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Tiny House Nation is one of the most popular tiny house TV shows out there. It’s probably the one I get asked about the most frequently. The show covers a wide range of tiny house styles and designs. They come up with some really inspiring builds.

If you’re looking for a good tiny house TV show to start with, I suggest Tiny House Nation should be high on the list. It gives a good overview of what it’s like to live the tiny life.

The Story Behind Tiny House Nation

The Tiny House Movement has been sweeping the nation for years. With so many tiny house TV shows to pick from, Tiny House Nation is one of the most popular options for fans of tiny living. This fun and adventurous show follows hosts and renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin across the U.S. as they build dream tiny houses for singles, couples, and families. There are no limits to what John and Zack can do, so viewers get a whole lot of entertainment AND tiny house inspiration all in one!

tiny house nationTiny House Nation has a lot of variety for one show. From the planning stages before building the tiny house, to design, construction, and of course, emotional and exciting reveals, almost every aspect of tiny living is covered.

Zack Giffin—a tiny house builder and expert—takes the reigns on the construction of the clients’ dream tiny homes. From a 180 square foot tiny lighthouse to an on-the-road pop-up shop, or a new house for a firefighter, Zach is truly capable of making his client’s dreams come true.

While Zack builds, co-host John Wiesbarth takes the tiny house owners-to-be through the motions of downsizing for tiny living. Throughout Tiny House Nation’s five seasons, we see tiny house homeowners sift through trailers and storage units packed with things, trying to determine how they’re going to go from a full-sized home to less than 400 square feet once their new tiny home is complete. This aspect of the tiny house TV show offers a rare look into the realities of tiny living, showing that while downsizing to minimal belongings is a challenge, the new rewards of tiny living in their dream home are well worth the hard work.

Tiny House Nation has it all, from design and build inspiration to learning about a homeowner’s motivations for going tiny. It’s an all-around feel-good tiny house TV show with fun hosts, enthralling reveals, and really cool tiny homes.

What Network Is Tiny House Nation On?

Tiny House Nation aired on FYI Network, a network under the umbrella of A&E. This tiny house TV show aired in 2014 and has 90 episodes.

Is Tiny House Nation Still Filming?

The sixth season of Tiny House Nation was set to premiere in March of 2020, but production went on hold, sparking cancellation rumors. The popular show has faced its fair share of complications—from accusations of a stolen tiny house to shoddy work. There is currently no word from FYI on continued production or a new season.

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Is Tiny House Nation Cancelled?

The halted production of season six fueled cancellation rumors, but there has not been an official announcement from the Tiny House Nation team or FYI network on whether or not the show is actually canceled. Because of this, we can’t rule out a sixth season in the future!

Who Hosts Tiny House Nation?

Tiny House Nation has two hosts: John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin. Their personalities, witty banter, and passions for tiny house living make them the perfect duo to host one of the most popular tiny house TV shows around.

Tiny House Nation Host John Weisbarth

John WeisbarthJohn Weisbarth is an Emmy Award-Winning TV personality. He’s lent his voice to other tiny house TV shows, including Tiny House World and Tiny House Hunting, both FYI Network shows. John brings the witty and affable energy to Tiny House Nation, carefully guiding homeowners through the process of downsizing and preparing to live tiny. John has an impressive catalog of work, including sports commentary, late-night spots, and more. You can keep up with John by following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tiny House Nation Host Zack Giffin

Zack GiffinZack Giffin, the lead tiny house builder on Tiny House Nation, is a self-proclaimed advocate for the tiny house movement. He has spent years working aside John, building dream-worthy tiny homes for newcomers to the tiny life. Zack’s extensive knowledge brings a unique skill and expertise to building tiny houses—a challenge that certainly not every carpenter can take on. As a board member and national spokesman for Operation Tiny Home, Zack is a fierce advocate for tiny living as an affordable solution to personal freedom and self-sufficiency. Keep up with Zack by following his social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Is Tiny House Nation Fake?

Like many other tiny house TV shows, Tiny House Nation is produced for TV. Viewers often see tiny houses built over what seems like an incredibly short time, and that’s certainly not realistic without a slew of tiny house builders and other behind-the-scenes magic-makers (Tiny House Nation credits hundreds according to IMBD). There are so many things that Tiny House Nation doesn’t show about the realities of going tiny.

When you’re dealing with limited square footage, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and Tiny House Nation depicts plenty of edge-of-disaster scenes, saved by the innovative thinking of Zack and John. So, here’s the thing about Tiny House Nation: while it’s a fun show that showcases gorgeous tiny houses, it’s really about the emotional journey that is going tiny, finding what you really in life, and learning how to live bigger with less. Therefore, while not the most realistic tiny house TV show, Tiny House Nation is a feel-good show that’s inspiring and exciting for those interested in tiny living.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Nation

Over the five years Tiny House Nation aired, John and Zack helped more than 90 singles, couples, and families realize their dream tiny home. With so many stars, it would be impossible to revisit them all. Here’s a look at some of the most highly rated episodes of Tiny House Nation and their stars.

