Tiny House – Art Studio


I found this great art studio that could easily be a tiny house, with most amenities – sans a kitchen – this house has great wood tones, a very organic feel, yet is offset with the large amount of cement walls around the base.  What I really love is the outdoor shower!!!  What a great implementation of design when it comes to defining the spaces and functions.

The other thing I like about this is how much glass there is integrated, it floods the dark wood grains with natural light, bringing the outside in.  I bet meditating or curling up with a book would be amazing in this place!






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  1. As lovely as it sounds, a showering place in an open space seems really troublesome. Okay, maybe it suits the climate of the studied location, assuming that one; rain does not comes every so often and two, it isn’t the hot kind of sunny.
    There seems to be a limitation to when you can take your shower, it seems.

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