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One aspect of tiny living that often gets overlooked is the variety. Unless you’ve really explored the tiny life, you might not be aware that there are many different tiny house options available—not simply a traditional tiny cottage, but THOWs, cabins, boathouses, and more. One thing I appreciate about the tiny house TV show Tiny House Hunting is that it really captures the variety of tiny house lifestyles.

Tiny House Hunting seems to be one of the more popular tiny house tv shows out there. If you’re hoping to see how different people live the tiny life, this is a great show to explore

The Story Behind Tiny House Hunting

tiny house huntingLike Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Hunting is a real estate-focused reality TV show that features homeowners looking for a new tiny dwelling. Whether homeowners are looking to downsize from their current home, new homeowners joining the tiny house movement, or want to live a life with more financial freedom, they’re on the hunt for their dream tiny home that’s under 500 square feet.

Narrated by Tiny House Nation’s host John Weisbarth, Tiny House Hunters gives viewers a glimpse into tiny living across the country. In each episode, we meet homeowners looking to go tiny—including couples, singles, newlyweds, and the list goes on! The tiny house movement is for everyone. However, these homeowners share one goal: to live on their terms in their dream tiny homes!

Viewers watch as homeowners tour different tiny house real estate in their cities. From a vacation-ready cabin in Wisconsin to a tiny boathouse in Seattle, the variety of tiny house real estate we see in Tiny House Hunting is expansive. Real estate agents take their homeowners to properties within their budget and tick all the wants on their tiny house wish list. After some debate, careful consideration of pros and cons, and a little suspense, the homeowners choose their favorite property and begin their new lives as tiny house owners.

Tiny House Hunting is the perfect show to check out if you want to see what tiny living looks like in different locations. Episodes are set in cities from coast to coast—from the Pacific Northwest in Portland and Seattle to Idaho, Minnesota, and even New York City.

What Network Is Tiny House Hunting On?

Tiny House Hunting is on FYI, an A&E Network channel. FYI is a hub for home design, home building, and lifestyle shows. If you enjoyed Tiny House Hunting, you might also like He Said, She Said, Smart Home Nation, or You Can’t Turn That Into a House.

Is Tiny House Hunting Still Filming?

Tiny House Hunting aired on FYI from December 2014 through October of 2017 for four seasons. No new seasons have been released since the final episode has aired. With so many home design and build shows, there’s no shortage of entertaining shows for fans of Tiny House Hunting.

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Is Tiny House Hunting Cancelled?

While FYI never made an official cancellation announcement, Tiny House Hunting is not filming new episodes and has not had open casting calls since the final season, which aired in 2017. Since we haven’t seen any new episodes, it’s safe to say that yes, Tiny House Hunting will probably not return to the network.

Who Hosts Tiny House Hunting?

John WeisbarthTiny House Hunting focuses on the homeowners and real estate agents in each episode, so the show does not have its own host. However, the show is narrated by Tiny House Nation host John Weisbarth. In the later seasons of Tiny House Hunting, we see John featured on screen in the introduction and opening credits.

John is an actor, TV producer, tiny house ambassador, sportscaster, and father. He’s won 7 Regional Emmy Awards and a slew of other recognitions for his long career as a TV personality. When he’s not hosting a new TV show, emceeing, or traveling for sporting events, you can usually find him fixing random things as a do-it-yourself handyman. He travels with his family and started an Instagram series titled “Covid Cocktails with John Weisbarth”.

Is Tiny House Hunting Fake?

Tiny House Hunting is a reality TV show, and while the homeowners and real estate agents featured in the series are real, there are definitely scripted moments. The homebuying journey is unpredictable, whether you’re buying a tiny house or an average-sized home. Often, homebuyers move fast and make quick decisions–not every pure moment can be captured on camera.

It’s safe to say that Tiny House Hunting shows us real tiny homes and small-scale real estate that homeowners are interested in. It’s a great way to see more varieties of tiny home living in different cities and learn more about the wants and needs when downsizing to tiny.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Hunting

Like many tiny house TV shows, locating the homeowners of Tiny House Hunting after their episode has aired is not easy. Many homeowners live quiet lives in their new tiny houses and are not seen or heard in the public eye again. Here’s a summary of a few of the homeowners featured on Tiny House Hunting.

Luxury Micro Cabins in Wisconsin (Tiny House Hunting S1, E1)

micro cabin in wisconsin In the first episode of Tiny House Hunting, we meet Bostonians Gus and Kyle, two professionals who are always on the move with bustling work and social lives. The couple craves a slower pace, so they head out to the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin to find a micro cabin that’s the perfect vacation destination.

Gus is the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Community Involvement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and Gus enjoy frequent trips to their Wisconsin cabin, taking in the slow-paced alone time to unwind from busy city life.

Tiny Beach Bug Bites Hardened City Dweller (Tiny House Hunting S2, E10)

tiny house hunting city dwellerMaura and Scott want to revisit their roots in Charleston, South Carolina. These city-dwellers wish to raise their daughter outside of busy city life in New York and enjoy some beach-front living. With eco-friendly desires and a need for space for their young daughter, they want someplace that checks all their boxes for day-to-day living.

Maura, a College of Charleston alum, gave an interview on her experience filming Tiny House Hunting and finding their dream beach home. Maura now works at her alma mater as the director of advancement communication in the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Where To Watch Tiny House Hunting

Tiny House Hunting is streaming on YouTube and PlutoTV. Visit the show page on FYI’s website to see a few unlocked episodes and learn more about the show.

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