where her work has been featured in multiple museum collections and private collections.

What Happened to Daryl from Treehouse Masters?

Daryl McDonaldDaryl McDonald is still the loyal and fun head project manager at Nelson Treehouse. Daryl has worked on over 200 treehouse builds with Pete and shows no signs of stopping. Daryl is on many different episodes of Treehouse Master’s 11 seasons, so don’t expect to suddenly see him go missing while you’re binging the series! He isn’t very active on social media, but you can find him hanging out with his wife and dogs and enjoying outdoor sports when he isn’t building treehouses.

Want to learn more about the Treehouse Masters cast and crew?

Head over to Nelson Treehouse’s website to find fun and fact-filled staff features about some of Nelson Treehouse’s favorite crew members.

Is Treehouse Masters Fake?

Despite the hard-to-believe results Pete’s team delivers, Treehouse Masters isn’t fake. People really do spend (hundreds of) thousands of dollars to fulfill their childhood dreams of having a treehouse all of their own. When Pete was first approached to do the show in 2011, he said no—he hated the drama of reality TV and wanted nothing to do with it. So in many ways, this show is more authentic than most.

Pete’s personality carries the show (along with the crazy exciting treehouses he builds). Clients often say that working with Pete is exactly like it appears on the show—he’s fun, upbeat, and incredibly creative, always willing to go the extra mile to create a client’s dream treehouse. So, while most reality TV shows have some planted drama and fakeness to them, Treehouse Masters is real, fun, and pretty genuine.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Treehouse Masters

With over 100 episodes spanning seven years, Treehouse Masters has featured many stories of extraordinary, gravity-defying treehouses and happy clients. Just about every treehouse has left viewers in awe of the skill and talent it takes to build such structures! Here are some of the most popular treehouses and clients Treehouse Masters has seen.

Country-Style Speakeasy Treehouse

Brian KelleyDuring season three, Pete and the treehouse gang built a stunning treehouse retreat for Brian Kelley—one-half of the superstar country duo, Florida Georgia Line. Brian always wanted a treehouse growing up, so he and his wife set out to create the treehouse of their dreams. The final product included a complete recording studio, bedroom loft, and plenty of natural light and décor to inspire the creative process. Stay up to date on what the superstar duo is up to by following Florida Georgia Line and Brian Kelley on Instagram.

Solar-Powered Spirit House Retreat

Dana KlisaninSeason one, episode five of Treehouse Masters, featured Dana Klisanin, a psychologist and game designer known for her research and writing in the field of digital altruism. Dana turns to Pete to create an inspiring Spirit House for a uniquely creative space. This tiny treehouse—which featured gold leaf beams and a stained glass window—is entirely solar-powered. Dr. Klisanin continues her research and writing and is the Founder and CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media.

Want to learn more about the stunning structures built on Treehouse Masters?

By visiting the Nelson Treehouse blog, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most popular Treehouse Masters episodes.

Where To Watch Treehouse Masters

Wondering what streaming services have Treehouse Masters streaming? You can find all 11 seasons of Treehouse Masters on Discovery+ and Animal Planet Go (if you have a cable provider login).

discovery plus
animal planet go

Check out these clips from Treehouse Masters on YouTube!

Your Turn!

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  • Would you ever commit to living in a tiny treehouse?

All About Tiny House Big Living TV Show

All About Tiny House Big Living TV Show

tiny house big living tv show


HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living seems to be a fan-favorite tiny house TV show. People really love to see the challenges that tiny house builders face, and this show captures it all. It’s no wonder this tiny house TV show has been around for eight seasons and is one of the original tiny house TV shows.

Here are all the details you need to know about Tiny House, Big Living.

The Story Behind Tiny House Big Living

tiny house big livingTiny House, Big Living is an entertaining, in-depth look at the start-to-finish process of becoming a tiny house homeowner. There’s no shortage of unique, inspiring, or innovative tiny homes featured on this tiny house TV show with eight full seasons.

The formula for this show is what makes it so appealing. In each episode, we meet the soon-to-be tiny house homeowners—singles, couples, or even families—that are looking to downsize their homes. Here is where the real questions are answered: why live in a tiny home? Are they really ready for the challenges of tiny house living? These are questions that almost all tiny homeowners face before they take the plunge, and it’s great to see them tackle these issues.

The episodes—filmed in different locations across the United States—show us how the homeowners plan on crafting their tiny houses. Some homeowners take the DIY route like I did when I built my home. Others opt to leave it to professional tiny house builders.

Tiny House, Big Living is a candid look inside the tiny house process from start to finish. I appreciate the honesty and (somewhat) unvarnished approach to the tiny life. It’s a good way to explore all the decisions that go into choosing tiny living.

