Tiny Home in Montreal

I found this Tiny House recently and liked the look of it, unfortunately I can’t find many real photos of it, but this house is a reality, it has been built.  The house is just under 400 square feet, features solar panels, LED lights and a propane fridge.  The designer calls this the Pavillion, it comes with everything you see here, including solar panels.  It retails for $89,000 (I don’t know if it USD or CAD).


Write up

  1. It almost seems like a doll’s house. I’d like to see more photos …especially of the interior.

  2. Lots of wasted space.
    See tips and tricks for tiny homes: https://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

  3. If it US funds or Canadian, it tooooo much
    You could most likely build it for under $10k.
    What a ripoff !!!!

  4. What is the alternative for someone wanting to acquire one of those it seems the construction industry has invested it rendering ridiculously expensive
    Can s tiny house be built in 4 months ? with a “consultant” instead of a “ripoff” contractor?

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