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So I found this little cottage over at a architectural photographer blog, the traced it to the builders website, which revealed a really interesting philosophy of building high end tiny cottages.   The builder had a moment of clarity one day when it came to building vacation homes.  While his who life he had been a traditional McMansion builder, he suddenly realized bigger is not better.


This is from their website:

“Clients often think that a larger room is more functional and easier to live in,” Lloyd says of his traditional building background. “But, in actuality, a well-designed, intimate space is always more comfortable.”

At a time when simpler sounds better to a lot of us, what makes this young company unusual is its streamlined approach to building custom cottages. The barn-like Bunkhouse was first, and the dormered Ocean Retreat cottage came next. These two red-roofed structures now stand near the water’s edge in Freeport.

They focus on building the majority of the house inside a warehouse, then ship the panels to where they will be assemebled.  He deals with 100% locally sourced lumber in a manner that reduces the amount of waste.


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check them out at Creative Cottages LLC

  1. So they’ve downsized everything but the price. What a wonderful idea.

  2. Tiny but costly cottage?

  3. think of it as a stationary yacht. 🙂 I love that shower floor idea though!

  4. I totally agree with the cost thing. While i love this design it is essentially a roughed in shell with some basic (albeit nice) fixtures. In actuality the construction costs ( house only ) should be between 30 – 40 usd per square foot. I,ve built for this many times and have finally come to the realisation that it is very possible to spend much less. Does anyone know where to source more plans like this?

    • I bought my tiny lofted barn home from WEATHERKING.com..built solidly by Mennonites, delivered to your site, no credit check…it is rent-to- own…in 3 years its YOURS…and you can customize it..I had an extra door & some more windows added..I LOVE it! OH & it has two 10 x 12 lofts!

  5. Wonder what this home costs to build and the square footage.

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