What Network Is Tiny House Big Living On?

HGTVTiny House, Big Living is an HGTV Network TV show—one of their many tiny home-centric shows. Tiny House, Big Living focuses mainly on the building aspect of tiny home life, making it the perfect watch for anyone considering the task of building your own tiny house.

Is Tiny House Big Living Still Filming?

The final episode of Tiny House, Big Living—Funky Futuristic Tiny—aired in November 2018. Since then, there has been no news of a 9th season in the works. With eight seasons, there are more than 100 episodes (each an average of about 20 minutes) to keep you entertained for quite a while.

If you enjoyed watching Tiny House Big Living, check out these other tiny house TV shows:

Is Tiny House Big Living Cancelled?

Tiny House, Big Living is not officially cancelled, but the release date for a ninth season is still to be determined. Keep an eye on the DIY Network—and HGTV affiliate—for any updates on the next season of this popular tiny house TV show.

Who Hosts Tiny House Big Living On HGTV?

Michael PadulaTiny House, Big Living doesn’t feature a host—these episodes feature the homeowners and their building crew. The many seasons have various narrators throughout. Michael Padula, a casting director and actor, has narrated the most episodes of the series. You can find a full Tiny House, Big Living cast list on IMDB.

Charlie Kern: Tiny Home and Skoolie Builder

Charlie Kern is featured as a tiny house builder on multiple episodes of Tiny House, Big Living, including Tiny Bus Workshop and Tiny Bus House. Charlie’s company, Chrome Yellow Corp., transforms school buses into homes for people who want to live tiny in a creative way. They’ve created some amazing skoolie conversions and remain in business today based in Colorado.

Is Tiny Paradise Fake?

People often ask me to weigh in on how “realistic” I think certain tiny house shows are. All reality shows are scripted so there’s some fakeness to any TV show. But with Tiny House, Big Living, I think they did a nice job of showing an authentic view of what it’s like to live the tiny life and the issues that some tiny homeowners face.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny Paradise

It would be impossible to do a follow-up on all the homeowners featured on Tiny House, Big Living with so many episodes. A special “How Are They Now” episode aired at one point but doesn’t currently appear to be streaming anywhere.

Here are a few updates on some of the most unique tiny homes seen on Tiny House, Big Living

John & Fin Kernohan – Traveling Tiny Firehouse

Traveling Tiny FirehouseThis amazing traveling tiny firehouse was featured on season six of Tiny House, Big Living. The tiny firehouse, named Station No. 9, is a tribute to retired and active fire firefighters/first responders, as well as those lost in the line of duty. John and Fin are the founders of the charitable Tiny House Festivals and the United Tiny House Association. Station No. 9 firehouse. Learn more about the work John and Fin do for the United Tiny House Association here.

Kyle & Sadie Brooks – Tiny Coffee House

the red byrdKyle and Sadie’s episode of Tiny House, Big living aired in the final season. Their love of coffee and coffee houses inspired them to build and live in their very own dream tiny coffee house. Located in Franklin, TN, The Red Byrd is Leiper’s Fork’s only coffee shop, and it’s open Wednesday through Sunday, hand-crafting delicious beverages served out of a unique and totally custom-built tiny home.

With so many fan favorites on the Tiny House, Big Living docket, I’m sure we’ll continue to learn more about where the Tiny House, Big Living stars are now. Many of them lead interesting and unique lives that inspire others to take the leap to the tiny life.

Where To Watch Tiny Paradise

All eight seasons of Tiny House, Big Living can be found on Discovery+. In addition, you can find videos, photos, and more news on their HGTV show page here.

discovery plus

Your Turn!

  • Have you seen any episodes of Tiny House, Big Living?
  • What’s your favorite tiny house TV show?

All About Tiny House Hunting TV Show

All About Tiny House Hunting TV Show

tiny house hunting tv show


One aspect of tiny living that often gets overlooked is the variety. Unless you’ve really explored the tiny life, you might not be aware that there are many different tiny house options available—not simply a traditional tiny cottage, but THOWs, cabins, boathouses, and more. One thing I appreciate about the tiny house TV show Tiny House Hunting is that it really captures the variety of tiny house lifestyles.

Tiny House Hunting seems to be one of the more popular tiny house tv shows out there. If you’re hoping to see how different people live the tiny life, this is a great show to explore

The Story Behind Tiny House Hunting

tiny house huntingLike Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Hunting is a real estate-focused reality TV show that features homeowners looking for a new tiny dwelling. Whether homeowners are looking to downsize from their current home, new homeowners joining the tiny house movement, or want to live a life with more financial freedom, they’re on the hunt for their dream tiny home that’s under 500 square feet.

