This Tiny House started out small, but grew to a whooping price tag of $100k!  Now I am sure that you could do it for much less, the fact that it was built on an island I’m sure added some cost.

This 260-square-foot shed is located in Bowen Island, British Columbia, and was built with reclaimed or certified lumber, low-E windows, low-VOC paints, an R20 concrete slab, steel roofing, rainwater harvesting, and a 2,400 gallon cistern that irrigates Glave’s organic farm.


  1. It ain’t eco if you spend that much f’in money. Low cost is a necessary(but not sufficient) condition of being eco-friendly. It’s more a bourgeoished.

  2. The guy that had this studio built (James Glave) wrote a book about it called “Almost Green”. I just finished reading it. I agree with the response above about the cost… which the book tries to explain. Some of the cost excess was part of this experiment to be as green as possible. Overall, any building will be expensive when having other people build it for you. In my opinion, this guy acted as his own contractor… not as an owner-builder. That will in essence double the cost of any project.

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