Minimalism and Uniforms: How Capsule Wardrobes Can Enhance Your Life

Creating a capsule wardrobe and uniform has given me so much more time, freedom, and saved me tons of money. Taking minimalism to the closet can really pay off in more ways than one. Here are four benefits of creating a uniform.

minimalism uniform

1. You Don’t Have to Think About What to Wear in the Mornings

Gone are the days of pulling your hair out in front of your closet, because you have so many clothes but nothing to wear! Creating a uniform simplifies your morning routine in such a powerful way. You’ll wake up every day knowing exactly what you are going to wear – and it will be a uniform that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and powerful.

My uniform is black jeans and a basic black top. If I’m in a warmer climate, I’ll wear a black tank top and a pair of jean shorts. No matter what I am doing, my morning is easy because I already know what I’ll wear that day.

2. Shopping Becomes So Easy

minimalism uniform capsule wardrobeWhen you are working with a uniform, you’ll know when you need new clothes and when you don’t. I know that I don’t need clothes, because I have enough shirts to last me for the week, until it’s time to do laundry. All of my clothes are in good condition and don’t need repair.

When my shirts start to get holes in them, or my jeans rip in unflattering places, then it’s time to get a new pair of jeans or a new tank top. Even then, I will go to the store and buy simply that – one pair of perfect jeans, or one black tank top. The uniform prevents me from mindless shopping and saves me so much time and money.

3. You’ll Save Money

Because you won’t be mindlessly shopping, you’ll be automatically saving money by not buying unnecessary clothing. Creating and using a uniform makes life so simple.¬†Uniforms prevent impulse purchasing. Pre-uniform, I used to spend at least two weekends at the mall, feeling like I needed some new clothes because I had nothing to wear (though I already had a ton of clothes). I would wander aimlessly until I found something I liked, then buy it, not thinking about whether it would go with anything else in my wardrobe, how often I could wear it, etc. Now, I don’t go to a store to buy clothes unless I actually need something – and now, that is not very often at all.

minimalism uniform

4. You’ll Look Put Together

By creating a uniform that fits well and looks good, you’ll be easily getting dressed in the morning and looking pulled together daily. The uniform is curated for the individual, meaning that you choose what works best for you, on your body and within your budget. In the capsule wardrobe, all of your clothes will match and go together seamlessly.

This was just four of the many benefits of capsule wardrobes and creating a uniform.

Your Turn!

  • Would you try a capsule wardrobe or uniform?
  • What would be your ideal uniform?
  1. I would wear a uniform! I already do at work.

  2. Most of the teachers where I work already wear a “uniform” of sorts too– black pants go with everything! Ditto for khaki.

    I can see how having some daily basics would work well, and if those basics happen to be colorful tops, I wouldn’t feel cheated at all. I already hate to shop!

    For the few dressy occasions I have, I wear any of my 3 wrinkle-free nylon dresses, can be wadded up in a drawer, shaken out, and thrown on– and poof! I’m dressed up! They also dry quickly after a quick hand-washing.

    This idea of the “capsule wardrobe” is such a good one. In addition, very few people pay any attention to what others wear, anyway!

  3. Love this post, thank you!

    Because I perform in a variety of situations my wardrobe is not quite as “uniform” but is readily mixed and matched.

    My musician/minimalist uniform:
    “Gig issue” black cargo pants or shorts
    White linen pants or cargo shorts
    Darker blue denim or festival pants with cool accents
    Bright colored, black, or white t-shirts
    Select long & short sleeve fashion shirts
    Shoes (only when necessary… 3 pair total):
    One of two pair Vibram FiveFingers or
    Black dress shoes professionally modified into barefoot shoes
    Coats/jackets (three total, can be layered:
    Ultra light rain shell
    Medium weight fleece
    Winter coat (goal to make the need for this obsolete by next winter!)

    Shirts and t-shirts have been tailored for a modern fit. Only the coats are on hangers. Everything else is neatly folded (ready for travel) and fits in three drawers of my full time RV dwelling.

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