Cube House

I found this great cube house which is a really interesting design, the photos during the winter of the exterior bring images of A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich.  Unfortunately I didn’t find many interior shots of this vacation home, apparently near New York.  The best part I think about the house is the view, they are amazing!

Here is all I was able to find on the house:

From a holiday house one has usually another conception – a unverputzter, simple Kubus from Bimsbetonsteinen is there rather the exception.  This house stands in the widths of the American continent, well 300 kilometers northwest from New York town center.  The dwellings are distributed on two floors;  The roof terrace is attainable over fliers.  (Literal translation from German website.)

It was Simon Ungers‘ Cube House that pointed me to Cornell University.  He is a major source of inspiration for me, and living in this house makes that inspiration constant.





More photos here

  1. My copy of Mini House (Alejandro Bahamon, Harper Design) lists this house as the "Ithaca House".

    Architect: Simon Ungers, Collaborator: Mathias Altwicker 893 Sq. feet

    Simon Ungers passed away in 2006.

    Culturepublic has an interior photo here (Mini House only has three additional interior shots)…

  2. See my house that I built after looking at the cube house-

    in Hanna City, Illinois


    • You are very strange, where did you get the face sculptures on your wall and door?

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