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HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living seems to be a fan-favorite tiny house TV show. People really love to see the challenges that tiny house builders face, and this show captures it all. It’s no wonder this tiny house TV show has been around for eight seasons and is one of the original tiny house TV shows.

Here are all the details you need to know about Tiny House, Big Living.

The Story Behind Tiny House Big Living

tiny house big livingTiny House, Big Living is an entertaining, in-depth look at the start-to-finish process of becoming a tiny house homeowner. There’s no shortage of unique, inspiring, or innovative tiny homes featured on this tiny house TV show with eight full seasons.

The formula for this show is what makes it so appealing. In each episode, we meet the soon-to-be tiny house homeowners—singles, couples, or even families—that are looking to downsize their homes. Here is where the real questions are answered: why live in a tiny home? Are they really ready for the challenges of tiny house living? These are questions that almost all tiny homeowners face before they take the plunge, and it’s great to see them tackle these issues.

The episodes—filmed in different locations across the United States—show us how the homeowners plan on crafting their tiny houses. Some homeowners take the DIY route like I did when I built my home. Others opt to leave it to professional tiny house builders.

Tiny House, Big Living is a candid look inside the tiny house process from start to finish. I appreciate the honesty and (somewhat) unvarnished approach to the tiny life. It’s a good way to explore all the decisions that go into choosing tiny living.

What Network Is Tiny House Big Living On?

HGTVTiny House, Big Living is an HGTV Network TV show—one of their many tiny home-centric shows. Tiny House, Big Living focuses mainly on the building aspect of tiny home life, making it the perfect watch for anyone considering the task of building your own tiny house.

Is Tiny House Big Living Still Filming?

The final episode of Tiny House, Big Living—Funky Futuristic Tiny—aired in November 2018. Since then, there has been no news of a 9th season in the works. With eight seasons, there are more than 100 episodes (each an average of about 20 minutes) to keep you entertained for quite a while.

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Is Tiny House Big Living Cancelled?

Tiny House, Big Living is not officially cancelled, but the release date for a ninth season is still to be determined. Keep an eye on the DIY Network—and HGTV affiliate—for any updates on the next season of this popular tiny house TV show.

Who Hosts Tiny House Big Living On HGTV?

Michael PadulaTiny House, Big Living doesn’t feature a host—these episodes feature the homeowners and their building crew. The many seasons have various narrators throughout. Michael Padula, a casting director and actor, has narrated the most episodes of the series. You can find a full Tiny House, Big Living cast list on IMDB.

Charlie Kern: Tiny Home and Skoolie Builder

Charlie Kern is featured as a tiny house builder on multiple episodes of Tiny House, Big Living, including Tiny Bus Workshop and Tiny Bus House. Charlie’s company, Chrome Yellow Corp., transforms school buses into homes for people who want to live tiny in a creative way. They’ve created some amazing skoolie conversions and remain in business today based in Colorado.

Is Tiny Paradise Fake?

People often ask me to weigh in on how “realistic” I think certain tiny house shows are. All reality shows are scripted so there’s some fakeness to any TV show. But with Tiny House, Big Living, I think they did a nice job of showing an authentic view of what it’s like to live the tiny life and the issues that some tiny homeowners face.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny Paradise

It would be impossible to do a follow-up on all the homeowners featured on Tiny House, Big Living with so many episodes. A special “How Are They Now” episode aired at one point but doesn’t currently appear to be streaming anywhere.

Here are a few updates on some of the most unique tiny homes seen on Tiny House, Big Living

John & Fin Kernohan – Traveling Tiny Firehouse

Traveling Tiny FirehouseThis amazing traveling tiny firehouse was featured on season six of Tiny House, Big Living. The tiny firehouse, named Station No. 9, is a tribute to retired and active fire firefighters/first responders, as well as those lost in the line of duty. John and Fin are the founders of the charitable Tiny House Festivals and the United Tiny House Association. Station No. 9 firehouse. Learn more about the work John and Fin do for the United Tiny House Association here.

Kyle & Sadie Brooks – Tiny Coffee House

the red byrdKyle and Sadie’s episode of Tiny House, Big living aired in the final season. Their love of coffee and coffee houses inspired them to build and live in their very own dream tiny coffee house. Located in Franklin, TN, The Red Byrd is Leiper’s Fork’s only coffee shop, and it’s open Wednesday through Sunday, hand-crafting delicious beverages served out of a unique and totally custom-built tiny home.

With so many fan favorites on the Tiny House, Big Living docket, I’m sure we’ll continue to learn more about where the Tiny House, Big Living stars are now. Many of them lead interesting and unique lives that inspire others to take the leap to the tiny life.

Where To Watch Tiny Paradise

All eight seasons of Tiny House, Big Living can be found on Discovery+. In addition, you can find videos, photos, and more news on their HGTV show page here.

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