Hakka Houses

I recently found these houses and was really interested in them because of the community centric design aspects.  The hakka houses have lots of smaller “apartments” in them so that many families live in them.  These circular houses have stood since the 17th century where their high exterior walls made of rammed earth kept marauders at bay.

This style of housing is from a particular region of China where they have formed self sustaining communities, where most of the food, goods and other products are made by residents to meet the needs of the house.  Many of these hakka houses have places to store rice and other food stores, stables for animals to be locked up at night and the land around them was terraced for agriculture.













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  1. These are amazing. Makes me want to get out and see the world.

    I think they would really only work in a culture that was communal based, rather than individualistic like we are here in America.

    • What is interesting is that these have been around for so long that the people who live in them are all the same family. They of course marry outside of the house and either move to the other place or their spouse move in there, but since its a big extended family I think that is why this works.

  2. It would be an interesting place to visit, I too, don’t think I’d like living there, I enjoy my solitude …

    • Taking my Tiny House thoughts foreward, how about a circular group of tiny homes, with a central courtyard for all to enjoy, and land outside the homes used for sustainable crops, all the land held in a Land Trust, and set up as an IC …. That’s what I’d like to see.

      • I have had the same thought Joe! I would love to have a setup like that or similar.

      • Interesting concept as I had a very clear dream one night envisioning just such a concept and it has stayed with me for years…I believe it wants creation and hope you are able to realize it! If you do, please let me know, as I would love to be part of that! Thanks and prayers…

  3. Put a glass dome on top, make it all really well insulated and you’ve got a perfect Arctic apartment building. Add some garden space in the centre, even better.

    • Hey Alice! I have always loved central court yards. If you ever have a chance to go to Washington DC, check out the American Paintings museum, they have almost exactly what you are describing.

      Here is a photo: https://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Slideshows/_production/ss-100614-wash-dc-NEW/ss-100624-wash-dc-02.ss_full.jpg

      • I have considered trying to set up a community of Tiny Homes on my land, but it’s in an area of more extreme weather. More winter months than summer, and totally off grid. I too like the idea of a central space for perhaps a flower garden, picnic/BBQ area, and enclosed outdoor shower. I can’t envision the glass dome though, not there at least. 🙂


        • A retractable roof would be perfect (except for the price). Have to hijack a sports stadium or something.

  4. Jacques Fresco has the right idea. I saw an earlier movie on his concept – made so much sense.

  5. Fascinating! I agree with a lot of his basic premises and some of his solutions.

  6. I love the concept…But here in America I think there would be a problem. I think in England or France also. The Asian culture is raised the be polite and considerate of their neighbors and family members. A high respect level is expected from their children toward their elders. They are not a throw away society. They take care of their handicapped and elderly as needed. In our enlightened society, we have forgotten some of the basic humanitarian ideologies of a society working together.

    • Tinah, exactly on the respect culture. This would be a good chance to start such ideologies for our society today. It was like that at one time here. Getting into such a community could require a questionnaire asking about the prospective applicants beliefs.

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