Marfa House

This is an interesting house that almost looks like a container home, but in actuality it is just a metal sheathed house.  While I’m not usually a fan of the rusted metal look, in the setting/landscape of this place, it suits it quite well.  Kinda of has a modernist Mad Max feel to it…  I guess I just made up a new style name, maybe its the next shabby chic.  Ha! Regardless of its hard exterior, the inside has very clean lines and simple furnishings in contrast to the outside.  My favorite part of this is the entire wall that opens up to the outside tying the kitchen with the outdoor sitting area.









  1. Interesting! The thing looks a little top-heavy, but I can see where the overhang would provide a nifty shaded outside living area. Maybe it needs something like a small wall or fence at the bottom edge of the area overhung by the second floor to balance it out. The cantilevering makes it seem incomplete, somehow.

  2. I don’t see how clean lines inside contrast with the outside… the outside has very clean, modern lines. The rusting exterior isn’t so stark, but the lines, especially the windows, are all very clean and simple. It looks like a lovely place to hang out, as in the pics, or live. I love the fact that it has entertaining space but is itself very sustainably sized. I could see having a cloth or something to put over the pergola to make it rain proof as needed. The design is very elegant and looks quite welcoming. That’s no small feat with a smaller place.

  3. Funny, but when I looked at the first pic I thought it´s wood on the exterior..I like the simplicity of the design, no excessive furniture or decorations. Looks like it was designed primarily as a weekend retreat, a gathering place rather than a fully inhabitable house. I think the outdoor area still requires some work so that it looks a bit more hospitable..I can imagine fireplace there, some extra chairs or benches, plants maybe. And you´ve got a perfect hiding spot when you wanna get away from the city, your problems, anything!

  4. I’m sorry but I think it’s awful, maybe cool inside but not nice from the outside, closed, squarred… I wouldn’t live there.

    • So you could just come over for drinks on that awesome patio, maybe a margarita or just some scotch, or that new Seagrams Stone Cherry whiskey with Coke. It looks really welcoming to me and I would welcome you if it were my place.

  5. Who is the builder? I love it!

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