Ryan’s Tiny House Kitchen

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an update on my house, I had my kitchen done a long time ago, but never really took any photos.  So today I wanted to share some of those photos and the design that went into my kitchen.


I started by putting together a Pinterest board of ideas I liked (I’ve since deleted it).  This let me consider features I wanted to bake into my design. I also narrowed down my color scheme for the tiny house interior.  I have such a hard time choosing colors so this was a big hurdle for me.

I then got into the design:


Some renderings before hand (note the colors aren’t correct here):


With this rendering you can see the main cabinet which will house the sink, the hot water heater and it has this pull out storage bin which was designed for cans.


This is the main storage cabinet which allows me to keep pots, pans, food below.  I custom designed the top drawers for utensils and spices.

The whole thing came together like this:











Your Turn!

  • What features do you want in your tiny house kitchen?


  1. You kitchen is darling!

  2. Good job, glad to see you went under mount.

    • That was one thing that I knew I really wanted. No place for water to sit or crumbs to gather.

  3. Beautiful ! My brother has a couple of butcher block tops. Maybe he could part with one………

    Pintrest is a good idea. That could bring a lot of ideas together.

    SS appliances, the two burner stove, Fridge/Freezer,
    I’m concerned about work flow, and layout.
    Still a lot of planning to do yet.

  4. I chose to use a portable stove, that way on hot summer evenings I do the cooking and baking outdoors.

    • I actually have a little butane burner that I’ll use for just that.

  5. I chose to use a portable stove, that way on hot summer evenings I do the cooking and baking outdoors.

  6. Really good ideas, that could be used in a not so tiny house. The holder for your knives, and spices makes for a nice clean design.

  7. This comment is a placeholder so that I can get ideas for my tiny home.

  8. Nice burner! Where did you buy it?

  9. I’m in love with your knife storage.

  10. Where did you find those pots??

  11. Where did you find your appliances, pots and pans, sink and faucet, please?

  12. You have a beautiful kitchen

  13. I luv this tiny house! I really wanted 2 cry, because it was beautiful! I’m not sure where the bed was at, but it was still pretty cool! If I had 1, I would put a micro, or macro, Woodstock in it 2 heat it in winter. Excellent job! 👍

  14. Would have love to see the whole home. Did a amazing job on what you showed us.
    Thank you,

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