Roll Out Guest Bed For A Tiny House

My buddy Drew over at Tiny Revolution has just put out this video of his new roll out guest bed that is really neat!  Basically he built a dual wooden accordion mechanism which opens up to become the bed platform and then the other one opens to be the bed support.  Check out the video and if you go to his website here you can download the plans for free!


  1. Dimensions of Murphy bed when closed?

    • You can download the free plans at the link in the post

    • HI SUSAN,


  2. Clever!

  3. Brilliant idea.

    You could make a pull out dining table, a pull out bench. Maybe extra pull out counterspace in the kitchen.

    A Transformer Tiny House!

    • Thank you for putting what had been rolling around in my brain for two years on paper! Six installed in the wreck room of my typical-size home and…voila..INSTANT SLEEP-OVER AND MAMA GETS HER LIVING ROOM BACK…WOO-HOO!! You really should consider more business venues.

  4. This is awesome!! thank you guys so much!

  5. I’m with Jane! She says all that I think as well…need to look at it more, think a bit..but Dave you are for sure on to something!
    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us this great design!

  6. Really smart. Great job


  8. I just love this idea and thank you so much for sharing with us. I have the tiniest home office/spare room/living room and have been desperately trying to find a sleeping solution I can afford. Thanks again. Helen

  9. Awesome idea but am I the only one wonder if you need another storage for the mattress bc it won’t fold like that?

    • Luke I have seen something like this before. I believe one end of the back piece opens for the mattress to slide in.

    • Airmattress.

  10. I have this idea … somehow combine this idea with this beauty:

    Storage, guest bed, and gorgeous statement piece, all in one. I’ll have to pin this for later and think this combo out a little more.

    Anybody have first hand knowledge of how comfortable those Ikea mattresses really are? I’m slightly skeptical myself.

  11. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing… This would be good for a clubhouse/playhouse/shed/garage as well. Even a regular home when you need extra space.

  12. please send me the free plans for the roll out guest bed.

  13. The plans were $2.95 when I tried to download.

  14. Hi,
    Do you have a distributor here in manila or store outlet?

  15. I need to know where I can buy the plans for the bed asap. Want to build this over Labor day weekend

  16. I do not understand where the lattice is used. Can you please explain.

  17. Also, I love this idea and cant wait to build it.

  18. This looks fantastic, but I really need to know the weight limit for this bed

  19. Where do you store the mattress?

  20. I’m looking for the plans for the guest bed and don’t see them. Please send information on where to find them.

    • I cannot find the plans for the bed..can you send them or direct me to a site..thanks

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