Announcing 2018 Tiny House Conference

We are officially launching the 2018 Tiny House Conference website!  I want to invite you to join us in Charlotte, NC to celebrate our 5th Conference!  The Conference will take place on March 17th-18th in south Charlotte for two full days of amazing speakers and connecting with others who are just as passionate about living tiny (or small).

This year I’ve decided to focus the conference on the core things people need to know in order to build and live in a tiny house so we can really dig deep into these topics.  As a result I’m limiting the number of seats to just 100 people so we can have better conversations in a focused format. This means we are definitely going to sell out early.

We have Early Bird special right now that will take $100 off your ticket, but the early bird special ends October 31st!

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  1. Sounds awesome. Will there be published info from this event?

  2. This is what I have been looking for. Since there are limited tickets is there a status update? How can I get more information about the location to make arrangements?

  3. Interested in this event

  4. I only found out about this today, reservations are closed. How do I find out about the next o e and others like this that might be coming up this year? Please.

    Tiny house Dream,
    Inga Huff 336-257-3943

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