Charlotte, NC Tiny Houses Meetup

So I have been thinking and thinking about this idea of a meetup for Tiny House people.  I have figured out a few things all of which are free or cheap, this is still in the planning stages.
What I have figured out:

  • Location to host in Charlotte, NC
  • Tour of an off-the-grid container home
  • Tour of first LEED certified Hotel in Charlotte
  • Green / Eco-Friendly expo with a series of talks
  • Possible tour of a micro farm
  • A short list of speakers (not yet approached)

What I still need to button down:

  • A Tubleweed style home brought to Charlotte, NC for tours
  • Print Materials / guides
  • Finalizing the above
  • Volunteers
  • Marketing / Promotion
  • Group to webcast talks and video tours

What can you do to help?

Have a Tiny House?

Want to volunteer?

  1. I have been interested in micro housing for years, I don’t have the slightest first hand knowledge, but do have a better than passing knowledge of solar power, basic off grid design, and general building an repair. I can talk on shoestring solar, basic electricity 101 and thinking outside the box (or inside, my workshop is a converted 8×45 shipping container. Let me know what you need.

  2. I live in Charlotte and I don’t have a tiny house (my house is, however, still considered small around here, 1500 total sq ft), however, I am very interested in one day moving northward — probably Raleigh area — and acquiring a small house for retirement, leaving more money for travel & after-retirement fun! I’m available to volunteer.

  3. Also, in this economy where people should still be able to own a home, I believe we need to push the idea of small houses that groups like Habitate for Humanity (a group I volunteer with each year) can build small houses and help people own at a low cost. With small houses, people can not only own a home, but have money to educate their children. Our legislators need to be encourage to relax laws & ordiances and allow groups to purchase land to build small house communities.

  4. hi, interested in information on upcoming Charlotte Tiny House meetup. Although I live about 1 1/2 hours away (closer to Asheville), I have family in Charlotte and could volunteer as needed. I don’t officially live in a “tiny house” but do occupy a small amount of square footage inside a workshop.

  5. I live in a small/tiny home of 350 sq. ft.(about 450 w/loft) designed by Jay Shafer. Although I’m located just north of Durham, I’d still like to help out in Charlotte.

    • Hi Mike! I’d love to see your house designed by Jay. I live in Durham and am beginning to work with my mother toward building a tiny home.

      Also, would like to attend, and possibly volunteer at the meet up in Charlotte.

      • Hi Mary,
        I’d love a visit. I’m available most evenings and weekends. Let me know some times that work for you.


        • Mike, could you E-mail me at M F Barzee at yahoo? I’d love to find a time to see your tiny house.


          • Hi Mary,
            My email to your address wouldn’t go through, so here is my email address:

      • What type of Tiny House are you making?

    • Hi there,

      I just found this thread as I was googling where to find a tiny house in the RDU area, or anywhere in the Carolinas for that matter. Do you still offer an informal ‘open house’ of your home to folks looking to build one?
      My family and I are planning to start building one this fall, but haven’t yet been in one, and that would be a thrill. We live in Raleigh. If you or anyone you know of could accommodate us this weekend, please let me know and thanks!

  6. I’m an architecture student at the community college here in Charlotte (CPCC). I’m sure I could do a bit of marketing there, and I’m available to volunteer in any other aspect as well.

  7. I’m available to volunteer.
    Although I have a little knowledge on most of these topics and have woodworking and home repair experience, I’m still learning so I can’t really teach but I can assist and I’m good at coordinating.

  8. I would love to help with such an endevor, it is hard for me as my wife is in a power wheelchair and being away for several days is dificult.I constructed a 128 square foot Tiny Cabin winter.
    It is on a 18′ Trailer. Has Sleeping Loft, Kitchen
    Living – Dining Area, Kitchen, On Demand hot water for the house shower.

    We rented it 3 full weeks and 4 – 3 day weekends this summer here at our Great Camp 310 on Lake Champlain, NY. We also rent a 261 square foot – 1 Bedroom Cabin (Fully Remodeled), we have rented it 3 summers (family used it for over 20 years before that), and a 360 sq ft, 2 bedroom Cabin, my wife and I used this ourselves from 1977 to 2001.

    I have learned that people accept small and tiny living spaces with ease, only one person has said any of the Cabins are too small and that was the 128 square foot cabin this summer.
    Pictures of all 3 are at

    I hope your get together works out well.

