Karlsson Tiny House

Today we have a great Scandinavian Tiny House brought to us by a reader, Mats Broberg, The Karlsson House is a very small summer cottage, don’t know the exact size, that has large windows that open to a small patio.  The house has several configurations starting at $56,000.  They describe the house as follows (translated):

KS1 Karlsson is distinguished by its open, light and glass rooms that form a whole with the patio. By a staircase at the back you reach the spacious roof terrace.

The flexible canvases, which are available in either transparent color, function as protection against transparency, sun and wind. Drawn down in the evening, the house to light a lantern. All functions are concentrated in the building’s rear. It seats a family bed for two adults and two children. Or a wide bunk beds, bathroom and kitchen. Alternatively, does the building’s rear as a sauna with a beautiful view through the front relaxation.


  1. Very mid-century modern.I love it!

  2. My favorite part is the roof top balcony!

  3. It’s most likely 15 sqm as buildings in sweden don’t require any permits if they are on your land and max 15 sqm, the building type is called Friggebod after t he politician who made the idea, first only 10sqm now 15!

  4. I am generally positive with these small house projects and am living the lifestyle; love this blog, but who comes up with prices like $56,000 for this. It’s beautiful so say the least but 56 gs, is a lot of money even when I had some. I am in touch with building material prices and wages and that is a ludicrous price to pay for anything that small and simple of design. No wonder they are using a concept and not photos from an actual built structure. I personally think it’s an insult… (later I’ll tell you how I really feel)

    • I tend to agree, but what the high price tag accounts for is the design services and drawings etc. You also have to account for how you finish it, that can greatly affect the price tag. If you use all designer fixtures, furniture and high end finish materials then $56k might not be a bad deal.

      • I agree Ryan and you expressed valid points on furnishings; One can go anywhere with those luxuries, however, there is nothing elaborate showing here that was advertised. As far as design services and drawings being an issue, you can have the local material supplier come up with those at no fee to the material purchaser. I know exactly what their answer would be, it’s a simple box. “Beautiful box”, but a box is a box is a box.
        The price in this commentary is for the stand alone structure or as stated a very small summer cottage, unfortunately the writer stated he was not sure of the exact size and it is Scandinavian which could easily allow for higher prices of material in Sweden. When we read the ads regarding Tinny houses through our sources, we, and it may be unfair, but assume they are what we would have to pay for this. My opinions come from what things cost in Canada and I have to tell you, as the popularity of this lifestyle goes up, so is the pricing and not on a level or reasonable playing field. What prompted my remarks was the fact I have seen what I consider to be ridiculous prices throughout North America. To the point that just yesterday, I commended an American builder on his ethical pricing; I could not believe how reasonable they were. Far more technical construction, beautiful creative work at simple garden shed prices. In my area, year ago people started building cute little school bus shelters for farm kids and playhouses, yard houses, all very creative and fairly priced. Of course as demand rose so did prices but now, it’s getting ridiculous.

    • Ralph,
      Lets see your break down for this house, with a fair wage for the builder.

      • Paul, would you please qualify who you are, I can only assume as your concern was fair wages for the builder you are one. If that’s the case, you and I would probably come to logger heads on what we would each consider “fair” profit. If you are an individual wanting to know how I would approach this project on a DIY then I would be more than happy to give you any information time or assistance I could. In the next year or so I hope to do a roof top addition much similar to this on my small building. I am now retired and disabled so will have contracted hours to show you as well as expenses and can assure you it will be no way near $56, Grand.

    • I agree! There can’t be more 15-20k in materials, and I’m being very generous.

  5. This diaphanous house is a piece of elitism. What can one do with this thing, except put it on the $5,000,000 perch on which it rests, or else in the back garden of a mansion for amusement? Anyone really going to find a place to put it in the real world, in which I unfortunately inhabit. I’m pretty sure I could not locate land–at any price–on which to put this improving gem. Yes. Of course I like it. It is a nice little art object. This is true with most of these “precious little structures”. QED

    • Read and enjoyed your remarks Stephen, you are a far better word smith than I who probably should have qualified, also live in the real world.

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