About Us

People are waking up to the fact that there is a better way to live; we want to live happier lives, to have less stress, to spend time with those we care about and doing the things that are important to us.  My name is Ryan Mitchell and I’ve been working for over a decade on finding the life that is right for me and helping others do the same.  I started with tiny houses and now today I aim to provide practical tools for everyday simple living.  We cover three main ways someone can live a simpler life: tiny houses, minimalism, and homesteading.


Ryan Mitchell

Managing Editor & Owner

Ryan lives in Charlotte, NC. He has been following the tiny house movement for years now and started The Tiny Life in 2009. He is currently living in his 150 square foot tiny home. He focuses on ways we can live simply.  Growing our own food, generating our own power, building affordable homes and living an intentional life that focusing on what matters has been part of Ryan’s life as he teaches other to live in ways that are right for them.


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