Rochester, NY Studio Retreat (Tiny House Nation Season 1, Episode 3)

tim and shannonTim and Shannon wanted a tiny home that combined their favorite hobbies—his, brewing homemade beer and hers, exercising and dancing. In one of the earliest episodes of Tiny House Nation, Zack and John team up to give this couple everything they want in their dream home. In early 2019, Tim and Shannon shared some gorgeous pictures of their time home, as well as an update on life four years into their tiny life journey. They’ve recently sold their tiny house after welcoming their first son, Nico. You can see more on Shannon’s blog, Word of Mouth Traveler.

Two Turntables and a Tiny House (Tiny House Nation Season 5, Episode 6)

two turntables and a tiny house tony and loriIn this popular episode of Tiny House Nation, a couple is faced with the challenging task of downsizing when their home is sold from under them with little warning. With two young children, Tony and Lori realize that a tiny house is a smart solution to their housing troubles. With new twists and turns, Zack and John make room for a sentimental record collection and accommodate homeschooling room for both young boys. It’s a truly inspiring look at the innovation and customization that’s available in the tiny life. Even going tiny doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the most important material things in your life.

The Amplified Tiny House (Tiny House Nation Season 4, Episode 9)

ashaIn this episode of Tiny House Nation, Zack has a personal investment as he creates the perfect tiny house for his long-time friend Asha. Asha—a professional violinist—and her partner Ryan want to take their relationship to the next level—the tiny level. Both free spirits who love to travel, they wanted a tiny house that fostered their creativity and allowed them to grow together as a couple. Asha detailed the process of building her tiny house on her blog, sharing behind-the-scenes looks and decisions that went into making the perfect home.

Where To Watch Tiny House Nation

So, where is Tiny House Nation streaming? You can find two volumes—14 episodes total—of some of the most inspiring and popular Tiny House Nation episodes streaming on Netflix. You can find all five seasons streaming on PlutoTV, and you can purchase full seasons or episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

amazon prime video
pluto tv

Check out these clips from Tiny House Nation on YouTube!

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  1. We would like to apply to be on your show from one of the most beautiful Islands in the United States.

    Please send us the contact email to send our application letter and information.

    Thank you,
    Dannette Menaker

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    I’m a high school auto teacher and the size of my house doesn’t matter but I MUST have 2.5+ car garage

  8. I am just trying to find which channel (or network) y’all are on directv. Please and thank you!

  9. Love to tini house nation. The creative work of Zak is amazing and John is great in explain and show honestly how is to be a member of the community.thank you guys for many hours of enjoyment.👋👋👋 BRAVO

  10. I can I get help on renovation from my RV that I own, I need the help from Zack and John I can only trust them at my age I am afraid of be taken advantage. Please let me know I love all episodes on Netflix. Thanks

  11. I hope tiny house Nation start up again; I would be interested in John and Sake is still doing houses, I would like for them to build me a house…

  12. Hello. We love Tiny House Nation :). Question tho— all the tiny houses are for full/able bodied ppl.. what abt fully cogent, adventurous disabled folk??

  13. When will there be new episodes

  14. John does not go and visit prospective buyers first to see what they want and need before they start building. How many homeowners say Since you didn’t upfront ask, this is not what I wanted.

  15. i HAVE BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW FOR SEVERAL SEAONS. My question is how do these homes get built with all of the needs of the owners, Tiny Homes are so expensive here in NC. An average cost here in NC $125000.00 for a 392aq ft home, very basic bulid. You have to place it in a park, it can not be set up on land.

  16. Are John and Zack still building tiny houses? What’s up would love to have them come to Atlanta Georgia to build me one that I think will cost about a 100 g

  17. I hope my request has an answer, thus far, I have not seen my design idea. I want to build a geodesic dome or a spherical exterior design.
    The desert environs is my planned living area. Approximately 8′ – 1/3rd of the design will be in the earth: geothermal heat. I am a plant-a-holic and will be isolated so I need to grow my food. I need to grow my “herb” also.

    Minimal kitchen but drying areas are necessary. Sink covers increase work area for processing foods. Mudroom houses sinks for use both from outside work to kitchen prep. Shower housed in this area backed up to sink.

    Bed and individual inflatable hot tub rises above ground and 360° view. Food storage for prepped food. 3 tiers of food-type growies. And one special grow area for person “herb”. Water distribution will be gray-water. Aeration of gray water occurs as it is distributed AND during storage. Battery poles typically installed in garden because I will get some power (5-12 v) for DC lights, only.

    Power is not my concern, however, I am planning to direct drive some appliances that spin: washers, dryer, fans, etc.

    Big note: I am 63. This needs to be my forever home. I am disabled. Handrails required. I am on such a tight budget, I will build a section at a time but planning is tantamount!

    I hope to encounter many repurposable material (e.g., cable spools (tops & bottoms) for my flooring. Centers for woodwork trim.

    Knowing the minimal information provided, thus far, can you direct me to information regarding my type of build?

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    I have a lot and we are hoping to have a 900sqft tiny home built..
    It’s the smallest we can go where our lot is…
    I do crafts and I need yr brain to find storage too..
    We do have grandkids and we need a hidden beds or pace for them to sleep over..
    I hope to here back…
    Thank you guys…

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