Storage For Small Spaces


There are those things that we simply cannot part from, weather they are an absolute necessity or if they are one of those extra/splurge things that we really want, storing those in a Tiny House can be tough.  Here are a few ideas to handle all those items.

corner tree

corner tree on a budget

fold down shelves

stair shelves


top perimeter shelf

as a partition

Storage as a partition

turnstile shelves

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  1. I’ve seen many of the staircase/shelf ideas before, and the use of drawers I think it brilliant. the single circumnavigated overhead shelf is on of my personal favorites, and something that I like to use often.

    But the flip out slatted shelf, that is just frickin’ awesome. I can imagine this as a wall panel, filling an entire small space. Just flip out the selves as you need them. I noticed the one in the image appears to have an equal spacing between the slats. Imagine if a second slat was in between them, and hinged on the end for double width shelves…. Instant writing desk!

  2. I, too, love the slotted, flip out slatted shelf idea, although the staircase drawers, storage partition, and overhead storage shelves are neat, too.

    Did that top-down shot of the second storage staircase give anyone else a case of vertigo, though? On that note, it seems as if a person’s entire library has been stored there; neat, but not for me.

    • haha! yea I get a lil vertigo from it, the stairs are alternating tread stairs, which means you can pack a staircase into a much small space. As for the shelves. I can’t imagine having to build one of those, it would be a ton of work, but they are really cool!

  3. Does anyone knew w where I can purchase the corner tree in Australia? Thanos

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