  9. Would love to help out with printed material and advertising on FB, Twitter. I also know that the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte is LEED. I bet they would love to do a behind the scenes tour. Great hotel. I am located in Charleston, SC which is about 3 hours from Charlotte. Let me know what I could do to help.

  10. My family will be building a tiny home. We are in the planning phase but we must be done by March 2011. It will be as large as possible while still remaining mobile. The reason for this is that there are 2 adults 2 kids 2 dogs 2 cats and 1 fish that will be calling it home.
    We would love to volunteer and bring it up when finished. We are located in Metro Atlanta. Let me know what you need.

  11. I’d love to attend something like this. The idea of eco friendly small homes is very appealing to me. As we face retirement I’d love to be rid of some “stuff” and high utility bills.

  12. I would be interested in attending a meeting on tiny houses – I live in Chester, SC – please let me know if you get together a group!

  13. I just found out thru a friend there is interest
    in Charlotte re: tiny houses. I would be interested in attending a meeting and can volunteer some time.
    Please let me know when you get together! Thxs.

  14. I live in Sanford and just finished a tiny house.if you would like to see it,I posted it on youtube under”little house construction” there is also another video of a compleate walk around. please let me know if i can help…Thxs

  15. I haven’t seen any updated comments from 2011. Did anything ever work out and are there any less than 400 sq ft houses in Charlotte yet.

    I’ll check back on the site later or feel free to email me.



  16. Nevermind, I think I found my answer.

  17. Hi,
    I am a civil engineer and live in charlotte, NC. I have 10 years of experience in building small low cost houses in India. Have a knowlege of building low cost homes which are very eco friendly. Feel free to ask for help. We can try a DIY tiny home.

  18. i have 50 acres of beautiful hilltop land in the mountains of NC. I’m looking to build a small village of tiny homes. I’m looking for people interested in engaging in this type of endeavor. i provide land, resort amenities, building location, and possibly financing so you can build your own. you provide spirit, tribe of people interested in this movement, and know how to make it happen. is anyone interested in this type of idea?

    • BR, If you are not already a member of “Charlotte Sustainable and Eco-friendly Living” on in Charlotte, it may be a good resource for you.

    • I am DEFINITELY interested in this-I would love to find a way to build a tiny house community in Charlotte. Where in the mountains is your land? I signed up for the TinyHouse workshop June 1-2 in Charlotte.
      Look forward to talking more!

  19. I will be moving to Charlotte sometime this summer. I hope to live in a small house. Sadly, I have to attend a graduation over the weekend of the TinyHouse workshop. However, I will be happy to help with projects after I arrive.

    I may build my house here in Tampa and drive it to Charlotte as I have both a workshop and land here, but nothing there. Then, I will need to find a place to park until I buy land. Any ideas?

  20. My name is Dan, I live in the university area in charlotte. My girlfriend and I are just starting a different style of tiny home. We are converting an old pop up camper frame into our tiny home/guest house/camper. I am designing this home to be very light. We are actually going for 2,500 lbs or lighter. We have been documenting the process, just got the camper off, and would love to share. We also would love any input from tiny housers. I own a small painting, drywall and renovation company and am also looking at helping out people who are getting started. I am listening on WFAE now, and I will be following. Great site!

  21. Very interested in helping in anyway. Gary

  22. I live in Nampa, ID currently but am planning on moving
    to Charlotte, N.C. soon and I’m very interesting in Tiny
    Homes. I’m trying to see them online, but it keeps asking
    me for my address. I don’t have one and
    don’t know how to apply for one. Any suggestions? Wanda McGinnis

  23. I live in Nampa, ID currently but am planning on moving
    to Charlotte, N.C. soon and I’m very interested in Tiny
    Homes. I’m trying to see them online, but it keeps asking
    me for my address. I don’t have one and
    don’t know how to apply for one. Any suggestions?
    Wanda McGinnis

  24. I tried to correct the above typos, but it won’t let me delete
    and correct.
    Wanda McGinnis

  25. I would like to learn more and volunteer. 61 years old.did some work on habitat tiny homes. grew up on n Iowa farm.

  26. I would love tobea part of this. I live in Indian Trail and am seriously considering buying a THOW in about 3 years, maybe sooner. Am doing my research now and needlots more info. Would be interested in volunteering and learning more. Please notify me of any happenings in the Charlotte area.

  27. I would love to volunteer and be apart of this movement. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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