One Square Meter House

I don’t expect people to live in this house, but in his video he bring about a really good point that I often mention when people ask about living in a Tiny House: Your living area extends to the world beyond, in some ways it almost forces you to get out and interact with the world around you.

Free plans for this house here and here



  1. We have had these for years, but they usually only were layed over durring holloween!

  2. One of the salient thoughts I had during my ‘tiny house swoon’ stage was realizing that I lived in my head; I cooked little and wasn’t at all interested in a fancy kitchen; I needed a basic bathroom and also not interested in ‘snob appeal’ fancy get-ups there; and besides a very comfortable bed, a bookcase with my favorite don’t-want-to-part-with-them books, and some clothes storage, I needed by my estimate, only about 200 SF; the rest of the world is rather large and just sitting there waiting to be explored. Home is where you sleep, clean up, dress, eat a simple meal and then leave. Or spend time reading or on the internet. That doesn’t requite much room and we’ve been sold a bill of goods (quite literally, with never-ending interest attached) that we need more than that. I wonder how many kids have suburban rooms full of toys but who have never been to the library?

  3. Hi – some really thought provoking ideas presented here that don’t seem to be out of step with current movements in society.
    Creatively inspiring..well done !!

  4. make somthing new

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