Bike Camper

This is a neat little camper that you tow on the back of a bike.  I don’t quite know the weight of the camper, but I would hate to see this in San Francisco and the hills.   The camper is part of an art exhibit called “in the weeds” by Kevin Cyr.



  1. I love it! But it might be better as a miniature pop-up camper. Less weight, less wind resistance. Still very cool.

  2. Seems very heavy:

    Rather than an additional floor, just sleep on the base of the camper with a waterproof mat and sleeping bag.

    During the day, fold the mat into an outdoor seat.

    Try a collapsible cooler bag for daily perishables.

    Look for ready-to-eat items at the grocery store.

    Rather than shelving or cupboards, hang items on hooks.

    If needed, use a cutting board in your lap.

    Carry a backpack of 3 tops x 3 bottoms = 9 outfits to the laundry mat.

    Try a camping porta potti and shower bag.

    Try a skylight and larger windows for cross-ventilation.

    • Well in that case why not just use a tent? your missing the point…

      • amen friend. Does anyone actually know what this thing weighs? I mean it might be a struggle up hill but still you’re pretty well camping at zero cost.

  3. I love that he’s pulling it with a single speed bike. Now that’s a real man!

  4. Add a pair of electric hub wheels and a solar pannel to charge the batteries.

  5. LOVE it!!!

  6. this is indeed a very cool idea and we are seriously developing something along this line. Be sure to check out our web site at:

    We have two bicycle mini camper designs in the works and we are currently working on trying to raise funds through our IndieGoGo campaign to make the first prototype. Help us out and we can make this dream a reality:

  7. You have teased me with this cute little trailer for a long -long time. I’ve just gotta have the plans.

  8. I am building a 4×8, super light, hope to see these more.

  9. You know what, I’m actually going to try and build it.

  10. wow! so cool

  11. Would like to buy a kit for this Trailer you pull on a bike.

  12. Sometimes I wish I could
    Afford them, if we could
    I’m shore we’d NEVER
    Cause we’d all have rooves, over us .

  13. Very beautiful. Can you please send me a free pdf version that I can build my own please? Yes or no and why not please explain why not.

  14. Is this, or similar items, something a person could buy?

  15. Nice camper, is it available for sell? If so, where can I buy it?

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