Victorian Tiny Texas House

I found this Tiny House today from the folks over at Tiny Texas Houses, it’s been around a while, but I haven’t blogged it before.  This is what they say about it:

This is a 12′ x 20′ gingerbread cottage with the sweetest rounded loft bedroom and a beautiful 4’x4′ tub and metal tiled walls.  The kitchenette included a fold up table for breakfast.  The beautiful railings were made from new “Old Stock” spindles that were hand turned a century ago.  They are made from Poplar, Walnut, Pine, and Oak, which were mixed together to create a unique variety due to the variations in the cuts on each hand turned spindles.  This house sits near Canyon Lake serves as a bed and breakfast space that includes a whirlpool tub outside with a great area for relaxing in the Texas sun.

The part I like most about this house is the dark woods and amazing workmanship put into it.  They have such character and a high level of detail work.

Victorian Tiny Texas Houses

Victorian Tiny Texas Houses

Victorian Tiny Texas Houses: Interior

Victorian Tiny Texas Houses: Interior

Victorian Tiny Texas Houses: Soaker Tub


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  1. How cute is this? I love the bed and the bathtub! Looks like a great place to relax.


  2. Super cute! I think I am going to use this as my guideline for building my own. Only one question… where’s the toilet?

  3. I’d love to stay here if it is still a bed & breakfast. HOw can I find out if it is available?

  4. I just wanted you to know how much I love your homes! My husband and I are discussing downsizing and are more and more in agreement that tiny homes are the way to go. I’ve been looking at options for bathrooms and haven’t found a
    4 x 4 corner tub that you have in this one. Is it also from an era gone by or do they still make them? We’d really like to find one. We have a jacuzzi tub right now and were looking at options for having a small one in our tiny home, if possible. And your corner tub looks possible for us. And being able to still soak our aching bones really sounds appealing. Would love to hear from you! Oh and I just adore your rounded ‘balcony’. How tall are the ceilings upstairs? thanks, Dawn

  5. I LOVE this!!! That is almost exactly what I invision to build for the love of my life and I…it’ll have to wait (and another,slightly bigger/different designed one will need be made/lived in first because…) until her son and my kids are grown though…simply not enough room for 5 mostly full time. GORGEOUS craftsmanship!

  6. Is there any way I can get the plans for this house?

  7. Lovely and inspiring. Where did you get the tub?

  8. Maybe as the Tiny House Movement come online more and more, manufacturers will recognize this new market and start making interesting and serviceable products with Tiny House people in mind.

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