Tiny House Interior Dimensions

tiny house dimensions

This week we talk about modifying the interior dimensions in a tiny house, everything you’d wan to know about dimensions. We talk about how to customize interior measurements to your own size, while still staying safe and comfortable. Amy offers an unconventional ladder safety trick and Ryan considers the merits of back flipping out of a loft (or not).

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  1. How do you calculate the size of interior spaces? I have 8yrs to plan and obtaining whatever info I can. My plan is a max.size that can be towed by an SUV. Exterior 8 1/2 ft width, 23ft length, 13 1/2ft height. I’m attempting my own design and need to know how I would calculate actual size of interior per above dimensions to aid my design. Thank you so much !!! Ann K

    • I mean, like if it’s just a big empty box…

    • Congratulations, Ann, it sounds like you’re at the very beginning stages of learning about tiny houses, including what sorts of vehicles can tow how much weight. It’s a real journey to learn so much, and it’s a great experience you won’t regret. I think Amy was trying to be helpful, meaning that vehicles classed as SUVs can’t generally tow a livable tiny house unless it’s teeeeeny tiny, and some people have chosen to live that way. For the size of tiny house you’re thinking of, something classified as a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck would do the trick. Figuring out and learning all of this takes time and the patient help of others.

  2. I think what Amy is actually asking is, how think are the outside walls, typically? You have framing, an outside wall, an inside wall, and the insulation in between. How much space does that take up? 1/2 ft? 1 ft? So if the house is designated 8-1/2′ wide, would it actually be 7-1/2′ interior dimensions?

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