tiny house guide to colorado


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Colorado: YES*

Tiny House Costs In Colorado: $30,000 – $95,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Denver, Golden, Walsenburg, Salida

Tiny House Builders In Colorado

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Durango, CO

rocky mountain tiny homes

$25,000 – $85,000

Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes officially launched in 2013 by Greg Parham after two years of exploring the tiny home movement. The company is nestled in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains in Durango, CO. This Colorado tiny house builder creates every house with an emphasis on customization. The average pricing for a Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses home is between $25,000 and $85,000.

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes Longmont, CO

simblissity tiny homes



$35,000 – $89,000

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes are custom built to last a lifetime or longer. These Colorado-built tiny houses are designed with all the storage you’ll need for an active lifestyle and are meant for all four seasons of Colorado weather. The Colorado tiny house builder is driven by a philosophy of promoting size-appropriate homes for sustainable living for the future of our planet. Prices for a SimBLISSity tiny home range from $35,000 to $89,000.

MitchCraft Tiny Homes Fort Collins, CO

mitchcraft tiny homes

$95,000 – $140,000

MitchCraft Tiny Homes grew from a passion for alternative housing and sustainability. Detailed and unique tiny house designs are created by this Colorado tiny home builder, who draws inspiration from furniture-making, cabinet-making, and residential-remodeling. MitchCraft offers various unique layouts and features that improve your Colorado tiny home’s efficiency and livability. Prices range from $95,000 to $140,000 for these unique masterpieces.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Colorado Springs, CO

tumbleweed tiny homes

$68,000 – $140,000

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company aims to simplify tiny homeownership. Starting in 1999 with their first Tumbleweed tiny house mounted on a trailer, the company has grown to become a popular tiny house builder in Colorado and beyond. Their tiny house RV designs are very popular because they were early to the game. Prices for a Tumbleweed tiny home start at $68,000 and range up to $140,000.


Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Colorado

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses Colorado Springs, CO

tumbleweed tiny homes


Tumbleweed Tiny House Company builds custom tiny house trailers at their plant in Colorado. Starting in 1999 with their first Tumbleweed tiny house mounted on a trailer, the company has grown to become a popular tiny house builder in Colorado and beyond. Their tiny house trailer designs are. Prices for a Tumbleweed tiny home start at $68,000 and range up to $140,000.

Trailer Made Olathe, CO

trailer made custom trailers for sale in Colorado


Trailer Made is a full-service Colorado tiny house trailer company. Their team of trailer and tiny home builders specializes in tiny house trailer foundations, custom trailers, and steel framing from design to fabrication and engineering. They can assist with anything from a tiny house or recreational trailer to a commercial or residential construction project. Prices start at $3,500 for trailers.


Tiny Houses For Sale In Colorado

Looking for Ready-Built Tiny Homes in Colorado? Find Tiny Homes for Sale In CO

If you’re ready for the tiny life but aren’t sure about building a tiny home on your own, you have plenty of pre-built Colorado tiny homes to check out. You’ll find listings for Colorado tiny houses at tinyhouselistings.com, Zillow, and other realtor sites. Don’t miss tiny home options in surrounding western states too! Often tiny houses are built on wheels and can be transported right to your door. Above there are several excellent listings throughout the state of Colorado; although these listings may frequently change, they will give you a feel for the Colorado tiny house market.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Colorado


Tiny Houses Communities In Colorado

If you’re looking for mountain living at its best, look no further than the tiny home communities in Colorado. With plenty of year-round activities like skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and more, Colorado is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Moving into a tiny home community is a great way to enjoy a simple, minimalist lifestyle while taking in all the west has to offer.

The tiny house communities in Colorado range from rural living to city dwelling. Many communities are close to the larger cities of Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. This allows tiny house community residents easy access to the amenities of living near a city, but thanks to the Rockies, nearly everywhere in Colorado is adjacent to the great outdoors.

Colorado is also known for business and industry, drawing many people who want access to great jobs while still enjoying an active lifestyle. Government and Defense are significant areas of Colorado employment thanks to NORAD, the U.S. Airforce Academy, and several other Federal entities in the area.
Farming and agriculture are also major sources of employment in Colorado. With beautiful landscapes and gorgeous views (and four National Parks), Colorado is a great spot to connect with the earth and enjoy the eco-friendly lifestyle of a tiny house.


