Space Saving Beds

Today we have a post brought to you by one of our readers, James Folmer (thanks James!), who sent me this neat link about space saving beds.  The beds are attached to the wall on a track and can be raised up to make the floor space available.  I think the big potential is to have this designed so the bed is raised into a nook that seamlessly blends into the ceiling or some sort of cover to hide the bed.  But maybe that is just me, I hate making beds 🙂

  1. Love it, where do I get one, how much?

  2. You can find more information about this here:

  3. Great blog! I look forward to following regularly.

    • Hello Ryan, Happy Friday the 13th

      I have tryed to contact the “Spacedormer folks” through
      the web sight you have posted. It doesn’t work, at least from my computer, any other ideas on how to reach them?


      • Spacedormer: Email. Tel. 01295 264109

      • Go to

        Telephone 0044 7919 094071 or 0044 207 8080119 or if you in the UK 0207 8080 119.

        They are available for export

  4. FYI They do not export. so unless you are in the UK getting one will be tough.

  5. Thank you… Anyone out there purchased one yet?

  6. Love these beds!!!!

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