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house far
Sitting at 600 square feet, this house uses reclaimed Douglas Fir and reclaimed concrete (no idea that they could do that). It is interesting because the architect stated he wanted to maintain the current environment, blending the house with its surroundings. Some how large swaths of concrete was they way they choose to do this….I don’t really understand it, but regardless, I like how it turned out. I am a sucker for exposed concrete and large expanses of widows, this house both!

living room windows open

One thing that they did really focus on was not to disturb the site when building, typically step one of building a house is usually to level the lot plus 500 feet in every direction, build it up with extra dirt, then drop a house on it, this was done in a manner where the ground wasn’t touched except for the actual size of the concrete pad. It was well worth it, leaving a house that seemed to sprout from the earth itself.

living room inside

The house utilizes all green materials, with beautiful reclaimed Fir and large windows and clouded doors, the light flows through the house and, in turn, the house seems to flow outwards making it seem larger. The windows look custom to me, I have never seen windows like these and the way they open them is unique.


This house is pretty amazing, being that it is 600 square feet, it has two bedrooms, a bath, living room and kitchen.

outside seating

window detail


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  1. I could spend the rest of my life in this beautiful house. 🙂

  2. did I miss the architect or designer

  3. This definitely would be my favorite one. I too am a sucker for cement and large expansive windows with wood accents. Especially when surrounded by beautiful nature. This property is small but has everything you need! Including the perfect outdoor entertaining space!

  4. Ryan,

    This house looks fantastic. Can you advise who is the designer/architect and where this house is physically located ?


  5. Hi,

    Please disregard my inquiry…after a little searching I was able to locate the site


    Tye River Cabin

    • Glad you were able to find the information, most of my posts have a link at the bottom to where I found the article.

  6. Just to clarify, Schuchart/Dow were the builders but Tom Kundig of Olson|Kundig of Seattle WA was the architect.

    Here’s the Tye River Cabin on the firm’s site:


    And while you’re there, do check out more of their cabins here:


    Don’t miss the Chicken Point Cabin!

  7. Hi

    For many years in British Columbia in the 1970’s
    I Designed/Built small cabins/saunas etc in remote
    areas with stress custom panels ( structual and
    efficient for remote locations)

    Then I got into units with structural lumber
    milled locally and a few bags of cement!

    This House is really wonderful, and brings
    me back to my early glory days!

    I still do projects…but I need to come back to
    this level of simplicity and honesty in design.

    I will recreate something close to this by next summer
    in Kawartha Canada\\

    and send to the blog



    Kawartha Lakes

  8. Love the look of the place–but my first thought was that someone’s going to walk out that corner window/door thingy on the side with the drop-off and find that the first step is a doozy.

    I’m also distracted by wondering how those ‘windoors’ can have screens installed (and still open easily). I assume there are mosquitos in that neck of the woods.

    (Sorry if these thoughts are a buzz-kill)

    • good points, it is thoughts such as these that helps refine designs to make them even better. Aesthetics + Practicality = profound results.

  9. Hi!

    I like your site very much, especially this sentence: “I am a sucker for exposed concrete and large expanses of widows” Unintentionally humour, me like! 😉

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be back when I built my own tiny house.

  10. good design.specially good ambiance and place……………
    more design……..
    goodluck to all your design………

  11. This is exactly what I’m looking for. How much does it cost?

  12. I really like this house, for me personally I would like to see a powder room worked in to the design.

  13. I’m not a modern type, but this brings Frank Lloyd Wright to mind. I could just marry this house!
    Kudos to the Architect.

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