In response to the homeless crisis in Denver, several low-income tiny house communities have been founded, catering to women and transgender individuals, providing them a safe place to live and thrive. The Women’s Village and Beloved Community Village are two great examples of how tiny home communities can benefit society and provide a safe, welcoming, affordable home. Mobile homes are under restriction in Denver, but tiny houses on foundations fit into the city guidelines.

Colorado Springs

The tiny house community of Peak View Park is located right at the base of Pike’s Peak just outside of the Springs. Colorado Springs is an excellent locale for tiny house living, thanks to the proximity to colleges, businesses, and healthcare, not to mention mountain vistas for hiking and skiing. Despite being one of Colorado’s most populated areas, the city maintains a “small town” feel. Pikes View Park is a great Colorado tiny house community, allowing you to make the most of the area’s offerings.


Golden Colorado is a tiny house-friendly area that is also well-known as the home of Coors Brewing. In addition to historic downtown, Golden offers shops, restaurants, breweries, and of course, plenty of outdoor recreation. Golden Gate Canyon is a state park, with camping and all of the beauty that makes Colorado a favorite spot to live.


If you prefer small-town living, Walsenburg is a tiny house-friendly city in southern Colorado. This quaint city has a lot of history, including being the center of the United Mine Workers’ Strike in 1913 and being the home of Robert Ford, the man who shot Jesse James. Adjacent to two lakes, Martin Lake and Horseshoe Lake, Walsenburg is a great spot for boating, fishing, and other lake fun. For tiny homeowners, Walsenburg offers few restrictions, including no minimum on square footage.


Salida is a small town at the heart of the Rockies, on the banks of the Arkansas River. There is tiny house development in Salida called the River View at Cleora, similar to many retirement communities. Salida welcomed Riverview at Cleora as the largest tiny house community in the United States with 200 tiny homes.


If you’re looking for an Aspen lifestyle without the Aspen price tag, don’t miss Leadville, located on the opposite side of Mount Massive. The Mountain RV Park offers plenty of room for tiny houses. This mountain town is at 10,152 ft elevation (the highest city in the United States), with all the charm of the Rockies. Enjoy access to Vail and Breckenridge and plenty of hiking trails.


Right along the Animas River, Durango is an excellent city for tiny living. The tiny house community, Escalante Village, features many amenities, including a community garden, snow removal, and internet access. The customizable tiny homes provide plenty of access to fly fishing and mountain activities beloved by Coloradoans.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Colorado

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

  1. Can you build a tiny house in Littleton in someone back yard?

    • Unfortunately it is not a straight forward answer. Basically, it would depend on the zoning, whether the home is on wheels or foundation and whether it is in the Jefferson or Arapahoe County side of Littleton. It may also be further complicated if it is located withing incorporated Littleton or unincorporated areas. Good news, there does seem to be a shift toward a more accepting attitude toward tiny homes in some communities in Colorado, unless it is an area like Highlands Ranch, Sterling Ranch, or basically any HOA dominated area.

      I would recommend starting with the appropriate building department:
      Jeffco – https://www.jeffco.us/785/Building-Safety
      Arapahoe – https://www.arapahoegov.com/540/Building

      All the best

  2. Hi Ryan!
    I’m building an 8’x16″ THOW with basically the same plumbing and electric/solar setup as an RV. Are there state or city restrictions on residing for 6-9 months in RV campgrounds/parks, as long as the park will allow it?

  3. We ordered the wrong window size by mistake and were seeing if you would have an interest in purchasing the windows. The 59.375 x 31.25 vinyl sliding windows are manufactured by Alside and carry a lifetime warranty. If you have interest please contact me with any questions.

  4. Can you build a tiny home that meets at 80449
    Between 600 square feet and 1000 square feet and meet requirements of park county
    How much can cost me
    Can you finance me for 12 months with a down payment

  5. Delta County has updated their land use code to allow permanent living in tiny houses and rv’s.



    2. A recreational vehicle, or other similar structures not intended for permanent living,
    may be considered single-family detached residences when connected to permanent, reliable infrastructure, including power, water, and either sewer or a permitted individual sewage disposal system.
    Delta County Land Use Code Page 34

    Single-Family Detached Residence means a dwelling unit that occupies an individual building, and is separated from other buildings and dwelling units by outside walls. Tiny homes, recreational vehicles, yurts, or other structures that are not generally intended for permanent living may be considered single-family detached residences when connected to permanent, reliable infrastructure, including power, water, and either sewer or a permitted individual sewage disposal system.
    Delta County Land Use Code Page 168

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