Narrated by Tiny House Nation’s host John Weisbarth, Tiny House Hunters gives viewers a glimpse into tiny living across the country. In each episode, we meet homeowners looking to go tiny—including couples, singles, newlyweds, and the list goes on! The tiny house movement is for everyone. However, these homeowners share one goal: to live on their terms in their dream tiny homes!

Viewers watch as homeowners tour different tiny house real estate in their cities. From a vacation-ready cabin in Wisconsin to a tiny boathouse in Seattle, the variety of tiny house real estate we see in Tiny House Hunting is expansive. Real estate agents take their homeowners to properties within their budget and tick all the wants on their tiny house wish list. After some debate, careful consideration of pros and cons, and a little suspense, the homeowners choose their favorite property and begin their new lives as tiny house owners.

Tiny House Hunting is the perfect show to check out if you want to see what tiny living looks like in different locations. Episodes are set in cities from coast to coast—from the Pacific Northwest in Portland and Seattle to Idaho, Minnesota, and even New York City.

What Network Is Tiny House Hunting On?

Tiny House Hunting is on FYI, an A&E Network channel. FYI is a hub for home design, home building, and lifestyle shows. If you enjoyed Tiny House Hunting, you might also like He Said, She Said, Smart Home Nation, or You Can’t Turn That Into a House.

Is Tiny House Hunting Still Filming?

Tiny House Hunting aired on FYI from December 2014 through October of 2017 for four seasons. No new seasons have been released since the final episode has aired. With so many home design and build shows, there’s no shortage of entertaining shows for fans of Tiny House Hunting.

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Is Tiny House Hunting Cancelled?

While FYI never made an official cancellation announcement, Tiny House Hunting is not filming new episodes and has not had open casting calls since the final season, which aired in 2017. Since we haven’t seen any new episodes, it’s safe to say that yes, Tiny House Hunting will probably not return to the network.

Who Hosts Tiny House Hunting?

John WeisbarthTiny House Hunting focuses on the homeowners and real estate agents in each episode, so the show does not have its own host. However, the show is narrated by Tiny House Nation host John Weisbarth. In the later seasons of Tiny House Hunting, we see John featured on screen in the introduction and opening credits.

John is an actor, TV producer, tiny house ambassador, sportscaster, and father. He’s won 7 Regional Emmy Awards and a slew of other recognitions for his long career as a TV personality. When he’s not hosting a new TV show, emceeing, or traveling for sporting events, you can usually find him fixing random things as a do-it-yourself handyman. He travels with his family and started an Instagram series titled “Covid Cocktails with John Weisbarth”.

Is Tiny House Hunting Fake?

Tiny House Hunting is a reality TV show, and while the homeowners and real estate agents featured in the series are real, there are definitely scripted moments. The homebuying journey is unpredictable, whether you’re buying a tiny house or an average-sized home. Often, homebuyers move fast and make quick decisions–not every pure moment can be captured on camera.

It’s safe to say that Tiny House Hunting shows us real tiny homes and small-scale real estate that homeowners are interested in. It’s a great way to see more varieties of tiny home living in different cities and learn more about the wants and needs when downsizing to tiny.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Hunting

Like many tiny house TV shows, locating the homeowners of Tiny House Hunting after their episode has aired is not easy. Many homeowners live quiet lives in their new tiny houses and are not seen or heard in the public eye again. Here’s a summary of a few of the homeowners featured on Tiny House Hunting.

Luxury Micro Cabins in Wisconsin (Tiny House Hunting S1, E1)

micro cabin in wisconsin In the first episode of Tiny House Hunting, we meet Bostonians Gus and Kyle, two professionals who are always on the move with bustling work and social lives. The couple craves a slower pace, so they head out to the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin to find a micro cabin that’s the perfect vacation destination.

Gus is the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Involvement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and Gus enjoy frequent trips to their Wisconsin cabin, taking in the slow-paced alone time to unwind from busy city life.

Tiny Beach Bug Bites Hardened City Dweller (Tiny House Hunting S2, E10)

tiny house hunting city dwellerMaura and Scott want to revisit their roots in Charleston, South Carolina. These city-dwellers wish to raise their daughter outside of busy city life in New York and enjoy some beach-front living. With eco-friendly desires and a need for space for their young daughter, they want someplace that checks all their boxes for day-to-day living.

Maura, a College of Charleston alum, gave an interview on her experience filming Tiny House Hunting and finding their dream beach home. Maura now works at her alma mater as the director of advancement communication in the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Where To Watch Tiny House Hunting

Tiny House Hunting is streaming on YouTube and PlutoTV. Visit the show page on FYI’s website to see a few unlocked episodes and learn more about the show.

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