Nindo Micro House

I posted a photo of the outside of this house a long time ago, but wasn’t able to come up with any more photos.  I have a fascination with modern houses that I am torn over, but this is a very normal house when it comes to the modernity spectrum.  The house is 146 square feet.  The house was built in Finland in less than three weeks costing $10,500.




  1. It’ll be ok until the frequent hail storms come to this area…

  2. Or needs to go to the bathroom in the rain, gets hungry… Seriously, this doesn’t even count as a bed room in my city. (Which have super high requirements such as a door, window big enough to crawl out of, and a closet.) This needs at least a bathroom, and maybe a kitchen to be considered a house.

  3. Why all the negativity? It could have a kitchenette and a bathroom that just aren’t pictured.

  4. According to what I see in the photos and guessing the rest using simple math, this unit does have a kitchen and bathroom of sorts. I also believe that it may have a SMALL closet.

    The design is not unlike the Tiny House, but the door is on the kitchen/bathroom end rather then the living room, thus allowing for the large window.

  5. I think it’s a great little house. Another web posting mentioned that it has a tiny kitchen and bathroom inside… but it wasn’t verified with any pictures. As far as some of the above comments: it does have a regular door. Skylights seem to hold up well with routine hail where I live so that large window isn’t really a huge stretch of the imagination. (Really damaging hail will obviously cause a problem; along with car windshields and so many other things.) Like many of the “tiny houses” out there, these building often are retreats rather than full fledged houses. There not meant to be. Aside from the random person that can compact his or her life down that small. I would love to have such a small retreat for myself.

  6. Can someone to tell me where is the toilet and bath? Every house must have toilet, a place to take a shower.

  7. this house seems to be an enigma. You cant find more photos or the designer/builder on the web. If anyone finds more, post and let us all know.

  8. The reason why you can’t find more info is that the cabin is really called “Nido”. If you google the designer you can also find his website, name and the adress of his studio in the capital of Finland. Here’s his twitter page and webpage: and
    In Finland you can only build a shed or a Wendy house under 128 square feet without permission. If it has heating or running water or such, then it needs a permit.
    I’m guessing the cabin doesn’t have a bathroom/toilet or kitchen, because you can’t build those without permit here.

    Chu From Finland

  9. Stunning!

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