tiny house guide to utah


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Utah: Yes

Tiny House Costs In Utah: $30,000 – $200,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Salt Lake City, Eagle Mountain City, Provo

Tiny House Builders In Utah

Zion’s Tiny Homes St. George, Utah

Zions Tiny Homes


Zion’s Tiny Homes is an RV manufacturer that specializes in Tiny House RVs. It’s located in St. George, Utah. Zion’s Tiny Homes creates RVs for people all over the United States. All of their tiny homes are customizable with five base models to choose from.

Everywhere Co Lehi, Utah

Everywhere Co

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Based in Lehi, Utah, the Everywhere Co has 10 highly unique tiny home designs available for purchase, each of which is fully customizable with their building team. The company began when founder Brand, a self-taught entrepreneur and designer, decided to leave Southern California and his nice salary as a Creative Director at a software startup.

Brand was looking for freedom. He bought a 30-foot travel trailer and set out on a 20,000-mile journey through the American West with his wife and three kids. This journey inspired him so much that he wanted others to experience the same kind of freedom in their own life. Thus, Everywhere Co was born.

Browse through the company’s designs online including A-frame homes, classic tiny homes on wheels and on foundation, barndominiums, and more.

Modal Living Salt Lake City, Utah

Modal Living


Modal specializes in providing prefabricated ADUs to those in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas. This design and build company is committed to designing unique spaces that are better for the planet. They offer three different designs — a studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom.

Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Utah

Wasatch Trailer Sales Kaysville, Utah

Wasatch Trailer Sales


Wasatch Trailer Sales occupies multiple locations throughout the state of Utah. They offer many kinds of trailers including equipment, tilt, utility, gooseneck, dump, and specialty trailers. The company also offers specialty trailers as well as individual parts and repair services.

Mountain West Trailers Heber City, Utah

Mountain West Trailers


Mountain West Trailers has been serving Heber Valley and surrounding states since 2004. They offer many different brands of hauling products such as Look, Haulmark, and Echo Trailers. You’ll find dump, tilt, flatbed, snowmobile, side by side, ATV, enclosed, and open trailers. You can partner with a sales expert on their website to walk you through the process of selecting the best trailer type for your own tiny house.

Poulsen Trailer Sales Logan, Utah

Poulsen Trailer Sales


Poulsen Trailer Sales offers a selection of cargo trailers, dump trailers, car hauler trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers, used trailers, and more hauling products. They also offer 12 different trailer brands, as well as individual trailer parts and repair services.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Utah

Tiny Houses For Sale In Utah

Why pack up and move to the desert terrain that surrounds the state of Utah? It might be dry, but it certainly is not void of adventure, community, and many opportunities.

Locals love the Beehive State for its four distinct seasons, each with a personality all its own. Summer and winter are extreme, and you’ll get to experience the fullness of each season. Fall and spring are gorgeous. Residents describe fall as a season full of spectacular colors that linger on and on.

The state is also known for its breathtaking state and national parks, abundant ski resorts, vast mountain ranges, charming small towns, and low crime rate. It’s a great place to live if you’re seeking nature, adventure, and freedom from the hustle and bustle of more urban states.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Utah

There are so many reasons families take vacations in Utah. Skiing and snowboarding are its biggest tourism pulls, with 10 world-class ski resorts in Utah within a one-hour radius of the Salt Lake airport and many more scattered around the state.

Visitors enjoy exploring Zion National Park, Antelope Island, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and The Beehive House. Tourists also love indulging in Utah’s rich foodie and bar culture. Book your next family vacation in this spectacular state.

Tiny Houses Communities In Utah

Moving into a tiny house community facilitates an intimate social connection between members as they strive to educate and genuinely improve lives. There are several intentional living communities throughout Utah that support simple living, homesteading, and sustainability amongst their residents.

Riverbed Ranch Homesteading Community

Located in Riverbed Ranch, Utah, this homesteading community is made up of 250 farm-steaders who enjoy a self-sufficient lifestyle with one another. The Riverbed Ranch Community is being developed by the Utah OSR Land Co-Op as a non-profit land cooperative striving to increase self-reliance and self-sustainability.

The intentional living community offers each family a 2-acre lot for their homesteading purposes for only $30,000. The community is able to offer this extremely low price because it is funded by a local nonprofit.

Families Use Their Land To Build

barndominium floorplans

Wasatch Commons Cohousing Community

The Wasatch Common Cohousing Community aims to balance the traditional advantages of home ownership with the benefits of shared common facilities and ongoing connections with neighbors. The community consists of 26 clustered townhouses located on 4.5 beautiful acres near downtown Salt Lake City.

The members of the community work together to collectively tend to the land and perform common chores. Most community members own their houses, but a few homes are rented. Wasatch Commons is located 10 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. Common facilities include internet, a common house, garden, library, workshop, fire pit, gym, and outdoor recreation areas.

The community invites those who are interested in joining the co-op to attend their communal Sunday potluck dinner at 6 p.m. or Saturday morning café from 8 to 10 a.m. You can also investigate their website for more information.

Tiny Living Social Groups Utah

If you want to connect with people who share a passion for tiny living, consider joining a social group centered on the tiny house lifestyle in Utah. There is much more to the tiny life than the dimensions of your home. Tiny living is about simple living and connecting with others over ways you can live a more sustainable, self-sufficient, back-to-the-earth lifestyle.

Utah Tiny House Community

This page was created for all tiny house enthusiasts in the state of Utah. The community welcomes fans of tiny houses and also includes lots of discussion about the first tiny house community that is currently being developed in Utah. Anyone who lives in Utah who has questions, wisdom, advice, or tiny house enthusiasm to share is welcome to post.

Utah Homesteading

The Utah Homesteading Facebook page was created by a group of like-minded people who are interested in learning homesteading basics such as sewing, beekeeping, gardening, canning and food preservation, and more. Join the page to discuss all things homesteading and farming in the state of Utah.

Gardening In Utah

This Facebook page is for those in Utah who love to garden and are seeking a community they can talk with about all things garden including landscapingvegetables and fruits, flowers, soil types, gardening in the desert, and more.

Utah has a very unique terrain. The creators of the page believe there are too many discussions about plants and plant problems that only look at the short term and incomplete observations to solve problems. They hope to use this page to improve the quality of discussion.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Utah

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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  2. My son that I raised from an infant following his mother’s death when he was 3 weeks old has decided to abandon me leaving me homeless. How do I get on a waiting list for a tiny home? Thank you

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