5 Gifts For Tiny Housers

Out of all the things that come up with tiny houses, the holidays might be the trickiest for tiny house folks. Even after years of living tiny, people around me still feel the need to give gifts. While it isn’t necessary, I appreciate gifts much more because people really have to think of creative ideas for gifts that won’t take up space in my tiny house.

Today I wanted to share my top 5 gift ideas for tiny house folks.

If you are having trouble telling people what you want for the holidays, try sending them this post so they can get some ideas!

1. Experiences:

This is my absolute favorite gift to give and receive because it means that I can do something fun with that person that I care about. It could be a dinner out, tickets to an event or some other adventure. I try to think of things that the person likes and often get two so that not only is it an awesome experience, but we can experience it together.

Gift idea: Buy a ticket to the Tiny House Conference


2. Consumables

Next up is things that people can eat or use up; they’re things that after a certain amount of use are gone. A perfect example of this is food items. We are all busy and most of us like food, so making something or buying something that person likes is a great gift. Think of things that are difficult to make or are a nice indulgence. Other things besides food could be candles, eco-friendly bath products, or firewood.

Gift Idea: a subscription to a CSA (community supported agriculture).


3. Help them pursue a dream

For those we care about, we want to see them succeed. Find out some goals the person is working towards. Learning about what is on a person’s bucket list is a great way to get ideas for what you can help them achieve. If people ask you for what you want, you can think of things that will help you achieve your own goals. If someone’s goal is to build a tiny house, get a copy of their plans made up, get that resource they’ve been eyeing or pick up a good book on the topic.

Gift idea:  Tiny House Living By: Ryan Mitchell – #1 selling tiny house book


4. Something you’re already going to buy anyway.

I do this a lot, since I don’t really need much, and I don’t buy much either. So when something comes up that I need to replace it or buy something new, I hold off and suggest it as a gift when others ask. For example, I am in need of new shoes, have been for a month or so, but I’ve been holding off. This way those who must have to give me a gift can and its something that I really need in order to replace a worn-out item.

Gift Idea: Shoes, socks, tires, etc.


5. Digital or non-tangible items.

Sometimes there are gifts that take up no space at all and can be used later on. I’m thinking of gift cards, vouchers and digital downloads. A gift card to your favorite restaurant takes up next to no space, but is a great way for you to still give or receive things when you are living tiny. Other things could be iTunes music, Netflix, Amazon Prime, movies, or Kindle books.

Gift Idea: Cracking The Code – Guide to building codes and zoning for tiny houses!


Your Turn!

  • What are some of your favorite small-space gift ideas?
  1. We haven’t exchanged gifts in years, except a little something for kids, usually art supplies or other cool but useful stuff or museum memberships or whatever. And no Christmas would be complete without the kids getting their yearly supply of socks and underwear neatly wrapped in the coloured comics section or fancy bits of fabric and tied with yarn or string (which is neatly rolled and saved). We put most of our holiday energy and resources into food and entertaining and some decorating.

  2. i suggest giving an ocarina or small pan flute or harmonica.

  3. Ryan, you hit on a good subject here. Your suggestions are good. I hate the time of year where you have to make these decisions. I have so much to get rid of receiving a gift of any sort can pose problems, where the thought is nice the obtaining one more thing is a pain. I don’t scrimp on things I need, what I need, I buy and what I don’t need ends up clutter. I tell my kids and anyone sharing gifts, phone me. Tell me you love me, that’s a gift I can store and savor. Shy of your suggestion, gift certificates do have their place and now that is what anyone gets from me. Many disagree with them but the entire Christmas thing changes when you live so far away from loved ones, your children are spread far and wide, you are on your own and in vintage years. It causes sadness and problems with some, I don’t mind it because I normally have a friend to have dinner with and stay in contact via phone and computer but many are totally alone and don’t quite know how to cope with that.

  4. What a wonderfully thought-out list, Ryan. Great suggestions for people who aren’t very materialistic but still certainly appreciate gifts. Thanks for this post!

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