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Are Tiny Houses Legal In Texas? YES*

Tiny House Costs In Texas: $10,000 – $95,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Spur, Austin

Tiny House Builders In Texas

Tiny Texas Homes Grandbury, TX

Texas Tiny Homes is a subsidiary of Bryan Smith Homes, a Dallas/Fort Worth home designer and builder. Texas Tiny Homes builders specialize in custom tiny house design, but they also offer an array of tiny house blueprints for construction, affordably priced at under $1,000. Work with their design team to build the tiny house of your dreams by modifying one of their floor plans or by creating something completely unique to suit your preferences. When you’ve selected your tiny house plans, Texas Tiny Homes will build the house on your land under your construction specifications, including roofing, windows, doors, hardware, appliances, plumbing, and lighting. Learn more about this top tiny home builder in Texas.

Texzen Design Austin, TX

Texzen Design was founded in 2015 by Mandi Hooper and Suzanne Braden. They were the first RVIA Certified tiny home builders in Texas. They offer many small structure designs from homes to studios, guest houses, and sheds. The work is both beautiful and functional, and they specialize in bringing a concept to reality (and up to RVIA specifications). Services include CAD tiny house floor plan, interior layout, and exterior 3D renderings. They work closely with builders as well as contractors. Prices range from around $1000 for full-service designs to hourly services available upon request. Their designs do a great job of blending natural features and playing off the surrounding land and structures. If you’re looking for a design-focused tiny house builder in Texas, contact Texzen Design to get started.

Nook Tiny Homes Spicewood, TX

 Nook tiny home builders in spicewood texas

Nook Tiny Homes are a popular Texas tiny house builder. The tiny houses feature unique architectural touches and beautiful customization. The team includes a designer, architect, and builder with the experience to guide you through buying and building a tiny home in Texas. The custom design process helps tiny home buyers pinpoint exactly what they want and decide on a budget for the project. Craftsmen build the Texas tiny homes in 6-8 weeks, and the tiny homes can even be delivered. Nook Tiny Homes is RVIA certified. They offer Volstrukt frame kits for those who are interested in a DIY tiny house build, as well.

Indigo River Tiny Homes Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

indigo river tiny homes builder in dallas fortworth TX

Indigo River Tiny Homes (or IRTH) is a family run business and a veteran-owned and operated company. Their tiny homes are RVIA certified, and they offer NOAH certification, as well. Indigo River Tiny Homes are available for four standard-size tiny houses, featuring several floorplans, as well as custom designs. They will deliver as well but do not provide utility hook up services, although houses are grid ready. Off-grid customization is also available. They also offer financing and assistance for potential tiny home buyers. They’re an eco-conscious construction company that’s particularly focused on the sustainability aspects of tiny living.

Nomad Tiny Homes Dripping Springs, TX

Nomad tiny home building company in Dripping Springs TX

Nomad Tiny Homes is family owned and operated with experience in tiny homes and traditional home construction (as of 2017, they focus solely on building tiny homes in their climate-controlled warehouse). Nomad offers customization and design to fit any lifestyle. Because the couple lives in their tiny house with two children, they’re particularly familiar with the needs of families who choose the tiny life. Tiny homes take 4-6 weeks to build and range in size from 24-43 feet. Nomad Tiny Homes are NOAH certified, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Austin Tiny Homes Austin, TX

Austin Tiny Homes Builder in Austin TX

Another great tiny house builder in Texas is Austin Tiny Homes. As a partner of the traditional home builder, Bo Bezdek Builder, they offer a range of design and construction, including interior design. They customize their work to suit your needs, and their offerings include community planning and site development. Austin Tiny Homes can guide you through features like off-grid applications, solar power, and rainwater collection. The team is highly experienced with a background in construction, carpentry, and design-build. Austin Tiny Homes is also creative with materials, like repurposing pallets, to become flooring and wainscot.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Texas

Big Tex Trailers Houston, TX

Big Tex Trailers for tiny homes, sold in texas

$1,800 – $4,500

Big Tex Trailers is a top name in professional-grade trailers across the United States. Specializing in trailers for farmers and ranchers, the company manufactures durable, heavy-duty trailers for tiny houses as well. Big Tex sells through many different trailer and farm supply dealers, with the nation’s most extensive trailer inventory. Big Tex Trailers offer a wide selection of trailers in many configurations and options, perfect for tiny house builders and owners.

Tiny House Trailer Supply Houston, TX

tiny house trailer supply in texas located in Houston TX

$2,000 – $6.500

Tiny House Trailer Supply is a trusted manufacturer of professionally built tiny house trailers. Because the trailers are specially made for tiny homes, there’s no need to pay the additional costs of adapting a utility trailer. These trailers are the standard base for your tiny house. With tiny house oriented features, such as a 4’ extended tongue for mounting a generator or butane tank, Tiny House Trailer Supply is an excellent option for tiny home builders and owners.


Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas

Ready For A Tiny Home Builder? Want To Explore Tiny Houses For Sale In Texas?

Here are some of the top Texas tiny home builders to build your dream tiny home. Keep in mind that these tiny home listings frequently change, so explore all your options to find the best tiny house for your needs. If you’re willing to transport your tiny house, you may also want to check listings in the neighboring states like Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Texas


Tiny Houses Communities In Texas

When it comes to tiny house friendly communities, Texas offers big hospitality and southern charm. Known for wide-open spaces, Texas is the perfect state to stake your tiny house claim, whether you’re a tiny home builder or owner. When people think of Texas, they may think of dusty landscapes, but the truth is that much of Texas is quite green and garden-friendly.

The other misconception about the Lone Star State is that it’s rural. Anyone who’s been to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin knows that couldn’t be further from reality. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S., right after Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. With plenty of culture and nightlife, the big Texas cities offer the best of both worlds—the action and excitement of a city, with the nearby respite and relaxation of country living.

If you’re considering building or buying a tiny house in Texas, check out these tiny home friendly cities and communities throughout the great state.


In the last few decades, Austin has become something of a music and cultural mecca. Funky and creative, Austin is a beautiful city with plenty of tiny house-friendly communities. It may seem rare to find tiny house communities right in the city’s heart, but Austin offers many affordable tiny home builders and buying options. The Constellation ATX project is one popular spot that offers over 80 tiny house lots. If you’re looking for a sense of community and a fun, artsy-vibe, Austin is a great choice for your tiny home!


Kyle is the home to the Pecan Meadow Village, inspired by Austin’s Constellation ATX project. This development offers many community amenities and is loaded with super small “micro” tiny homes (between 200-400 square feet). The developer, Tiny Dwelling Co., has focused on clean, sustainable tiny home building and affordable housing suited to an outdoor-friendly lifestyles. Kyle is known as the Pie Capital of Texas and—in addition to delicious food—offers many activities, including fishing, hiking, disc golf, and outdoor fun.


Manor Texas is a gorgeous, green space known for beautiful views and stunning nature. This small town has a wildlife exemption with plentiful parks. The Manor Tiny Wildlife resort is a tiny house community with outdoor movies, hiking trails, and many tiny life amenities. Tenants can park their tiny home with room for a shed, two cars, and a small fenced yard (perfect for pets or gardens) and the space includes WiFi and trash. Full-service options are also available with electrical, water, and sewer.


If you’re looking for a truly Texas feel, the West Texas town of Spur features canyons, wildlife, and plenty of open land. A few years ago, Spur was declared the “tiny house capital” of America. City ordinances and restrictions are extremely limited and most tiny house builders and owners need to only submit the design for approval and follow a few very basic guidelines. Spur’s tiny house communities have since thrived and there are many options available in this beautiful Texas town.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Texas

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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