One Chair To Rule Them All?

Today I’m asking for your help: I have been trying to find a chair that can serve as a decent desk chair, but also something that is super comfortable enough to lounge in to read a book or watch a movie.  Up until this point I have had two chairs (or a desk chair and a couch):  One for working and one for relaxation.

If you think about it, they are quite different.  A desk chair is more up right, not made for laying back and kicking your feet up.  While a lounge chair typically allows you to stretch out, lean back and take a load off.  Currently the chairs I have a standard desk chair and then an Ikea POÄNG chair with an ottoman.  The POÄNG chair is incredibly comfortable and leans pretty far back.   You couldn’t easily work at a desk in this type of chair.

It seems like a lot of my generation really likes to use there laptop on their lap while sitting on the couch, but I can’t seem to do any real work when trying that.  Since I work from home, I do need a place to get serious work done, which it can be tricky to both live and work in a tiny house.  I also have a desktop, so I need to be at a desk for that reason as well.

nice_desk_chair copy

What chair can I use for a good desk chair, that is also super comfortable to read or watch in?


  1. When you find one please let me know.

  2. I have had both of those chairs at some point, and if I were to make them into only one, it would be a high-back executive office chair…e.g., there is a white leather model with memory-gel-foam cushioning for around 150 bucks, which you can find by searching on the website. Good luck & love your website

  3. I had the exact same debate, I went with I love it, it’s surprisingly comfy and lightweight so I can move it around at will. It doesn’t roll but I liked that and it’s not recliner or anything, just a comfy chair!

  4. I am most interested in the replies here. I have recently spent a couple months pondering this issue. I ended up staying with 2 wonderful recliners and 2 wonderful desk chairs (for me and my wife).

    I am not totally happy with the space it takes up, but everything else is great.

    All the chairs that seemed to do both seemed to be lacking in some necessary point. Also the better versions (although not good enough) seem to rise into the stratosphere of prices.

    For me, I think the best answer is a very comfortable chair with a homemade desk that is extremely stable, and roomy, and can be lifted above, or rotate around the chair. (Recliner can be locked in many positions, except for anything close to upright.) Needless to say, I did not find such an desk, nor a good design for one in the time that I was looking. In a perfect world, the desk would move out of the way, and move into use very functionally, easily, and not look abhorrent (at least when not in use).

    As I am in a small house (<600 SF) and wanting to build smaller (and more ergonomic) I am most interested in what other people think about this idea.

  5. What about something like this:

  6. If the high arms won’t interfere with your desk, the Tullsta might be a good choice. Good cushioning, keeps you sitting up straight, but comfy enough to doze off in:

    Otherwise, the Stockholm swivel chair is also very comfy, and the swivel makes it easy to reposition for desk working/TV watching as needed:

  7. Steelcase makes some of the most comfortable chairs on the market. I have a Steelcase Leap for my office chair. It is easily the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had. They make a “lounge” version of it which might be what you’re looking for…

  8. Hybrids are never good at anything but if you find it I think it would be one tricked out chair.

  9. Sitting takes years off your life. Standing desks are better. Find the right height for a shelf to hold your book/viewscreen. Those old brass bar footrails had a purpose; standing on ONE leg, with the other leg propped up a bit, puts your spine in the correct position. Alternate your standing leg. You don’t have to stand ALL day; start slow, take breaks.

  10. For work: sitting on a fitness ball alternating with standing.

    For relaxing: sitting on cushions/pillows on the floor or on couch/bed.

  11. I want a chair like that too but it can’t look like something that fell out of a junky space ship. I tried a few executive chairs at a local second hand office furniture place but the ones that were comfy were too ugly and the ones that looked good weren’t comfy. The search continues. I found some spiffy looking ones online but way out of my price range. My chair has to go from computer desk to sewing table to reading nook to living area with possible stops at the kitchen table, all in one room. Must have wheels or casters so you don’t need to lift or drag. One of the problems with the office chairs is the bases look undersized for the upper part. Might be able to fix that with a nicely tailored chair cover with a skirt to hide the bottom and make it look more like a recliner.

  12. My experience as an office worker is thet I can easily sit for 10hrs without getting tired. As the chair is adjustible in height you can lowe the chair and use an ottoman to relax in the evening when enjoyinga movie. I plann to invest in a good office chair from an office supplier. It will last you many years and you wont regret it!

  13. Go to the Hickory Furniture mart and look there they have a massive selection.

  14. OK this post inspired me to make a slipcover for my reasonably comfy but ugly office chair. It definitely looks more like a piece of furniture for a living room now without losing any of the function. Unfortunately this chair has a complicated arm arrangement which made for a lot of frustration but the end result is good enough for now. If you do a search on office chair slipcover you’ll find info and inspiration, though most are fairly girly. Mine is more tailored.


  16. I can’t believe you are all offering cheap children chairs. This is what you need:

  17. Ha! I’ve been trolling the interwebs this weekend for the very same reason. Well, not quite the same reason – I’m looking for a comfy chair that I can read/watch tv/daydream in (I’ll just use a folding chair for my desk work)…I’m even willing to forgo a bench/couch to have maybe two of these, one for me + a guest..however my challenge is to fit said chairs into the house! I mean, my door / corridor to the hallway is going to be barely 2ft wide… most of my armchair and a half ideas wouldn’t make it 🙁

    I’m currently looking into something like a sexier version of the papasan chair w/ removable base, or a (waaaaayyy) cheaper version of one of these beauties…

  18. I have the same problem and have spent days searching for a combined office chair and lounger (I even checked Kickstarter!). One does not exist. The desk chairs that recline are ugly, and lounge chairs don’t lean forward enough for desk work. For me, the chair needs to look like a lounger, not a desk chair. I am now considering buying a POÄNG chair and modifying it so that it can sit more forward and also recline. At the same time, add lumbar support and attach padded arm rests.

  19. I may have found it…. its pricey though and am now in negotiations with the wife…

    • Did you ever get it? What did you think? I’m on the same hunt and this one looks pretty nice.

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