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Living the tiny life has allowed me opportunities to visit many corners of the world. I enjoy travel, and when you live a minimalist lifestyle, you can afford to go on vacation. One aspect I love about travel is seeing how people live in tiny homes in different locals. The tiny house TV show, Tiny House World details just that—people living the simple life around the globe.

If you enjoy seeing the tiny life from many different perspectives, I suggest checking this tiny house TV show. It will definitely get you in the mood to travel and help you realize the commonalities that we share no matter where we live.

The Story Behind Tiny House World

tiny house worldThis tiny house TV show is essentially Tiny House Hunters goes international. Reality TV’s house hunting format is also seen on Tiny House World’s single season. Homeowners are looking for a smaller property to downsize, need a change of scenery, or want a vacation getaway home. After a real estate agent explores different cities for tiny house properties, homeowners weigh the pros and cons before deciding which property will be their new dream tiny home.

On Tiny House World, home buyers realize that having less is their passport to doing more—no matter where they are in the world. Tiny living knows no borders, and Tiny House World is the perfect example of the tiny house movement making its way worldwide.

If you want a sneak peek of international tiny house living, Tiny House World captures the many ways homeowners make the most of limited space, from bustling cities to the wide-open countryside. Watch a couple go completely off-grid in the Australian Backcountry, a bachelor enjoy the single life in Lisbon, or a theatrical family try to find their own space after moving out from their in-laws’ home.

Across the globe, tiny living is a growing lifestyle that offers financial freedom, adventure, and a new way of life. Tiny House World brings together the best of tiny living with foreign locations, expanding the tiny house movement beyond borders.

What Network Is Tiny House World On?

Tiny House World aired on FYI, which is an A&E Network affiliate. A&E is known for its lifestyle-focused programming, so there’s never a shortage of engaging human interest stories, including those living the tiny life.

Is Tiny House World Still Filming?

Tiny House World has only aired one season with 18 episodes which spanned from 2015 to 2016. Unfortunately, no new episodes have aired since, so your best bet for catching this tiny house TV show is via streaming channels. FYI has plenty of other home décor, build, and lifestyle shows to choose from once you’ve watched all the episodes of Tiny House World.

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Is Tiny House World Cancelled?

There is no second season of Tiny House World. Although there wasn’t a formal cancellation announcement, it’s safe to say this show is on the canceled list. If Tiny House World fans would like to see more international house hunting, they may want to turn to other tiny house TV shows for their tiny house inspiration.

Who Hosts Tiny House World?

John WeisbarthTiny House World is one of FYI’s shows narrated by the popular Tiny House Nation host, John Weisbarth. The show focuses on the home buyers, their reasons for going tiny, and the real estate agents that help them land their dream tiny home.

John Weisbarth is a 7-time Regional Emmy Award winner for his work as an actor, TV producer, TV personality, and sportscaster. He loves to spend his time changing lives as the host of Tiny House Nation, exploring new spots and interviewing strangers, and, of course, being a father.

Is Tiny House World Fake?

Tiny House World is one of many tiny house-centric reality TV shows, so it’s to be expected that much of what we see on screen isn’t as real as it may seem. Like other house hunting shows, the process is usually recreated since the home buying journey is rarely as simple as depicted on TV. Home buying is unpredictable, and that goes for tiny house home buying too. While it may not be the most realistic TV experience, it’s still an interesting look into the international tiny house market.

The guests at people on the show are real, and they’re living the tiny life in their own way. So in the sense of capturing a global view of the tiny life, the show is authentic and accurate.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House World

It’s not easy to follow up with the homeowners featured on Tiny House World, as we don’t learn more than their first name and a few general details about them. However, at the end of each episode, we get a short update of how the homeowners enjoy the tiny life a few months after settling into their homes. This news will have to satisfy curious viewers as we hope for a “where are they now” episode to follow up with fan-favorite tiny home dwellers.

Where To Watch Tiny House World

You can purchase single episodes of Tiny House World on Amazon Prime or watch the first (and only) season on PlutoTV.

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Check out these clips from Tiny House World on YouTube!

Your Turn!

  • If you could build a tiny house anywhere in the world, where would you settle?
  • What’s your favorite episode of Tiny House World?

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