tiny house guide to wisconsin


Are Tiny Houses Legal In Wisconsin: Yes

Tiny House Costs In Wisconsin: $40,000 – $90,000

Tiny House Friendly Cities: Madison and Milwaukee

Tiny House Builders In Wisconsin

Escape Traveler Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Escape Traveler


Located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Escape Traveler has been designing and building tiny houses for over 25 years. Their open designs have won many awards and can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S., as well as Hawaii.

The tiny houses at Escape Traveler include panoramic windows, full kitchens, large bathrooms, large first floor bedrooms, washer/dryers, plenty of storage, full climate control, LED lighting, and off-grid options. They have nine prefabricated designs as well as a custom option!

Escape designs have been in use for years in one of the most brutal climates in America — northwestern Wisconsin. Temperatures reach the 90s in the summer and stay below zero in the winter for extended periods, but these tiny houses are built to withstand the contrasting weather. Contact Escape Traveler through the website to start building your tiny house.

Wisconsin Tiny Homes Elroy, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Tiny Homes


Wisconsin Tiny Homes is a tiny house design and build company based out of Elroy, Wisconsin. The company builds many types of tiny homes in a variety of lengths and widths. They’re used for many different purposes including full-time residences, vacation homes, guest suites, hunting cabins, offices, and much more.

At Wisconsin Tiny Homes, you have the option of buying a prefab tiny house, customizing your design, or buying floorplans online. Their team typically turns builds around back to the homeowner in 90 to 120 days. All structures are built to function partially or completely off-grid. Check out the website to learn more.

Picknell’s Tiny Homes On Wheels Frederic, Wisconsin

Picknells Tiny Homes On Wheels


Located in Frederic, Wisconsin, Picknell’s Tiny Homes On Wheels sells trailers, prefabricated tiny houses on wheels, and custom builds. Their homes include models on wheels as well as styles built entirely on foundation. Contact the company through the website to make a purchase.

Tiny House Trailer Dealers In Wisconsin

Pfeiffer Trailer Sales Bristol, Wisconsin

Pfeiffer Trailer Sales


Pfeiffer Trailer Sales carries ATV BP, Auto BP, cargo, dump, equipment, and snow mobile trailers. Additionally, the company offers 11 different brands of hauling products as well as repair services on trailers. You can browse their new and used inventory on the website to find what works for you.

Mirsberger Sales & Service Hilbert, Wisconsin

Mirsberger Sales and Service


Mirsberger Sales & Service has a large variety of hauling products to offer. The company provides utility trailers, dump trailers, cargo trailers, enclosed trailer, car trailers, racing trailers, equipment trailers, and more for all of your trailer needs. Check out their website to make your purchase.

Eldorado Trailer Sales Eldorado, Wisconsin

Eldorado Trailer Sales


Eldorado Trailer Sales offers many kinds of trailers as well as golf carts and RVs. Located in Eldorado, Wisconsin, the company has been in business since 1987. They specialize in Griffin, Aluma, NEO, inTech, and Interstate 1 trailers, but also carry additional hauling products.

Tiny Houses For Sale In Wisconsin

Tiny Houses For Sale In Wisconsin

There is much more to life in the Midwest than meets the eye. Wisconsin has recently been ranked sixth best in WalletHub’s Best States to Live in ranking, for several reasons.

Wisconsin is considered one of the highest quality states to reside in when it comes to education and quality of life. The state is renowned for its good schools, affordability, gorgeous natural landscapes, and classic Midwestern hospitality. The cities of Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Appleton are often recognized as some of the best cities to raise a family in the U.S.

There are many reasons why families are falling in love with the simple life in the Cheese State. Check out these tiny house listings throughout Wisconsin to begin your tiny life in the area.


Tiny Houses For Rent In Wisconsin


The tourism industry is huge in Wisconsin, and there is much more to the area than dairy production. Vacationers are attracted to the hundreds of miles of lakeshore, peaceful forests, vast state parks, beautiful islands, snowmobiling, and skiing sites that the state has to offer.

The state is a highly popular vacation destination for thrill seekers, nature lovers, and families looking to spend quality time together. Check out these tiny homes on Airbnb to book your next trip to Wisconsin.

Tiny Houses Communities In Wisconsin

Whether you’re engaging in an intentional living community of like-minded individuals or staying in a tiny house vacation village short term, there is much to be gained from tiny communities. It’s a perfect way get to know others who want to live tiny and engage in a more peaceful way of life.

Canoe Bay Escape Village

Located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Canoe Bay Escape Village is the first tiny house vacation village in the Midwest. Canoe Bay is made up of 21 tiny units and sits on over 100 acres of rolling, mixed hardwood forests with multiple private lakes and wetlands.

Features in each tiny house in the village include panoramic windows, a full kitchen, large bathrooms and bedrooms, washer and dryer, plenty of storage, and full climate control. Many tiny house lovers have raved about this idyllic vacation getaway. You can book your stay at Canoe Bay Escape Village through the website.

Village Cohousing Community

Village Cohousing Community is proud to be named Madison’s first complete cohousing project. This intentional living community is located on Mound Street, South Mills Street, and St. James Court in the Greenbush neighborhood.

The goals of this intentional living community are to reflect diversity, honor connections to the land and locale, make decisions by consensus, negotiate differences in a principled fashion, and to share the daily and weekly work of keeping things going.

The community shares common spaces including a common house, garden, library, large kitchen, and play and recreation areas. You can contact the community founders through their website if interested in joining the Village Cohousing Community.

Tiny Living Social Groups Wisconsin

There are many groups out there that are awesome for people who want to connect with other tiny housers. If you want to connect with people who share a passion for tiny living, consider joining a social group centered around the tiny house lifestyle.

I encourage you to look for your own social groups and comment your findings at the bottom of our page. Or better yet, start your own group and tell us about it!

Wisconsin Tiny House Enthusiasts

The Wisconsin Tiny House Enthusiasts has over 1,000 members that have joined to discuss their love of tiny homes. Anyone in the state of Wisconsin who has questions, wisdom, advice, or tiny house enthusiasm to share is welcome to join the group.

Wisconsin Chickens And Homesteading

The Wisconsin Chickens and Homesteading Facebook page is for anyone in the state of Wisconsin who relies on chickens and homesteading to support their simple life. Members can share ideas about simple living, basic homesteading, raising chickens, and more. The community is currently private with about 1,000 members, but anyone is welcome to join in the conversation.


Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Wisconsin

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be taken as an expert opinion, consultation, or advisement of any kind. Building codes, home building, zoning, local laws etc are complicated and ultimately your responsibility to execute legally and safely. You must do your own research, consult with and verify with all applicable authorities, local officials, regulatory bodies, code and zoning officials, and city/state/federal governments. See our full legal page for further information here: https://thetinylife.com/about-us/legal/

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  1. I think that the Tiny Homes concept is a home owner’s ulcerative that is long overdue! When I became a single mother, I would have jumped at the chance to buy an easily moved, well planned home that I didn’t have to be paying out 40% of my income,plus $4,000.00/ year in taxes, ever increasing, along with association fees,on a condo permanently on land that I would never own,not to mention the nosey, judgmental neighbor’s, residing almost on top of my personal space! Being able to move my hometown a new location, to give my Hildreth a nicer place to grow up in, as well as a comfortable place to retire without property taxes pushing me into homelessness! The smaller, ” footprint”, and energy saving possibilities that I have seen in many of these homes could only help our environment. I love the idea of having the option to live, “off the grid”, is also a plus if traveling to other parts of the country is on your, ” bucket list”!

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