New Vardo Plans!

Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings has announced that they have a new house for sale, the 12 foot Vardo.  For those of you who haven’t seen Dee’s houses, they are really great lines, aesthetic and plans at a reasonable price!  The new house features a kitchenette, outdoor shower, and pull out bed.  I am excited to see some photos of this once it is built, but for those who are interested in purchasing the plans for only $30, it’s a great value.

Click here to view more details

  1. This of course leads to the question, how long was the original Don Vardo? 8′?

    • Never mind, I just read that the original was 10′.

  2. The Don Vardo is built atop a 10-foot trailer, and is about 56sqft (that’s a 7×8′ space)… just enough room to make a pot of tea that you can reach from the writing desk, or from the pull-out bed.

  3. any preview pics of the floor plan available? just for placement of the kitchen and bathroom?

  4. You’ll need to visit Click here to view more details to purchase the plans.

    Thanks for having this up here. Her homes look amazing on the web. I can’t wait to purchase the 8′ and 12′ plans to use to convince my husband to let me (and any helpers) build one. 🙂

  5. are the plans still available, every time I click on the link to buy them there is no link?

    • Hello Dug,

      The link is now fixed. When I posted this 2 years ago they had a different web address. The link is fixed now and good to go. Dee’s plans are awesome and her houses are gorgeous!

  6. hey Ryan,
    thanks for the info, can you post the website as I am still having problems pulling up the site from the “Click here to view more details” above. Have you built one of these? do you know how much it is to build one? I know depending on what you put into it is how much you will spend but I was trying to get a ballpark price.

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