Scrap Wood End Table

I found this neat end table made from left over 2×2’s from a build.  It was constructed by gluing and clamping the scraps together.  If I were doing this, I’d probably take it a step further and sand the whole top level and smooth.  The different grains of the wood are great and shows another way to use building scraps from your tiny house.



  1. This is really cool! So often when you hear of something made of scraps, it’s easy to think, uh, oh, and expect something amateurish, but this is elegant and stylish.

  2. Paint some 8 x 8 squares red and black and you have a nice checkers, chess, gameboard table too.

  3. Neat!!! I like it the way it is – no need for stains or any touch up, except sanding the top as Ryan said. Nice. It’s nice to see ‘waste materials’ not get wasted but turn into something cool like this. Thumbs up!!!

  4. It’s a nice idea. The thing is, when the wood shrinks, the pieces will be uneven. Some people might have issues with that.

    It might be a better idea to put the pieces together side by side. It would also take fewer pieces to make a top.

    • Shrinkage does not occur in the long grain of wood and so the top will not become uneven. Even if there is shrinkage in the radial plane, since the entire piece is made of the same material, it will all move together, so it is unlikely that anything bad will happen. Chopping boards are made like this all the time and butcher block tables are made exactly like this!

      Sanding of the top would finish this piece nicely.

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