Outdoor Kitchens For Tiny Houses

One of the things I like best about living in NC is that we get a lot of good weather to spend outdoors. This had led me to want an outdoor kitchen.  Several other tiny housers do this already and I think it will make my tiny living better, because while I’ll have a kitchen inside, I can extend my living space to the outdoors.

Once I finish my tiny house, I plan to build a small deck and want a have this kitchen, but there’s a hitch… The land that I am going to be living on is land that I’m leasing and that means that while I’ll be there for the foreseeable future, I’m not going to be there forever most likely. So this leaves me with having to figure out how to have a deck and a outdoor kitchen, but be mobile.  So I found this video of a mobile kitchen cart and fell in love!  I’m not one for diamond plating, but I figure I can tweak it as I’ll need to build it myself.  Now I just need to learn how to weld….

Outdoor mobile kitchen

  1. Outdoor kitchen that travels well? Here is something to think about:


    No, really! A lot of good tips if you look carefully at this picture and others like it on the net. Google “chuckwagon pictures”.

    Nice thing about “chuck boxes” is that they fold and close up for protected storage when you aren’t using your outdoor kitchen.

    • I used to be in Boy Scouts and am very familiar with Chuck Boxes! The kitchen I’m wanting to do is more for use a few days a week during the spring and fall, some of the summer too. So I’m thinking more standard kitchen feel.

  2. I found a folding camp kitchen setup at the thrift shop for $12, made a great outdoor kitchen while I was building and also comes in handy for camping or outdoor parties. It all depends on how elaborate you want to get. The one in the picture looks nice but a bit of a pain to wrangle in and out of vehicles. If you search camp kitchens you’ll find a lot of DIY things. Whatever you end up with it needs to be mouse and bug proof at a minimum and if you’re in bear country you need to make sure you clean up well and don’t leave food lying around. Or dirty dishes.

  3. Awesome idea — kitchen on wheels. I can imagine anything from bare bones to full out top-of-the-line. This has made the old brain cells start working on a plan. Thanks so much!!”

    • Good ideas can be dangerous! Next thing you know you’re building a tiny house! lol

  4. I vaguely recall reading somewhere several years ago about the concept of having a portable kitchen that you could roll out from the inside of your house to an outdoor area. If you are open to new ideas and don’t feel the need to “double” your possessions, this might be something to consider. Would make one less set of items to have to deal with in the future. Or maybe jazz up an open area firepit to use for cooking and heating water for cleanup. So many options, and the great thing about tiny is it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to make changes and find someone who could use your previous set up.

  5. I don’t have a tiny house…yet, just in drawings, but I’ve always held the opinion that a home should shelter us but never completely separate us from the outdoors. If you can find land to live on, an outdoor kitchen could be as natural and relaxing as what some might call a garden party. That’s my ideal yet to be experienced.

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