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I’ve always adopted the philosophy that you should build your dream tiny home rather than worrying about resale value. Don’t build for some future buyer—build a house you love and get the highest-end details you can afford (much less expensive with a tiny house). If you build your dream house, you’ll never want to leave. Tiny Luxury adopts the same idea that you can afford to splurge on the extra details when you go tiny.

Here’s what you need to know about this popular tiny house TV show.

The Story Behind Tiny Luxury

tiny luxuryTiny Luxury is a tiny house TV show that has it all—a look at the tiny house building process, interior design, and tiny house inspiration. Tiny Luxury follows husband and wife duo Tyson and Michelle Speiss, owners of one of the country’s top high-end tiny home building companies. In each episode, the Tiny Heirloom crew builds a tiny house from the ground up, completely customized to the buyer’s wishes.

These luxury tiny homes are truly inspiring. From a gorgeous sustainable tiny home to a tiny home with modern style or the smallest aerodynamic tiny home, these tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are all built with the highest quality in mind. Viewers are captivated by the endlessly customizable ways the Tiny Heirloom team can make a buyer’s dream home happen.

Another unique aspect of Tiny Luxury is the show format. This tiny house TV splits air time between building the tiny house and revealing all the customized luxury features on the tiny home’s interior (and sometimes exterior). Tyson and his crew talk viewers through the building process while Michelle shares her tips and tricks for making the most of the space with functional design and style.

While luxury tiny houses might not fit everyone’s tiny house budget, I really like that they encourage buyers to build the tiny home of their dreams. When you go tiny, you can get exactly what you want—a tiny house that fits your needs perfectly.

Once these luxury THOWs are revealed, they’re ready to hit the road. Tiny Luxury is an inspiring and uplifting look at how one tiny house builder is helping people get their dream home.

What Network Is Tiny Luxury On?

Tiny Luxury is an HGTV home design show. HGTV has no shortage of home design, décor, and real estate. With Tiny Luxury, viewers get the best of both worlds—plenty of building and design inspiration in one great tiny house TV show.

Is Tiny Luxury Still Filming?

The last season of Tiny Luxury aired in 2018, and viewers are still waiting on a release date for season four. There are 37 episodes of the show to hold you over until we find out if it comes back for a new season.

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Is Tiny Luxury Cancelled?

Season 4 of Tiny Luxury was set to release in May of 2020, but the season never arrived. Whether filming or the new season was halted because of the ongoing pandemic is unknown, but there’s no official cancellation notice for Tiny Luxury. Keep an eye on the DIY Network’s TV schedule to see if new or re-run episodes are airing in your timezone.

Who Hosts Tiny Luxury?

tiny heirloomThe stars of Tiny Luxury are the crew of Tiny Heirloom—a tiny house builder based in Portland, Oregon. Tyson and Michelle, the owners, meet with the home buyers to learn more about their dream tiny house design and ultimate wish list (something I encourage every tiny home builder to create as well, to help get a handle on your aspirations). Tyson then enlists the help of Michelle’s brothers, Jason and Zach Francis, along with other members of the Tiny Heirloom crew, to build the tiny house from the ground up.

Michelle and her sister-in-law, Brianna, are in charge of home décor and styling. The cast always talks through design choices, which gives insight into making the most use of limited space in a tiny house.

People have shared mixed reviews on this builder. Read here and here.

You can find a full cast and crew list on Tiny Luxury’s IMDB page.

Is Tiny Luxury Fake?

Tiny Luxury is based on a real building crew that really does run a tiny house business in Portland. Like any reality show, Tiny Luxury is scripted and heavily edited, so you only see the highlights of the build. There’s generally a lot more that goes into building a tiny home, but most of that wouldn’t make for good TV watching.

I like the design inspiration in Tiny Luxury, and I really appreciate that they encourage people to build a dream tiny home. I think often people get bogged down with the idea that their dream home is different and that they’ll never be able to sell it someday. But if you love your home, why not invest in the nicest materials you can afford and make it last?

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny Luxury

tiny heirloom tiny houseWhile viewers get to see most of the building process of these luxury tiny homes, they don’t get to see the tiny homeowners as much throughout the show. Instead, the focus is on build, design, and an impressive reveal that generally leaves the homeowners emotional and overjoyed.

Tiny Heirloom’s Tyson and Michelle are still actively running their business, building luxury tiny homes. They recently partnered with HOPE, which creates sustainable shelters and affordable tiny house communities for people in need. Tiny Heirloom has many tiny house videos on their website, and you can also follow along on their projects by following their social media—Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Where To Watch Tiny Luxury

Tiny Luxury is streaming on Discovery+ and is available for purchase on Amazon Prime.

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Check out these clips from Tiny Luxury on YouTube!

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  1. My husband and I love Tiny House Luxury, and the cast is wonderful!
    We wish the show was longer and see them build 3-500 square foot houses too. We have 4 grandchildren ages 10-4, it would be nice to see them build tiny house for grandchildren visits.

  2. What is the largest tiny house you can build?

  3. Do you still build tiny homes? I will be living in Keller, Texas near Ft. Worth. I am moving to my daughter houes and land. Do you deliver or would I have to rent a truck. I am interested, I can’t seem to find any good tiny homes builders in Texas. They all seem to be manufactured homes.

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