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One of the best parts of tiny living is that the lifestyle often affords you the ability to travel. Because you’re living on a smaller budget, you likely have some financial flexibility. Additionally, you don’t have as much to worry about leaving behind. If you have a tiny house on wheels, you can even take your home with you as you explore. Tiny Paradise is a show that captures the wanderlust of the tiny life and highlights the experiences of tiny homeowners seeking their own paradise.

If you’re looking for a great escape, here’s what you should know about watching Tiny Paradise.

The Story Behind Tiny Paradise

tiny house paradise tv show homeTiny Paradise is a fun, indulgent tiny house TV show highlighting elements of tiny living. On Tiny Paradise, viewers follow tiny homeowners on their journey to creating their dream tiny home in their personal paradise. Mountains, the desert, lakeside cabins, or a tropical island in Hawaii—the locations are gorgeous spots for a tiny home.

You’ll find a variety of tiny house buyers on Tiny Paradise—newlyweds building their own home together, a young woman putting down roots in her homeland, and two best friends DIY-ing a mountain vista tiny house. There’s no limit to the possibilities for Tiny Paradise.

Tiny Paradise focuses on the overall process of creating the dream tiny home, so we get a great overview of building the tiny house, why buyers are ready for tiny living, and critical design choices to make the most of limited space. We see some homeowners DIY the whole process, and some hire professional tiny house builders for the job. Tiny Paradise is a great tiny home design show to binge in an afternoon if you want to experience tiny living in scenic locations (or gather inspiration).

What Network Is Tiny Paradise On?

HGTVTiny Paradise is one of many HGTV home design shows. It’s sure to be one of your new favorite tiny home design shows, with plenty of travel inspiration to make you want to take an exotic trip to your own paradise.

Is Tiny Paradise Still Filming?

Tiny Paradise lasted for two seasons between 2017 and 2018. There are 20 episodes, each about 20 minutes each, so it’s a quick watch, but definitely a good option if you need a mental vacation.

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Is Tiny Paradise Cancelled?

Tiny Paradise fans have been waiting on a new season for quite a while. In this case, no news isn’t good news—since there hasn’t been a new season since 2018, it’s safe to say Tiny Paradise is likely not returning. However, it was never officially cancelled by HGTV, so stay tuned!

Who Hosts Tiny Paradise On HGTV?

Andrew PifkoAndrew Pifko is the narrator behind Tiny Paradise. Andrew is an actor with an impressive list of credits to his name, including roles in Dwight in Shining Armor, Carmen Sandiego, Criminal Minds, and NCIS LA. You can find a complete list of Andrew’s credits on his IMDB page.

Andrew Pifko is still acting according to his IMBD page. He currently plays Mack the Fox in the show Dwight in Shining Armor. He’s had many voice and acting gigs throughout the years, even voicing some video game characters.

Is Tiny Paradise Fake?

Is this show “fake”? It really highlights people who actually live in different, beautiful tiny house locations. Is it realistic? Probably not entirely. As anyone who’s built a tiny house quickly learns, there are a lot of building codes, zoning regulations, and other hoops to jump through when you build a tiny house. The show glosses over that aspect a bit in that you can’t just pick up and build a tiny house anywhere you want.

Tiny Paradise is also scripted like any reality show, but the backstory and the featured owners are real people. I would say that this show is aspirational. It can serve as great material for your next vacation plan or inspiration for your own tiny house.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny Paradise

tiny house paradise house ownersTiny Paradise doesn’t provide any follow-up on the tiny house owners at the end of the episodes. This show is geared towards viewers who want to see impressive tiny houses in scenic views. With little backstory provided for the featured homeowners, the connection is really made with the building process and finding creative ways to design the perfect tiny house dream home.

Where To Watch Tiny Paradise

Tiny Paradise can be streamed on Discovery+ with a subscription, or you can purchase single episodes or entire seasons on Amazon Prime.

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