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The internet is filled with information providing every detail you could think of when it comes to tiny house basics, but that can be overwhelming for a beginner. I’ve laid out what you need to know about simple tiny houses at the most basic level.
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tiny house movementTiny House Movement

tiny house movement

What Is The Tiny House Movement

There is so much more to tiny houses than merely a small building. In fact, tiny houses come with an entire community and social movement that has been on the rise for years now. There are several aspects of the tiny house movement worth engaging in. The core motivation for many tiny housers who have chosen to downsize is to simplify and live more intentionally. People are embracing the tiny life philosophy and the freedom that comes with living with less. Read more below to join the revolution for yourself.

tiny house books

Tiny House Books

Ever wondered what good books on tiny houses are out there? I consider myself a bookworm, and I know I’m not alone in that when it comes to the tiny community! In this post, you’ll find my comprehensive list that includes all the books to help you brainstorm and get inspiration for your tiny house design, as well as get a sense for the philosophy that encompasses intentional living. I’m so excited to share this list with you and I hope it gets your creative juices flowing.

tiny house building checklist

Tiny House Building Checklist

This one-stop shop post lays out the steps I took to build my own tiny house. The actual building process for simple tiny houses isn’t always easy, but this list can help you identify what you need to get going with building the tiny home of your dreams. This comprehensive tiny house building checklist is broken down into steps by project and stage. It’s can be helpful to have an overview before you jump straight into a project, especially one this in-depth and critical to your lifestyle.

tiny house basicsTiny House Basics

tiny house gooseneck trailers

Weight Of A Tiny House

It may seem like your tiny house can weigh any amount as long as it works for your vehicle or chassis, but this just isn’t the case. Understanding how much a tiny house weighs is a critical step that, if done wrong, can easily lead to disaster, sometimes with deadly results. Understanding the very basics of weight distribution is crucial to ensure you can tow your THOW safely and protect the health of those who live with you. Use this guide to work out the details of weight distribution for your vehicle.

tiny house dimensions

Tiny House Dimensions

Building and zoning laws are a huge part of making sure your tiny house is legal in your area. Legal dimensions differ by state, but this guide to the basic dimensions of a tiny home can give you a good idea as to what makes sense and which dimensions aren’t practical for a tiny house. The guide explores height, width, and square footage for different types of tiny houses.

how much does a tiny house cost

How Much Does A Tiny Home Cost?

A major category new tiny homeowners have questions about is cost, especially because budgeting and cutting costs is often a huge motivator to adopt the tiny lifestyle. Now that I’ve actually built my own tiny house and come out the other side, I wanted to create a full tiny house cost breakdown for others that are considering living in a tiny house on wheels and have questions about how much they should plan to spend.

tiny house builders directoryTiny House Guide

tiny house builders directory

Tiny Home Builder Directory

If you’re wondering who can build your tiny house for you, look no further than this directory. I’ve put together a list of tiny house builders in each of the 50 states to spark inspiration for your design. Some of the builders have prefabricated models for sale while others will work with you to create the design in your head and bring your tiny house on wheels to life. Hopefully you can find a style and price range that works for you!

inspiring tiny house floorplans

Tiny House Floorplans

Choosing a floorplan is one of the biggest hurdles with building a tiny house, and it’s my personal goal to make creating your dream home as simple as possible for you. There are so many different plans available all over the internet, but many are not high-quality floorplans. I’ve put together a list of all of my favorite floorplans based on two key criteria: the house must be on a trailer, and it must have been built at least once before. Browse this list for several categories of floorplans that have been proven to work as well as tips for what to look for in a floorplan, floorplan reviews, and photos of the finished products.

tiny house design

Designing Your Dream Tiny Home

Designing a tiny house that fits your personal needs and daily lifestyle is crucial for improving the overall quality of your life. When I first designed my tiny home, there were very few resources out there. No one was talking about how to design a tiny house, and I made plenty of mistakes. I spent a lot of time thinking about planning and going back to the drawing board. I want to help you learn from my mistakes so you can design a tiny house that you love. Read the full post below for all of my tips on creating the best layout.

simple livingSimple Living

minimalist lifestyle

Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

While many people focus on the decluttering and downsizing, for me, minimalism is all about the intention behind the process. Having stuff isn’t bad, but when the stuff you have takes over your life, it can bring negative energy into your day-to-day experience. There are lots of different ways to live minimally, like living with very few possessions, going through your wardrobe and getting rid of old clothes, or adopting habits that are generally more frugal. This post outlines the basics of minimalism and how to integrate the lifestyle.

tips for simple living

Tips For Simple Living

A huge aspect of tiny house basics is the philosophy behind the lifestyle, which is aimed at living as simply and intentionally as possible. Adopting simple living is a lot more about the motivation behind the lifestyle than the actions, but there are certainly different things you can do to aid the philosophy. Hear more about my journey to simple living and the pros and cons to the lifestyle below.

what makes you happy

What Makes You Happy?

At the end of the day, your mental health is more important than where you live or what type of building you call home. Nothing is as important as finding the things that bring you fulfillment and happiness, and maintaining that happiness as a consistent habit, not just as a fleeting feeling. Read through this post to hear the ways I’ve experienced beating back the dark and embracing what truly makes me happy, along with some questions and practices to reflect on how you can find your own joy in the day to day.